Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

working people of the world unite

going back home for the long weekend.....w00t!

well...actually....its the "long weekend" part I'm excited about. its labour day....well, I should actually say, labour day for the rest of the world except for north america. I guess they don't recognize the socialist one.

really not much to say. going to have to write an article for a local business publication over the weekend.....kinda puts a damper on things but hey, there're worse things in life.

not much else to report on the social front.......except for the fact that I need one. talking to myself is good and all but "he"'s getting annoying ; )

right.....I'm off. but before I do, here's an excerpt from the first bit of the Communist Manifesto

"A spectre is haunting Europe -- the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies. 

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries? 

Two things result from this fact: 

I. Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power. 

II. It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the spectre of communism with a manifesto of the party itself. 

To this end, Communists of various nationalities have assembled in London and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages."


Saturday, April 22, 2006 


right...time to get back to a long awaited post.

don't think I have to explain that this past while has been quite hectic to say the least. not really going to dwell on it much further except for this: will be glad when reinforcements come in next week. looks like this is going to be a pretty good looking team of more ways than one. hopefully once things settle down, I'll get my weekends back (not to mention cutting down on those 7+ hrs of overtime on weekdays). hey at least the work is engaging.

just spending some time at "Clear" in Mt. Kiara on this Saturday evening over a bottle of Argentinian (accompanied by Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale"). Didn't particularly feel like participating in the regular Saturday foray into KL nightlife. prolly slipping into one of my anti-social spells again methinks (coupled with the fact that the only time I have for myself is on the cab ride to the office). so no, its not that I don't like you guys anymore...."me time" is very important to my sanity....or what's left of it.

what else is there.....

recent developments?

Caglar is set to visit in the near future. Next month to be exact. it'll be good to see the guy after....hmm, in prolly about 2 years? he's comming down with his, and I quote "the love of my life", girlfriend and her parents who quite conveniently own a travel agency. heh, time to see what the fuss is all about (I'm sure she lives up to the hype).

I turn 26 in about 2 weeks. wow. it even feels weird just typing it out. time.bloody.flies. hmmm, I wonder what my mindset was like this time last year (ahh...the beauty of having a blog).

this was what transpired this weekend one year ago *begins search of archives":

"there's weird, there's weird, and then there's this.

mood watch: I don't know. can't really say. feeling beside myself.

*contemplative gaze*

my goodness...what a week. what. a. week. talk about planets lining up.
lets begin by getting the pedestrian out of the way:

this week....
the thesis FINALLY began going my way. think the words "there it is, its done. we have a thesis" were semi-gleefully muttered by Chuck on friday. there's a lot more work, but from here on end, things are - or at least perceive to be - smooth sailing. I'm quite please about that.

and now to the not-so pedestrian:

this week....
due to a befuddling experience on the bus where I was absolutely convinced that a stranger was Leyuze (and almost daily run-ins of a similar nature...some involving mutuals), candid conversation ensued during the week which led to a rather bizarre weekend to say the least.

after returning from uni, running some errands along richmond, and grabbing a quick bite with Jenn who stopped by London for dinner enroute to Windsor, I came home exhausted. apparently Leyuze had seen me gallavanting and somewhere during the conversation, I was invited to participate in her evening plans which essentially involved going out with her, Tulay (one of her best friends), and Tulay's ex, Vigan (heh, talk about going with the flow). twas more or less the first time we had exchanged more than 10 words in a face to face setting in awhile. so all things considering, the evening turned out fairly well I thought what with myself being socially inept on the best of days.

that night we made plans to have a late brunch the following day.

(we're just getting started)

decided to go to maggies (very cool place btw-feels like someone's living room). to my astonishment, as we were walking in, I realised that we were wearing almost the exact same clothes (stripped sweater, ripped jeans, and canvas converse shoes). I'm sure she noticed it around the same time as well. lets just say that this unscripted congruence in attire was cause for a few patrons giving us the "once over" followed by subsequent eye rollage : ) to top it all off, her current cell phone is identical to mine in all aspects except for the colour. had a good laugh over it.

the rest of the day we just walked around the market...caught a flick (btw, sin city is all sorts of graphic goodness). at the end of the day I thought, "gosh, it was good to catch up".

(the plot thickens)

insomnia and nocturnal tendencies settles in and we find ourselves correspnding at 4am on msn. one thing leads to another and we're having breakfast again. this time, I make a conscious effort to ensure that the "wardrobe malfunction" of the previous day did not reoccur. apparently so did she.

no such luck. it happens....again. *slaps forehead* I can't even lie about it as its simply beyond the realm of conceivability. for documentary reasons, I wish I had taken pictures : )

at any rate, a rather lively conversation fueled by copius amounts of coffee was maintained for the next few hours....rented
ocean's 12 (which btw was disappointing)....and called it day. sleep was in full effect. goodness me, I cannot remember the last time I've spent so much with a single person on a weekend without being forced to, and/or harbouring deep-seated thoughts of homicide and/or suicide.

moral of the story? who knows. you draw your own conclusions : ) but at the very least, its been one HELL of a week. in a good yet extremely unexpected way.

tomorrow, I write like a fiend.

track of the day:
"tango forte" Dublex Inc.


methinks the planets are lining up relatively differently this year. geez, what are the chances of pulling up THAT post? Today mainly comprised lots of sleep, breakfast (a pretty routine gargantuan salad at Marmalade), lunch with my buddy from corporate finance, Wai Meng, and a haircut. Sunday has yet to arrive but I guarantee you its not going to be anywhere close to that.....I'm putting in a full day at the firm.
guess the only saving grace is that I'm going to have some company there in the form of Eu-Gene and Siu Ghim.

righto.....I'm out.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

the writing on the wall

not a long post but I will say this much.....

