Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

"oi OI! Ini tandas perumpuan lah"

translated "hey HEY! this is the ladies washroom!"

needless to say....pretty occupied with lots on my mind these few days. hell I find it hard to focus on the best of days, let alone while I'm doing mental gymnastics. have this huge back log of outstanding personal emails that I have yet to address. high on list of priorities I assure you.

tonight was supposed to be dedicated to that but didn't get nearly as much done as I'd like. nevermind....tomorrow!! don't worry, I WILL get back to you. also a thorough blog update as well. in the meantime....here's a little "cut and paste" to occupy your time (my batts are dying....).

"appropriated" from Pat's Sanitarium:

"Damn You Boon!!! 

Mood: Need... sleep...
Reading: Man sues chatroom pals: I was humiliated beyond what 'no man could endure'
Currently listening to: Eskimo - Corky And The Juice Pigs
Quote of the day: "The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision." - Lynn Lavner


Went out for coffee and a minor misadventure with Boon and during the course of the evening he let me listen to his iPod...

...and now I can't get this song out of my head!!! It just keeps playing over and over and over... *screams*

My description of the rest of the night/week/holiday/mamak/Nick's birthday, as i had initially intended to do, will now be pushed aside as i seek to share my torment with one and all.



- As performed by Corky and the Juice Pigs on "Laughing Matters"

Heck its more fun if you hear it with the actual track in the background (click to play or right click and 'save as' to save, courtesy of 2600Hz.net)

Ready? Everybody now!

I'm the only gay eskimo.
I'm the only one I know.
I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

I go out seal hunting with my best friend, Tarka,
But all I wanna do is get into his parka.

I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

Well, me and Nukflukchukbuk, we both like blubber,
But me, I got this crazy fetish for rubber.

I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

I make a wish on the northern lights.
That I could find a decent pair of whale skin tights.

I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

And the seals they sing now:
(Seal Noises)

These cold winter nights are taking their toll,
I even get excited when I see the north pole.
See the north pole.

I'm the only gay eskimo.
I'm the only one I know.
I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

And like the Proclaimers would sing it:

I'm the only gay eskimo, eh oh, eh oh,
I'm the only one I know, eh oh, eh oh,
I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

Like Bob Dylan:

I'm the only gay eskimo,
Only one IIIIIIII know
I'm the only Gayyyyyyyyyy eskimo.

Like Portishead:

Only gay eskimo.
I'm the only one I know.
Only gay eskimo,
And nobody loves me.

Like Rick Ocasek from the Cars:

I'm the only gay eskimo, uh oh, uh oh
I'm the only one I know.
I'm the the only gay eskimo,
and he used to be mine-ine-ine-ine-ine.

Like Oasis:

I'm the only gay eskimo...
(They start attacking each other)

Like Van Morrisson:

I'm only gay eskimo.
Jesus Christ fits in there somehow as well,
And the crack was good.

I'm the only gay eskimo. (Only gay eskimo)
I'm the only one I know (only one I know)
I'm the only gay eskimo, oh oh.
In my tribe.

Catchy isn't it? ;)

Anyhow, if you're instersted, you can find a whole swag of other stuff which they've done at the Corky And The Juice Pigs Fansite...

Now, in the meanwhile, if you don't mind...

*slowly loads shotgun while humming 'Eskimo' with a tear running down his cheek*




Thursday, January 12, 2006 

just a note

as you've noticed, I've changed the template of the page. this was done to accommodate most PC users as there have been problems with scrolling down the page completely.

so there....ya dang bassids!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

