Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

about bloody time

I get the keys to my condo on Thursday : )

now although this may be cause for celebration, this milestone also eschews an extended period of jamming even more into my already overloaded schedule. can you say "micro-management"?

you know what? fuck, this is exciting! (in a domestic sorta way...hah!)

work wise, I think I'm finally settled in this new environment. took awhile what with the aggressively dynamic. Its like the place is full of sharks/assholes/what have you....but in a weird way, they've all got your back and everyone's pretty protective of each other in and out of the project office. psychologically speaking, I liken it to how hazing builds siege mentality in its subjects.

the downside is that I'm constantly wondering where the days disappear to? hence...resorting to "micro management". hey, at least it feels like the time put in is going somewhere good.........(right)?

k lah....I'm out for now.


Monday, December 04, 2006 

as much sense as the rationalization of chaos

listening to the Cure.

the one about Friday.


yeah.....its a good one : )

in other news....was msn-ing with an old buddy from Western for a bit during lunch. some of you might remember Sean McNally. McNally was always one of those guys who you only saw on a sporadic basis but when you do, it ends up being a hoot of a time simply because he was the most unassuming, sincere guy with one hell of a fucked up sense of humour. there was simply no way you could ever find a reason to bitch about him. oh that and there aren't too many Iron Maiden and Judas Priest purists out there any more : )

so as the story goes, Sean's getting married....to Jenn. Jenn was someone he met quite expeditiously after 6 years with Michelle and only a few months later, he bought a house great neighbourhood (think 80's sitcom cut scene) and they moved in together. in a matter of weeks they're going to the Mayan Riviera for the wedding. from conception (pun intended) to the big day, we're talking a grand total of 2 years....2 and a half years tops. he has since purchased his parent's old home and they've moved in there....

now the reason he always gave when questioned as to why he decided to end things with Michelle most abruptly was quite simply "I just couldn't see myself marrying her" . and you know what? you can't help but believe him. on the one hand, I recall feeling quite a bit of sympathy with Michelle (coz well, it just came out of left field) but on the other hand, I admired his resolve. I mean, the way I saw it, he wasn't about to put himself and her in a state of limboed denial.

so, on final analysis....meeting some is at best, as random as forecasting equity values.


staying put....is a different story. its a black and white decision.


p.s. Michelle is now engaged to Nick (one of McNally's close buddies)