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"GET IN MY BELLY! baby...the other white meat"

*warning: baby picture alert*

got an email from Ferguson today....pretty much an update on the state of the union back in London. things seems to be going well. him and Christine are expecting number 3. way to keep the production line going man (at this juncture, a bunch of rogue feminists have initiated a plot to bomb my house). but seriously, good for them. it doesn't hurt that his kids are quite possibly the best looking children I've seen in a long time.

I swing your attention to exhibit A. this is Elle at circa age 1 as a flower girl at Brock's wedding. she likes M&Ms and Dora the Explorer. but I hear her favourite thing in the world right now is her "big kid" bike (with training wheels of course). Exhibit B is what she looks like now. she got BIG. man, I still remember that night after a session at the Frog - doing what single guys do best - when Brock confessed that he was going to be a father. all I can say is, I'm completely relieved he didn't take my advice. in fact, and on that note, no one should take my advice coz its usually TERRIBLE.

Exhibit C is Tate. Ted once described him as a "bag of flour" coz he's a huge baby. from what I hear he just likes drooling and crawling around. and I quote, "He is getting huge, his head is officially as big or larger than Elle's now!" I love this picture coz all he's missing is a beer in his hand.

I regret that I'm not a witness to them growing up. in fact, on a larger scale, I regret missing out on good times with the guys. especially now...this is the first summer in a LONG time sans patio & BBQ sessions. man...had some some pretty amazing years...with equally amazing stories. but hey, everyone seems to be pretty successful now which means....potentially a reunion in the not too distant future?? who knows? but I'm pretty sure its going to happen.


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