Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

on love and haight

before I plunge into today's happenings, yesterdays news (really quickly) .

went up to Nappa Valley with my mum's collegue's wife who lives in the area. did some wine/champagne tours. pretty rad. word to the wise: try to drive if you're planning to go up the silverado trail coz being a passenger sucks. winding roads + backseat = barf.

they live in this victorian house in the valley with I swear, a thousand and one animals. good thing I like furry things.

cool thing, their nephew who's my age took me out in his 1970 chevelle (good thing racing harnests DO work). also did some off roading in a 1952 Korean war jeep. (yesssss....)

had some dinner with the family and walked away with a 1992 Cabernet Savignon (score).


to set the record straight....

San Fran is a b***h.

this is one hilly-ass city. we're talking 40 degree inclines here. needless to say I got some excercise today.

on the flip side, its definately one of the more breathtaking cities in N. America (sights and culture).

I'm quite tired so this is going to be in point form.


its bloody Hong Kong. cramed, conjested, loud (traffic and people), pungent, smells the part. got a good deal on electronics though ; )

-fishermen's wharf

touristy, tacky, unoriginal. spectacular view from the pier though. (from left to right) sea lions doing well, what sea lions do, the golden gate bridge, alcatraz, some other bridge closer to Nappa, marina. woof....

-haight and ashbury

the hippie/artist community/neighbourhood made popular in the 60s by every influential musician of the time. something tells me love and peace is falling to wayside a little. there's a Gap on the corner. guh.....the good news is, its still a vibrant art/music/liberal scene. think SOHO in Manhattan with insense.

I dunno how far I walked today. but lets just say I left at 10 today and got back at 5.....PLUS HILLS.

anyway.....dinner beckons.


Sunday, August 28, 2005 

california dreaming

well....I'm out here on the west coast. to be exact, the bay area: San Fran, Oakland, and the rest of the quaint towns around here....like Alameda (take your most stereotyped perception of a 1960's california town, and there you have it...going back to take some pics, its that cool). kinda picturesque out here to be honest. very chill.

prolly gonna do a whole bunch of walking around in the following week. see some sights, drink some coffee, take some pictures etc. top on the list is haight and ashbury (what can I say, hippies and beatniks rule), the fillmore, and that street where the cars zoom down in countless movies ; )

I'll be LA/Santa Monica bound after this. should be interesting.

so this is what it feels like to be unemployed with 2 degrees. its scarey as fuck. its also pretty exciting. something tells me my next move is crucial in shaping the rest of my life. ahh important life decisions, not really my forte. *eek!*

in other news, Leyuze's back in Turkey right now for a bit doing well,....errr...... home and family stuff Turkish style?? ; ) ....I assume its going well. at any rate, *sniff* and *double-sniff*

anyway....I'm off. there's a starbucks down the street that's calling my name.


Sunday, August 14, 2005 

ahh...tis the season

so the new football season is upon us once more.

middlesborough 0-0 liverpool

hardly an impressive start.
this season WILL be better....right? (I hope)

next week I'll go in and finalize stuff with the thesis. printing....binding....and then to get stored in some dark, god forsaken corner of the library. hey, at least I'm catalogued. hell, you can even borrow it if you want. that's cool right? ; )

after that's all said and done, I'm going off to california for just over a week to....emmm....well, do whatever they do in california. should be alright. guess in the meatime, there's a small matter of getting a resume drafted and then a job search (*gasp*). methinks a PhD at will be a backup plan....considering how much they pay their TAs at NUS, its really not a bad backup. that is, of course, no one over there is holding a grudge on my decision to reject their MA acceptence. guess we'll see.

ahh....life begins. weird.

at any rate, I'll prolly have a more solid idea of my plans to return home after I get back from california.

its sad man. on so many levels. *sniff* I guess stay tuned for "Adventures of a Malaysian Tourist" in future posts.

gonna keep it short....sleepy.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

oh by the way...

I successfully defended my thesis yesterday. currently doing revisions.

will post a longer entry soon (I promise....)

now I have some more inconsequential letters at the end of my name

b, B.A., M.A.