Thursday, July 27, 2006 

*snif snif*

hmmm, smells like mill dew in here....must have been left dormant for awhile ; )

ok, I must admit, the last comment posted gave me a bit of a jolt so no, this blog hasn't been abandoned. it just went on hiatus. thank you whoever you are.

so what have I been up to these past hmmm....approximately 2 months?
actually lots. though, I'd rather you call me and ask coz I'm too darn lazy to sit here, recollect, and not to mention write down all. SO, if you're really interested, the fee is one pint. for that you'll get a great story and....ME for the duration of the story (or the pint, whichever comes first).

for today's post, I'm not going to say much except for the fact that I don't really play well with others. been quite the loner of late. think its more a function of preference rather than circumstance. in other words, if I seem to be ignoring you, "its not you, its me". got loads on my mind and I plan to unload it bit by bit on the blog. hey, at least, there's going to be content.

as for now, my dinner just arrived....gonna scarf down on this lasagne.

I'll be back soon, I promise.