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oh...just occurred to me....there WAS this one thing I made a mental note to blog about enroute back from JB during the Hari Raya break (that's Eid to some of you).

lets set the scene.

1. train's rattling away....yes even in 1st class
2. its FREEZING. I'm mean, as in I had no qualms being bent over in a fetal position.
3. "Polar Express" was on.

k, I must admit that its pretty nice to be watching a train movie whilst on a train what with the added real-life effect of box cars on tracks and all. BUT...I couldn't help but notice the irony. here I am on a train in a tropical country freezing my nuts off while the characters on screen were PERFECTLY fine on top of box cars with 90 mile an hour snowy winds blasting by.....ON THEIR WAY TO THE NORTH POLE.

feeling this
while being here


looking at that snowy pic just makes me reminisce. sigh!

Oh, really appreciated the heads up with the lily allen!

it WAS a pretty cool day....pun intended. but I still maintain that snow is highly over-rated.

no probs with the L.A.


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