stupidity tries

NB: be enough of a nuisance and the tedium of dull, mundane and uninteresting tasks will get done for you. Its especially easy when you’re dealing with irrationally tautological bureaucracy. All that’s required is to challenge them with logic. Today, I beat the system (well, only for a short while and for a small task). Long story short, I had been receiving daily reminders to log in hours for time before my arrival here. Obviously, I found this to be ridiculous and an utter waste of time. Consequently, I went downstairs to speak with an administrator who proceeded to inform me that not only did I have to fill it in, it was OVERDUE!
First thought that entered my mind: whoa….lets slow down the stupid bus shall we?
Hence, out of sheer principle, I refused (though I refrained from saying that). All I did was to persistently challenge said logic (or the lack thereof)…which was almost always rebutted with an e-form jargon filled evasive response which more or less translated to “but we’ve always done it this way”. Needless to say, there was a lot of “yeah…but I don’t quite get why”. Of course, the introduction of multi-syllabled words added to her frustration (she was, afterall, a mere paper-pusher)…..yes I was well aware that I was being a colossal ass but the illogical nature of the request was simply beyond levels of tolerance. Alas, she huffed, remained silent, and filled in my log book with “imaginary numbers” so that the system could be maintained. In the grand scheme of things I guess its such a miniscule issue but it’s the principle of it damn it! We HAVE to do away with stupidity of all forms…even if it takes baby steps. Hence, moral of the story?
Annoying prick for the win ; )

On the work-related upside, kak (I think this is a euphemism for Auntie) Noori (the receptionists upstairs) is subconsciously teaching me Malay. Case in point:

*Boon walking past the main reception area*
Kak Noori: kau mengantuk ah?
Me: errr….hmmm?
Kak Noori: are you sleepy?
Me: Oh, Very…..
Kak Noori: see? I know just by looking at you.
Me: *sigh* yup….(hey, what can I say, just had lunch – tis usually not the most productive time of day)

k….quick recap of the past few days.

Friday: work…gym….swim…Alvin’s for a spot of coffee, shisha (or narghile/ hookah/ bong depending on who you talk to) and Cluedo. Y’know…. “Miss Scarlet in the dining room with the candlestick”? I believe its called “Clue” elsewhere though. Who was there? Well, Alvin (duh), Albert, Jolyn, Serina, Pat, Diana, Chen Hoe, Fidel (yes…as in Castro), and Jay Jee. Serina also introduced us to this role playing game called Mafia. Its essentially about murdering people in their sleep, deception and swaying public opinion as to who dun it. Outcome of the game? In pressurized situations, lets just say we wouldn’t exactly trust each other with our first born ; ) I actually found a site for it…guys, there’re several variations of it. Should try it out sometime. (www.princeton.edu/~mafia/rules.htm)
Saturday: slept in (w00t!) apart from that I honestly can’t for the life of me remember what I did during the day (laundry was in there I think). Gosh, times like these 2 words seem to resonate at full capacity – Alzheimer’s disease. At any rate, the lot of us had a quick dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (Yongqiang and Zongren were in town so they participate in the evening’s festivities), followed by drinks at Poppy Garden. Cool place that….twas quite literally a garden in the middle of the city with a swanky lounge inside (leather reading armchairs and all). Good night though I’m not going to list who was there….too many. Lets just say that we opened 3 bottles of Chivas Regal and an Absolut. Closed off the night with mamak with Lenny, Jolyn, Pat, and Jay Jee where an alcohol-induced candid conversation about the birds and the bees erupted. Methinks I now know too much information (can anyone say blackmail?? *muahaha*)

Sunday: lunch with Yongqiang, Zongren, Yuan Seng. This was the first time in over 10 years the 4 of us have been in the same place. Not much has changed at all pertaining to the group dynamic. Twas cool….brought back lots of memories of those school bus rides. In any event, we had seafood noodles and I must admit…..best (and quite possibly the biggest) damn bowl of soup I’ve ever had. Not much went on for the rest of the day…..coffee…badminton...mamaking….

Monday: work, gym, Alvin’s for a spot of Mafia and “Escape from Colditz”. Usual suspects. Colditz is board game about POWs escaping from a WW2 prison camp which was designed by an actual escapee from Colditz castle. Interesting shit. Realized we’ve been playing lots of board games lately. No complaints though.

