Monday, February 20, 2006 

on sneakers and snails

No I’m not dead though some of you I’m sure would wish that I was (such is my track record with the human race – have to play he odds y’know?).

Right….its pretty slow in here. And by slow, I mean I’m waiting on people to call back for some figures. Something tells me that they’re avoiding me like the plague though. Hmmm….they fail to realize how utterly irritating I can be when I require things/information for people. You could liken it to flicking one’s ear lobe until insanity sinks in on the other end. *rubs together evil tentacles*
Apart from that, work is quite alright. No major complaints. Its not a stagnant gig which is GREAT. Lotsa of variation…..get to meet loads of people. Even got to do a training workshop for Nike recently.

On the social front….its been pretty free and easy. Not much variation….a typical weekend looks like this (this was the last one…..can you sense my lackadaisicalness in not wanting to recap the past few weeks?)

Friday: Bar Savanh with some of the guys from corporate finance, Pat, Vick, Davin (sp?), Floyd and his “femme du jour”(ok so I forgot her name…shoot me), Jo-lyn and her girlfriends from KPMG. The night started out slow…..peaked (cue tequila-always such a good idea at the time. “at the time” being the key phrase)….ended sloooooow (if you know what I mean)….twas a great way to blow out the week. And it was much needed. About that 2 month wager? You better believe its going to happen! *boon builds up hype*

Sat: jo-lyn swung by, dragged me out of bed for b-fast. Grabbed a starbucks, and a panini after which I slept……..laundry…………slept………and slept some more (did I mention sleeping?). had dinner at some Thai place with the guys (Al, Chen Hoe, Lenny, Pat, Ken, Kwong Heng). ate like KINGS….put it this way, a few of us were sweating profusely, jostling, and digging in to the spread laid before us and it didn’t seem to break any code of proper table manners….guess it didn’t matter. You know its reliably authentic when the you can’t pronounce the name of the place ; ) tad bit pricey (hey, with an indoor waterfall….)……but well worth it. *chuckle*…..”phark” (Thai for vegetables)…..

Off to La Bodega in Bangsar. Had some sangria, had some cake.Yum. Ran in to Reza and David, some guys from hmmm, 8 years ago during our time in Hamilton. Speaking of Reza though….spent some time catching up with his cousin Lyanna (also from those Hamilton days) last week. As an aside….she is one helluva dynamo….doesn’t stop moving….so much energy. Very unlike yours truly. Twas great to meet up though. Whoa, what’s with these people coming out of the cracks lately? At any rate….a little older, a little heavier…..all good ; )

Alvin’s for coffee. Usual suspects.

Sun: Morning tennis with Vic and Pat….at the zenith of our Malaysian sun may I add. One word describes my current skin tone: Lobster….which is pretty accentuated by the fact that I’m wearing a pink shirt today (why do I do such things?). went for a solitary dim sum/newspaper reading session after. Hey…Duane’s not in KL…..but the show must go on ; ) Actually spoke to him for a bit after…so in essence….the Sunday dim sum routine was still in tact. This was followed by a riveting game of Axis and Allies with Al and Pat. Nothing spells afternoon fun quite like a WWII tactical board game. So detailed….so many variables….so addictive. My favourite thing are the period and country-specific units. Case in point, Russian tanks units are mini replicas of T34s. W00t! As Al put it yesterday, “I’m getting that feeling I got in secondary school. The feeling you get when you know you have work to hand in on Monday but you’re still fixated on the game. I have work to hand in tomorrow.”

Dinner with Jo-lyn, Sue (sp?) at Opus. The snails were…., “meh”…..but the clams and subsequently, the tenderloin was a lot better.

Coffee at “The Bean” later….Al joined in.



Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

sorry, so sorry.....

its been quite the absence huh?

no real excuse actually except for the fact that I've been neglecting my blogging activities. got other things to do lah! the fact that there's no internet in the condo also proves to be a obstacle. know its bad when Pat tries to instigate a post. well, here's a one (though I don't think a very long one).

so the year of the dog is upon us!! whoohoo!!! (no....I'm not re-hasing any dog comments from the past ; ) ...... eeesh, talk about never again) I've got the week off so here I JB...with regular internet!! first chinese new year celebration for me in about 9 years at that. must say, its good to be back in the groove of things. big family's good.....over-eating is good (and uncomfortable).....quite the contentful few days.

seriously, not been doing anything but eating and sleeping. put it this way, I'm only up for long enough to eat. actually that's not true, I was overcome by guilt and went for a short run today. but apart from that, pulling quite the good Jabba impression. I haven't shaved for 6 days, hair's usually up in the hairband coz its pretty long see what happens when you force me to groom everyday?!? the second I don't have to do it for "professional" reasons, hmmm....what's the expression again? oh yah....I don't give a shit ; ) ...and LOVIN' it.

but going to Singapore tomorrow to meet the guys. so must shave or the border guards won't let me know, everyone must look "regulation Singaporean". also going to get a haircut....and some shopping (ahhh...retail therapy). looks like the itinerary calls for dinner at Marche and drinks at Balaclava. should be a good night. prolly give Myra a call as well.

ok....until the next post.....feeling kinda sleepy....again ; )