Monday, June 27, 2005 

on call for scholastic emergencies

qquick post.....

you could prolly already guess....the past week has been....HECTIC to say the least. been averaging a 4 hour meeting everyday with my advisor, plus "homework". not to mention, further correspondence during the rest of the day. as Chuck put it, I'm "on call". we're rushing to make a dealine for final subission to the examining board. must say....we're making good time.

that being said, I managed to sqeeze in some R&R this weekend. here're some highlights....

-fri: went to the grand opening to TwentyNinePark. Trev (through his gf who works there)managed to get Brock, myself, Leyuze and Esra on the guesslist. Liish, Kev, Steph, Meliss, Tom, and Ben were also there. TwentyNinePark is this swanky new watering hole mirrored in the image of some of LA clubs featured in "Entertainment Tonight" ; ) the prob is, I don't know whether London has the clientle for such a place. I guess we'll see. at any rate, its really cool.

-had dim sum with Trev, Jackie and Duane on sat morning.

-sat: had kat/brad/esra/leyuze over for a spot of Australian and Chilean (wine that is) followed by another outing to twentyninepark.

-sunday: brunch with the usuals at the, talk about good eating! on top of it was free as I found a hair in the food....mind you, there might be a slight possibility that it was my hair. but hey, I'm not complaining ; ) later on in the day, I got invited to some Turkish picnic thing....must say, twas quite the experience (I mean, "one of these things doesn't belong here" aside). awesome food....(esp the meats and desert)...hospitable people (INTERESTING people - think Malays plus). can't really complain. they were as nice as they could be I guess. there IS this one thing....and kudos to him. y'see, one of the elder gentleman spent the entire 5 hours situated in from of a huge skwer of meat carving it for his starving contemporaries. I was duely impressed....think I mouthed the words "look at him! he's a machine....the dude's been slicing meat for 5 hours!" (though admittledly so....his sweaty jeans left something to be desired for...I mean, c'mon, it takes A LOT to sweat through jeans)

today was another jammed day of a matter of fact, I just came back from Chuck's (its approx 11pm) after an extended discussion of chapter 3. it was pretty good. esp considering the fact that some scotch was involved ; )

ok...I'm off...early day tomorrow. got some errands to sqeeze in somewhere as well.

track of the day:
"shama lama ding dong" Otis Redding

Monday, June 20, 2005 

things just ain't like they used to be

all-nighters....I'm talking all nighters. it used to commonplace during undergrad...and when the sun came up I'd hit the groupd running (that is, a pot of coffee and some caffine pills later).

but now......

the ole' gear box's not up to snuff anymore. I need my rest....otherwise my eyes get all red. I've been told a maniacal twitch follows shortly after. fuck I'm exhausted. hehe...guess its a clear sign when you covet a good plush chair and reasonable sleeping times ; )

in any event, the reason why I burned the preverbal candle at both ends: had a deadline to meet this morning and lets just my underestimation of how long formatting tables could possibly take coupled with my now legendary god awful organization skills left me taping my eyelids open. hey at least I had the Turk for company (exam preparations). lemme tell you, its a marvelous sight to watch two demented souls running on empty wrestling with the snooze buttons on our cell phones. at any rate, good luck on the exam babe *fingers crossed*

ahh...but good news. I have a first draft! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! WHOOT!!!
98 pages without appendices, contents section and reference section. after revisions (guh, there's that word again)), this sucker'll probably hit 120 easy.
I must admit, its kinda surreal to see 2 years of work just sitting there on my desk. heh, not to mention the countless number of trees paid the ultimate price to turned into photocopies of journal articles, revision scraps and stats print outs. *sniff* let us have a moment of silence...


and we're back. hey speaking of which, you guys ever realise that we don't say "save the planet" anymore? or my personal fav, "safe the rainforests" (its not as an audaciously pompous as the previous statement). ahh...the early 90's were a good time. I miss my brown and olive drab t-shirts. (of course, a cool by-product of an all-nighter is a stomach as empty as a dust bowl).....and then hopefully some sleep.....

"bands with managers" pedro the lion


Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

mmm, mmm, that is a TASTY burrger

quick post before getting down to writting again.

just got back from school. grabbed a quick burger with Liish before stepping in.
I don't really know why its the case but for the past 3 or so weeks, I've made it point to have a burger/fries/and coke at least 4 times a week. there's just something beautiful and sublime about a well built burger.

nothing much has been going on except for my work lately. here're some of things that went on this weekend while on "breaks"

-chilled out with Art and Ciara for a bit during the weekend. turns out Art and I get on quite well (especially our love for Soviet era state music)....much to the chagrin of C ; ) heheh, dorks of the world unite I guess.....

-had dim sum with D.

-movies watched: "the 5 people you meet in heaven" and "the life aquatic". both highly recommended....I think the later is oscar material.

