Friday, September 22, 2006 

ok lah here it is.

I've tendered my resignation at Deloitte and have taken up an offer with Accenture. I look at it as a pivotal career move.

Looking forward to the challenge, and the opportunities.

that being said. this whole switching firms thing is quite draining what with all the smoke and mirrors and brinksmanship involved. In fact, I liken it to ending a relationship. here's why:

(but before I do, here's a quote from the Tao of Steve... "you see, I suffer from male insanity syndrome. you're always looking for a trade up" - Dex)

1. current situation is qualms about anything.....but something is niggling and you don't know exactly what.
2. the niggling gradually becomes more apparent but you try to brush it off as a self inflicted neurosis.
3. you start to loathe and resent but cling on to the positives.
4. you walk the line knowing it could go either way....heightening your senses for any sign of an impetus to push you in either direction.
5. the turning opportunity arises and you make a snap decision to go for it. think "full steam ahead and damn to torpedoes!!" (flying solo not withstanding)
6. its now too late to back down coz you've already explored the option and damn it, it excites you.
7. you end up saying things like "I want this more than I want to leave what I have"....and mean it. of course your closest friends are all for it. you doubt yourself for a split second but then quickly snap your head back in place for being stupid.
8. the "break up" talk happens....and it all seems so sudden for the other party. you feel like a bad of shyte (coz technically, you're a cheating bastard)....but its rationalized so well that your position is almost air-tight. furthermore, the loophole is, its no longer cheating if point number 9 is executed with perfection.....the deal is done, two-timing ceases to exist. number 9 is very important to your sanity. some people are able to execute with precision and some just don't cut the mustard. (that's right people, I have the moral fortitude of an earwig)
9. you move on and don't look back coz y'know.....its just awkward. you don't wanna make a flowery production of the whole ordeal. both sides can walk away with their dignity intact.
10. you live happily ever after.....(you think)

one caveat to this analogy. in the professional realm, you're able to swiftly deconstruct the situation and remove emotional aspects by simply saying "its not personal" ; )

"the measure of wealth is not by how much you have but by how little you want" - Robin S. Sharma


Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

guess I'm the dark knight now.......

emailed my old thesis advisor about the developments mentioned in the previous post. this was what chuck had to say:

"Holy shit, batman, things sound great! Ya, very busy here...same  courses but two Ph.D. students to look after and lots of committee work
I guess that for  where you are a condo that large is  wonderful...good for you....enjoy it. But, you gotta buy a new Mac!  Do you use a car there or are they necessary?
Two things:...66th floor, eh! Well, listen old boy....figure out the  fastest way to get out of there if an airplane ever hits the place!
And...what about women?

right, so judging from the last sentence, its definitely doesn't bring to mind, nor together, the words "commitment, woman, and relationship"... so the last anonymous comment, better luck next time ; )

that being said....some of you have been informed but I'd save the broadcast for when its absolute.


Saturday, September 16, 2006 


but gimme a few days......big announcement beckons : )