Tuesday: day off…..muslim holiday, twas Hari Raya Haji (I love this country). Twas a pretty packed day. Lunch with Jolyn at Sao Nam (never thought I would see one but this place is actually a Vietnamese restaurant for yuppies – pretty good though) followed by Starbucks, second lunch with Pat and Vikram at some “trendy” Hong Kong-esque baked rice place (meh…so so – I told about these trendy Chinese places), coffee at the Coffee Bean, family dinner at Aunt’s (yah I know, eating A LOT), tennis with Pat and Vikram (needed to offset said eating), movie with Nick, Ken, Alvin, Diana, and Jolyn. Pride and Prejudice. It was surprisingly good…GREAT dialogue. Just it because the book was good to begin with. That being said, this was the best big screen adaptation to date. ….throughout the movie, all I kept thinking about “gosh….I know someone exactly like Lizzy Bennet” (you know who you are * wink *)

Anyway, I’m off. Work tiring. Me sleep now.


Thursday, January 05, 2006 

morning has broken

Methinks I’ve found the perfect time of day to be blogging.

Before work.

I figure, there’s always about 45 minutes to an hour before things actually get going so instead of bloating up on tea, coffee, coca-cola, etc. might as well ya? furthermore, local newspapers aren't really worth writing home about what with tabloid-esque material making the front page. sometimes its really does seem as though local media outlets are on a mission to stupify the public.

And on that note. not a hell of a lot to say at this juncture (ahh gotta love anti-climaticism).

Been working. New department day 2. yet another empty desk...though....they gave a laptop to use. its not bad but I still prefer my mac ; ) There’s word of moving to a newly renovated office downstairs. I feel nomadic. so far so good though. got lots of reading to do to catch up with the programme. colleagues/superiors seem hospitable enough though can't really wait to get some real work done. so far, its just been lots of reading and brainstorming/strategy-related meetings.

got back to some exercise routine with gym and various forms of cardio(squash/badminton/pool) on alternating days. its a lot easier with facilities just downstairs and Pat and Vickram being regular conspirators. once again, the impetus is my ever widening mid-section. *sigh* plus....it gives me something to do at night after a whole day of sitting.

right....gonna pack it in. going mamaking.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

on stuff (2006 version)

Had a bit of an epiphany yesterday. Regarding my general life course, try as I may, I simply cannot see myself entrenched in corporate culture for an extended period of time. I mean, no serious complaints about my current gig but I dunno….call it a gut feeling. Have this aching feeling that I’m meant to be doing something else. What exactly I’m not entirely sure but lets just say that the BMW (accessorized with trophy wife/gf) gig doesn’t quite cut the mustard.
I harken back to a portion of a conversation I had with Kat at the Runt Club during my last trip back to Canada. Actually, it was more her TELLING me that I should be doing identity/moral research and one of the things she stressed was that she could not see me in a “corporation” (though at the time I think she just wanted me to do research with her in the long run).
I distinctly remember simply smiling and saying something to effect of “maybe you’re right” but thinking “I dunno, maybe that’s what I want”.
After being immersed in it for 3 weeks….I’m not too sure anymore. It all revolves around the accumulation of stuff. More specifically, “he who dies with the most toys wins”. There’s got to be more meaning to life than this. Again, I stress, its NOT a bad gig so far. It’ll give me the opportunity to get some great experience. I’m not too sure what I want but in the long run, I don’t really want to realize 10 years down the road that in my profession, all I did was essentially to make rich people richer.
At any rate, I shan’t bore ya’ll with this stuff. I’ll chew on this in my own time (hell, it gives me something else to think about apart from the usual “man I’m fucked up and need a shrink ”).

On to other things….

1. hello 2006.
2. moved into the condo at Mt Kiara.
3. was deathly ill over the past few days (twice in a month, must be doing something right). We’re talking 40 degree fever etc…..doc thought it was dengue hemorrhagic fever but the blood test turned out negative. Quite a frightening concept come to think of it. Mosquito bites, you have an escalating fever for 3 days, your internal organs bleed….if not treated, you’d prolly die. Only in Malaysia (well…and other places in SE Asia). Come visit ; )
4. craving intelligent conversation. Though for that, we actually need intelligent conversationalists.
5. had an “idiot moment” two days ago. My cousin Fan (or more accurately Yasmin now after she got hitched) just gave birth to a beautiful girl (happy birthday Amina!). during visitation, I actually had the utter stupidity to mouth these words, “so…you tired?” she looked at me like I was the biggest goober in the world as if to say “what the hell do you think?” What can I say, it’s a gift, these things come to me in my sleep.

Anyway….off to bed.