I found today's horoscope in the "Sun" most intriguing, here's why:

"As somebody who is born under the rulership of the gracious Venus (hah!! and I'm not even making this shit up), you loathe rudeness and will try to avoid upsetting others. However, in dealing with one particular individual, you'll probably have no choice but to be exceedingly direct, if not just plain abrupt. He/she, will take no notice of anything less"

If I recall correctly, this time last year was also pretty darn accurate when it came to zodiac-related issues ; )

k...staying in the office a little late today. figure I'd squeeze something in....

Boon out.


Monday, April 10, 2006 

must be doing something right.

I haven't really checked on the old Karma-meter lately, but I think it should be in the black. here's why:

1. I had lost my office key card while out on the town making some arrangements for a seminar. I only realised this on the way back to the office and couldn't for the life of me where I had left it. I guess what they say is right, "wear the tag at all times!" but hey....since when do I listen to what people say (even if its to my detriment) can ask my HR manager about my lack of a tie on days when I don't see clients. god bless her though....she tries ever so hard. hey, I AM putting a more concerted effort these days : ) really....

this was of course, a HUGE inconvenience back at the building. aside from the impending $50 replacement charge, I would have to endure weeks of waiting for people to come by before being able to access floors and doors....and this is still during normal working hours. nevermind the prospect of having to stay back past regular hours. needless to say, a bitch of an unwanted situation.


I get a call last friday from the sale office of the Sheraton Imperial informing me that I had left it there.


Love the people at the Sheraton...have I mentioned that?

2. was blowing off this past Sunday with Eu-Gene in KL after the both of us plus Jay and Jo-lyn had brunch at La Bordega (its quickly becoming a regular sunday practice - great place to lounge and just unwind). needed to search for new flip flops. those who know me well will know that I go through flip flops unbelievably quickly. Even the so-called indestructable Havaianas (or those Hugo Boss's for that fact) didn't go the distance. they were, however, the longest lasting ones to day though. therefore, I have since instituted a policy of not investing too much in flip flops.

Off to Quiksilver ; ) but this was before galavanting around the KL City Centre....picked up a tie at Zara while I was at it (a little ironic considering my aversion to those archaic phallic symbols - what can I say, it was nice hue of green).

Long story short, on the way home, I realized that my phone was not with me and once again....I was resigned to losing it. especially considering the widely recognized Malaysian pass time of "cellphone theft". although consigned to the loss, we retraced our steps.....and thank goodness we did coz as I approached at A&W where we had lunch, I noticed the employees were all staring at me.


THEY KEPT MY PHONE. Actually....the guy said that I must have done something good recently. upon re-analysis, I DID give a tourist some directions earlier on that day.

I'm only eating A&W from now on.

so....moral of the story?

My faith in humanity has been restored (well almost.... ; ) )


Saturday, April 08, 2006 


am I ever glad this week was over. good thing next tuesday is a public holiday.

decided that this weekend was going to be "detox" time by the time Thursday rolled around.

by that, I mean....sleeping a lot, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, not going out. came to the stark conclusion that I need to take better care of myself or I might be staring at at the business end of a coronary by the time I'm 30 (or earlier). can't really avoid the fact that work is busy and stressful (I actually prefer it that way - it says that things are moving in the right direction), but I really ought to ensure that it doesn't take it toll on my health.

not going to say much more other than that I think the good people at biotherm are doing fantastic job with their skin care products ; ) this eye serum thing I'm


Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

M! The Opera?

*this was supposed to be Monday's post*

well hello good people.

I guess another installment of "Boon. life and other things" is on the cards.

not going to be a long post I don't think. just making a conscious effort to not let the ol' blog slide. furthermoe, I figure I should at least do it to regularly update some far-away individuals on recent on-goings (you know who you are ; ) ).

things are.....pretty stable methinks. job's fine....learning a hell of a lot. its actually pretty exciting stuff. no two engagements are the same. as my director puts it, we're in the business of "uncertainty absorbtion"....and there's a lot of uncertainty out there to absorb ; ) highlight of last week: sealed a deal with a swedish furniture maker (u know the one......ahhh, everyone say "non-disclosure"). next week's going to be a little busy though, got some pretty big proposals to send out...and on top of that, I'm holding down the fort while people go out of town. will do my best to keep my head above water.....but don't be surprised if I ask for hugs by Wednesday.

work aside, been involved in quite a number of things actually.

