Thursday, March 23, 2006 

test...test.....does this thing still work??

ah has been a loonnnnnnggg time. and yes, i'm a lazy bastard...but oh well. i'll live.

so here i am sitting at the neighbourhood "bar", enjoying a pretty good bottle of wine. pretty good company i must say, 'cept maybe for one person in particular but won't get into that right now. so yes...what have i been up to? nothing much as far life changing experiences go.

work is alright. bought some new "baju", got some attention for that (thanks jo! :) ) (jo: you're welcome!).

was meaning to put up some photos of the mee siam party over at lenny's but there's something wrong with my flicker thingy. so that'll have to wait till another day. anyway, the food was good, the scrabble game after was even better. not forgetting the nice shade of lobtser which went with my pink shirt on monday, after the swimming session in the afternoon. (real man wear pink by the way...bwahahah...)

oh well....either way, i'm getting lazy again, alochol and nicotine beckons.

photos next time!