Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

oh yah.....the blog.

wow, its been awhile.

so farewells are all pretty much done. I should leave more often, people are so nice = )

I was thinking of writing this epic recap of my time in Canada but alas....sloth hast infected my will. although this much I'll say:

methinks I've accomplished all I wanted to accomplish in univeristy. let's see now...

1. adventure in a foreign country.......check.
2. solid formal academic (as opposed to vocational/professional) education .......check.
3. solid (albeit now old) friends......check.
4. meaningful romance....... *sigh* check.
5. joining a collegiate fraternal organization......check.
6. achieved some level of coolness (thanks DD/G&T)....err.....check?
7. occasional bouts of stress/depression/anxiety/hallucinations/sleep-walking/obsessive complusion/hysteria (ok well maybe not this one)......definately check.
8. a jolly good time......check.

I left a know-it-all 16 year old on new year's eve 1997 and I'm leaving in 2 days a clueless 25 year old.

I'll be seeing y'all soon : )

Boon has left the building.

quote of the day:
"baseball is an American invention that makes Tai Chi look like the jitterbug" - Elvira Kurt

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

empty shell

putting my stuff away in boxes. man, the apartment is slowly but surely vanishing. its a little off-setting.

not a hell of a lot to say at this point in time. which prolly explains for the lack of posts.

anyway....back to this.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005 


Brain fart of the day.

Hey, I was thinking.....I wonder what sort of effect that Tragically Hip song "New Orleans is Sinking" is going have now that well....y'know.....

on a related tangent.....someone(people) ought to get smacked for this debacle. truth be told, it seemed as though aid for tsunami relief got there quicker. AND we're talking 3rd world countries over a wider disaster area. hmmm....nevermind the fact that N. Americans subscribe to a disgusting sense of entitlement.

guh...and lets not even get started on class/race issues. I mean, its not specific to this instance; its more symptomatic of social trends on a far wider scale. maybe lets tend to that first ya?

on a different note:

I leave Santa Monica tomorrow bound for Toronto. never really got the chance to in the past few days but I managed to catch the sunset atop a cliff overlooking the beach today. I might get chastised for saying this but its quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (especially since I spent the afternoon in Beverly Hills *slaps forehead*). with the sun melting into the pacific ocean the way it did while flocks of seagulls soared across the vista right under the pale silhouette of the moon. whoosh....amazing. I mean, I'm certainly not the most sensitive/sentimental person on the best of days (either that or when I am, its almost always too late), but this...this was something else.

oh...and what do you know....the camera jammed. *insert expletive here*

ok....time to pack.


Monday, September 05, 2005 

left for santa monica

well.....this is the 3rd day I've been in LA......Santa Monica to be exact.

Usual LA fare I guess: fashionistas, rich, poor, latinos, the clueless, the homeless, beach, surfers, palm trees, in-and-out burger ; )

I don't really have much of a personal opinion on this place. methinks it has something to do with the fact that I've been wondering everywhere by myself. after awhile, you end up having such conversations:

me: hey check that out!
self: shut up you tourist.
me: oh c'mon, its cool!!
self: you're an idiot.
me: why do have to be like that?
self: my earlobes hurt, lets go back to the hotel, Forest Gump is on.
me: ......... I can't take you ANYWHERE.

been doing a lot of thinking out here (well....really have no choice, there's no one to talk to). most of it hasn't been very constructive....some of it has, but mostly....nope *sigh*. think the crazies on the promanade are getting to me. at any rate, for better or for worse, as bob dylan once said "the times they are a changin'" EVERY aspect of life as I know it is, or is about to change....eeeesshhhh.....*shivers*

one things for damn sure, the ozone layer here SUCKS. this tan I have right now is something else.

ok....coffee time.