Sunday, May 21, 2006 

been sick

*disclaimer: this post was written a week ago and will be more updated when the "mood" kicks in*

On the way back to KL after 3 days home.twas the long weekend and with mother's day and Wesak day (Buddhaís birthday) falling on 2 of the 3 days, well y'know.; )

Same drill: ate, slept, stocked up some supplies (got an iron and an electric shaver. Kickass. yes I know, I know.need a life.)

Actually, I don't have heck of a lot to say except for the fact that Iím feeling like a bag of ass and hope to recover before Monday coz there be lots to do. Don't particular know what caused it but I suspect itís the uber cold setting on the air-conditioner.

right. going to try not to die here.


Sunday, May 07, 2006 

and....thank you all

thought I'd save this til the day after the anniversary of my birth....this year's been a good one.

cake #1-chocolate: family
like I mentioned before, I went home last weekend as it was a long one. what I did not mention was that the parental units had a bit of a barbeque thingamajig planned. small family and friends thing (that's when I got the Treo, a bottle of Smirnoff courtosy of Yongqiang, and a couple of..err...."ang paos"). as with all my trips back home, ate way too much, slept way too much, did absolutely nothing else. for those who don't know, I share the period with 2 cousins (Boon Tong and Annette) who's b-days fall on the 5th and 6th respectively. so yah, made a night of it. actually, when my grandfather was around, his fell on the same day I believe. twas.all.good.

cake #2-tiramisu: firm
this completely came in from left field. so friday unfolded like many other fridays before it.....slow., but still relatively productive. had decided to wear a blazer to work that day cos was comming down with a slight fever due to idiotically going to bed right after a shower and setting the air-conditioning at "coldest+high". I don't normally wear a suit. go check the international weather forecast if you're wondering why. anyway, looking least that was what I was told. should've guessed that something was up cos the guys kept asking me about the "get-up", if there was any reason for it, and if I was sure there wasn't any other reason. what should've been another dead giveaway (note: I'm TERRIBLE with hints, please be blunt with me...I'm not kidding) was Siu Ghim texting to say that she needed to chat with me at which I replied "if its bad, I want no part in it".

the point is, the Human Cap/Strat & Ops consultants (k lets see...Eu-Gene, Erin, Jilian, SG, Aida, Kavita, Sear Foon, Niza, Syefa, and Theresa) + Andrew (boss) suprised me.....must say I was quite touched considering I don't particularly telling anyone when the day was. special thanks goes out to Siu Ghim who coordinated the whole thing. so woman if you're reading this, you.are.amazing.

the evening turned out to be a bit of an impromptu event what with free drinks comming from all angles at Luna. so yah....thanks to Eu-Gene {(different one from above)-and friends}, Wai Meng, Erin, Jilian, Yamazaki, and Yost.

cake #3-some mango cheese thing: friends (this refers to our saturday "supper club")
spent most of the day in thanks to the antics and supper of the previous evening. managed to drag my sorry carcas out to dinner coz hey, Austrian food is always good. meat. yum. "Klimt's" it was. smaller group (7) but food was goooood. its very seldom I indulge in a full 3 course meal.....ESPECIALLY when my stomach was feeling the way it was. so yah, good idea Lenny.
at any rate, proceeded to Clear for some afterdinner lounging. discretion wasn't really the name of the game. we all knew what was going to happen.....pfft, at least there was no attempt at any covert movement. as Pat put "just shut up and blow the candles". ahh....people that understand brutal bluntness. at any rate, still very much appreciated....the gift was awesome (some pretty damn slick cuff-links, and a hefty gift cert at Raoul for the accompanying shirt).
so yah...mucho gracias *takes deep breath* Pat, Lenny, Albert, Jo-Lyn, Vikram, Davin, Alvin, Diana, Kwong Heng, Floyd, Su Jin, Jay Jee, Kathleen and Z)

so....that's about it I guess.
oh wait, there's also Duane and Suha for calling....Janice, Bryon and Rena form other far away places....Shirley-Ann from not so far away.....and whoever left a bunch of chinese on the comments page. there. thanked everyone. karma levels are balanced again : )


Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

barely walking on the boardwalk

jesus....kinda expected this to happen........

just a word to the wise, I don't pay attention whilst walking on the best of days.....not to mention when in the midst of scheduling, messaging or 2 things:

1. please warn me if it seems as though I'm about to walk in front of traffic/into a manhole/into a street sign
2. I'm sorry if I cut you off/bump into you, causing you to topple whatever you're carrying

yes yes.....I'm now a Treo zombie (my fellow Treo/Blackberry buddies can empathize with me-notice no mention of 02s.....its for a gooood reason ; ) ).

the plus factor: I don't forget stuff, more organized that I've ever been, and am updated on things as they happen
the downside: I may very well cause grievous harm to innocent mutuals and myself

crap, I've turned into precisely the guy I used to make horrendous fun of....."the pretentious corporate type dressed in fine plaid and a stripped tie who's chained to his PDA"
its like some kinda bad uniform.

I used to be a bloody Sociologist damn it!! and now the only remnant of that is sitting at the DB Weldon Library (yes, its finally in there) under "The Construct Validity of the Epistemological Shift" (damn, just typing those words out brings back memories) hmmm, I really need to get a copy of the old thesis.....or at the very least a copy of the acknowledgements/dedications page.

anyway....on to other news.

Caglar's not coming down this summer....dude found a job in Ankara. reasonable excuse I guess.....dude really needs to start working. but crap, would've been great to see him. but hey, there's always next time.

had me some quality restage back in JB.....much needed lemme tell you.

looking forward to this weekend.....heading out to Luna for some poolside lounging. all those interested, gimme a buzz.

hmmm....guess that's all,