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"...I hear there's rumours on the internets....." - w.

was watching CNN this morning and yes folks, that is the latest Bushism....along with "one of the things I use on 'the google' is to pull up maps". that actually makes me pissed that we're unable to get John Stewart in Malaysia coz one could just imagine the field day he's having. but as an aside, the latest, and sixth volume of "Bushisms" is out. that is QUITE the feat considering I've only just finished chapter 3 of the first volume of "Boonisms".

never fear....we have comedy of our own in this fine country of mine. I present,

Exhibit A: Silky Smooth Advertising
I mean, most academic feminists would argue that the standard for beauty in contemporary society is skewed towards the caucasian persuasian for reasons neatly summed up as encompasing the notions of colonialism, imperialism, classism, along with a tinge of racism. I for one, tend to embrace that POV.
but you know what? I say good on the manufacturer because this sorta advertising actually works with my beloved countrymen. I mean, they could've easily called the product "caucasian in a bottle (cos without it, you're less of a women)" and people would still buy the stuff. so yah, good on them for capitalising on the bunch of mindless idiots. Is it any any wonder why one of the best selling cosmetics in the market right now are skin whitening products? seriously people, I'm the last person to say that beauty is completely relative coz honestly, there are some universal uglies out there but the point I'm trying to make is, have some bloody self respect...and after that, if you're able to, try to think a little critically. but yah, definately self respect first.

Exhibit B: Chicken-on-a-Bike
don't really have a social commentary with this one. just found it funny that this dude was transporting chickens on his moped. whatever works I guess.

don't really have much more to say.....cept for the fact that I got tickets to Clapton : )


..."intenets"..., come on, English is not his first language! : )

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