Leyuze was away in Rochester visiting this weekend before Yesim (sp?) returned to Turkey (man I wish I had friends like that. that's right jackasses, I'm referring to you lousy sods ; ) )....due to some gross incompetence on the part of Amtrak, she's only able to make it back today. and the railway industry in America wonders why its losing all these customers. I mean c'mon, if you can't provide the expediancy of air travel and the cheap rates of the bus, at least make sure your trains abide by their schedules. at any rate, I'm just glad she'll be back later on in the day : )

k...shower, work, train station.


track of the day:
"fix you" Coldplay


Monday, June 13, 2005 

the end is near.

ok so its set....Aug 2. the calls have been made, the examining panel picked, there's no turning back. shit this is scary. to paraphrase Owen Wilson in Armageddon, "its a mixture of 99% excitement and 1% fear...or is it 99% fear and 1% excitement". given, I'm not risking life and limb to save the planet from impending doom but hey, lets just say its the biggest stress inducing scholastic challenge since my O-levels (that's right, I'm saying undergrad was a virtual walk in the park : P). the only difference is, these people aren't out to fail me. I merely have to ensure that I don't trip up. in other words, I'm not playing for the win but playing "not to lose". that's the least I can say for those pricks at Cambridge ; ) at any rate, its fucked.

advice anyone? err...that means you Daryl...Rena...Duane... ; )

needless to say, posting will be held to a minimum or at least left pretty short.

in other news, Liverpool have been allowed to participate in next season's champions league despite failing to qualify in the domestic league. the downside is, they're going to have to play the first qualifying round which begins next month. hmm...this means for next season, they have: the champions league, the premiership, the fa cup, the league cup, the european super cup and the world club championships. gawd I hope Benitez brings in some serious depth to the squad.


Friday, June 10, 2005 

pooh goes ape shit

its friday, its hotter than fuck outside, my work is going relatively well but SLOW, I'm surrounded by stupidity, I hate stupidity, I'm in a black, black mood.

this feels all too familiar. you know how they say things revolve around like circles.....

back to work. I'll update later.


Friday, June 03, 2005 

"am I going to do myself?" - Kurt Cobain

began today by deciding to play a CD from waaayy back.....remember "Nirvana Unplugged in New York"? seminal record that. it was also the soundtrack to much of my over-exaggerated teenage "anger and depression". fuck I was (am?) a spoiled child. must admit its a little different listening to it nowadays....the music is still quite bloody heart-wrenching though ; )

get this, Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington has erected a new welcome sign in honour of him. check it out:

about bloom'n time he got something like that. the full article can be found here

on to life related things.... know how its been going. thesis, eat, errands, sleep. although this week has been full extra-special insights pertaining to my concluding chapter. I'm getting the oddest sensation that I might actually be mastering this material (no pun intended). something most interesting has also developed over the past while. Due to the rarity of scholars in the field, Jim, my secondary advisor has been named as one of the examiners at my verbal defence. I dunno what to make of it....he is really in a position to rip me a new one if you know what I mean. but at the same time, I guess its my responsibility to ensure that I know the material as well I knew my Red/Black Magic deck ; ) furthermore, I've always known Jim to be guh, the onus is on me : (

what else? the lot of us popped by the grad club for some 40th Anniversary shindig for the Sociology dept. after the day was done. got to see a lot of old faces....I saw Fran (or should I say NARF) today for crying out loud! decent time I guess...though methinks I can only tolerate a very finite amount of time with the majority of my fellow academics. I mean, its not that they're boring people, it more of the fact that after a long day of wrapping my head around numbers and concepts....the last things I want to do is....well, y'know ; )

L's away in Ottawa visiting her sis for her b-day....who apparently isn't feeling very well. whatever it is, doesn't sound all that great. at any rate...hope things are better.

anyway, work beckons.

track of the day:
"oh my lord" nick cave and the bad seeds


Thursday, June 02, 2005 

random things

ALRIGHT I'll bite. courtosey of Pat's blog, and the fact that I'm still experiencing a drought in terms of post-worthy material, I guess its my turn to brandish the "music baton".

Total Volume of Music in my Computer:
2909 songs, 8.5 days, 14.56GB

The Last CD I Bought:
hmmm, this was actually a Starbucks impluse purchase (gotta love product placement eh?) anyway, its the new Dave Matthews Band album "Stand Up".

Song Playing:
Vagabond Parade - Sunchild

Five Songs I Listen to a Lot:
Daughter - Pearl Jam
Chloe Dance - Mother Love Bone
Indie RnR - The Killers
The Chok'n Kind - Joss Stone
High Tide, Low Tide - Bob Marley

5 people to whom I'm passing the baton:
no one. I'm keeping it! ; ) Its a purty green hue.....

its odd, I was actually over at a prof buddy's place last night with my notebook compiling a playlist for a "end of conference" bash tonight : )

hmmm, maybe tomorrow I'll do the other web ring "quiz" entitled "100 things about me". I really don't know if I'm that self aborbed to be sitting and thinking about 100 things to say about me (who's kidding who, of course I am!).

in the meantime, the pics from DC finally came in.....
Nice Duck
nice duck....

Korean War Memorial
korean war memorial

Large Impaling Device
large impaling device

White House Protester
white house protester I mentioned previosly

My Momma
my momma

the Brothers Tng
the brothers Tng

Sarah & Boon
Sarah the "American" ; )

there ; )