for starters, I went back to JB last weekend for "Ching Ming"....otherwise known as the day where graves and memorials of deceased ancestors are cleaned. may seem a little morbid but I thought it was relatively fruitful. lots of incense burning, lots of kneeling....literally got to hear grandmother/grandfather stories. I mean, those who know me will atest to the fact that I'm not a religious person though I do see the importance of doing it for the sake of carrying on family tradition. had about 7 "sites" to visit in all and let me tell you....I'm bringing a hat and sunblock (SPF 78 preferably) coz man, did I ever get burnt. hmmm....been getting burnt quite a bit lately aunt actually said something to the effect of "you stay indoors too much".....hey, can you blame me? its fucking scorching out there on most days! either that or its torrential downpour central.

at any rate, found out quite a bit of family how come I'm Malaysian not a Chinese national. get this, apparent, my great great grandfather was a magistrate of sorts in pre-1900 Xiamen, China. this I thought was pretty cool....I turns out though....his son on the other hand, was quite the womanizer who caused a lot of hullabuloo with the local citizentry. so, in an attempt to nip the trouble in the bud, the old man banished his son (and his wife....yah, there was a wife - also known as "great grandmother" to me who eventually left him with grandpa coz he fell in love with another woman who he saved from suicide induced by her abusive husband) to the young British Colony of Malaya. and generations later, you get me, an awkward 6'1'' human resource consultant in Deloitte with a transitional Malaysian/Canadian accent.......

history's cool.

what else.....this past weekend was pretty good I guess. shot a couple frames of pool with a buddy from corporate finance. what started out as simple night out unwinding after a long week quickly degenerated into "dude, we have to get you home before you make a real mess". he lived. and another thing from the night, met up with another manager from another firm (won't mention any names but if you've been around long enough, you'd know which one of them I'm referring to). he more or less said in not too many words "you know, if you're ever unhappy with your current position.....*hands me his business card with cell number scibbled down on it*" eeesh....guess the rumours were true.

went to zoo on sat. yes, the zoo....hey, I find animals calming alright? apparently so do lenny, chen hoe and jo-lyn. capped of the day with dinner at ToDineFor (some contemporary fine Thai place) and Bangkok Jazz with the usual suspects (k....lets see if I can remember.....the above-mentioned, pat, al, jules, joaquim, jay, some dave guy and his cousin cristina,wai meng, alvin and diana....if I forget anyone, ummm....shoot me). usual sat night I guess....good time all in all.

today started out a quick run proceed by a MEGA laundramette delivery (no I still don't do my own laundry) with dim sum with well....some of those mentioned above (hah! can you tell I'm getting tired?) followed by a trip to Istana Budaya for the matinee showing of "M! The Opera" with Pat, Joa, Lisa, Huey Yi (sp?) and some other girl who's name escapes me....Vic and Davina were there too. It was more or less a story about a local fashion designer, son a famous Kampung seamstres, who makes it big and is brought down my demons, an evil half brother (who was born with a needle in his hand), fame, and a poison dress. Pluses: set design and costume.....twas a huge production. Downside? itss tries too hard to be something its not.....i.e. Broadway meets Opera. Characters weren't developed well and plot was a little messy. What I though was good were the bits that reflected authentic Malaysian life. vertict: 6/10
I preferred the recent Actor's Studio's showing of Gamarjobat myself. The again....that was Japanese slapstick mime comedy.

at any rate.....its actually Wednesday now (Shit....someone remind me to reimburse Lisa for M!). didn't do this last night coz I fell asleep at 7pm. hey....better late than never right?

k....I'm out....


Monday, April 03, 2006 

Yellow is for Vendetta

Got to work today and found a banana on my desk. I know...what the fuck right? After running through some scenarios in my head, I’ve narrowed the possible explanations down to a few

1.its a poison banana

2.the Cantonese/Chinese speaking auditors (otherwise referred to as “team Hong Kong” from here on end) are sending out a message. I’ve heard the next time there’s going to be a knife plunged into the center to it.

3.someone’s being nice...yah I know...odd...and really?? but who? Coz there aren’t any on the other work stations? And no one else is here.

I’ll let you know how this mystery unfolds. This was merely meant to be a “bridging” post while I complete the longer one. As I mentioned to some of my quickly diminishing readership (c’mon now, everyone knows I’m not a very good person), I was going to furnish them with an update over the weekend. Now then, it was supposed to happen…until the moment when my batteries died at Starbucks a few lines from completion….and I had left my adaptor at home. It occurred to me that at that particular instance, I was in the throes of a blonde moment.

Yesterday was a bit of a blowout…..stayed in the office until 3am completing a proposal for a local telco. Yeah I know….thinking the overtime section on my next timesheet is about to be populated. I think if I hear the words eTOM, IndustryPrint, or Methodology one more time, I might actually puke. Meh, at least there was company…..with stamina. Bitching aside though, learnt a hell of a lot yesterday….twas good. At any rate, I should be able to get the post out today.

k….I’m out… lah…….


p.s. Oh, I ate the banana anyway…hey, it’s a great source of potassium…..