Tuesday, May 31, 2005 


you ever notice how awful your face looks in a restroom with florescent lights? every scar, cut, scrape, bruise, zit gets magnified and all you can think of it "I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!"

-George Carlin

ok quick post before I attempt to write something intelligent.


this is going to be tougher than I thought...

*looks at the ceiling*


I swear good posts are inversely correlated with good moods. in other words, depression, angst, intolerable boredom, and the like = fun reading material. hmm, the irony.

anyway, allow me to get buggered upstairs and I'll be back later ; )


Wednesday, May 25, 2005 


Champions League Final. Istanbul, Turkey.

Liverpool 3(p)-3 A.C. Milan

You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry and the Pacemakers

When you walk through the storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm

There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on, through the wind
Walk on, through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone


Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

alright ALRIGHT.....

sorry....been slacking with the posts. I would've posted earlier but certain people haven't sent me pics from my D.C. trip. *ahem* you know who you are. err...yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking to it : )

anyway...the past few days since my return have been jammed with errands, bills, meh....red tape stuff. got some writting done too. not much, about 3 pages worth. fack, this is slow......I should really step it up. I must admit though, the pressure is getting suffocating. phah! bring it on....I operate best under pressure! but on the flip side, when I fail, I also fail gloriously....*sob*

ok the trip.

D.C. was.......good. I miss being in a city. I've come to the conclusion that yes, I AM a city guy. its just the little things, like having access to a subway again. it makes me happy. although, the Washington metro system starkly resembles the subway system on Mars a la "Total Recall".
apart from that, we checked out some sites (if I had pics....you see what I mean?), ate at some interesting restaurants, did some shopping. the highlights?

1. well, it was good to see my mother again. AND, she always has cool electronics to give me ; ) this time, I got a cell phone and a new ipod (YYAARRGHH!!). not to mention some much needed "super" brand cup noodles. yum......

2. "the grill from ipanema". this was a Brazillian restaurant Hwa and I checked out on the first day. very interesting grub man. a LOT of meat. mmmm....meat.....infact, as far as cuisine is comcerned, the trip was very eventful. while we were shopping, there was this food court we went to where next to Popeye's Fried Chicken was "Satay Ria". I know, imagine my astonishment! needless to say, I stocked up on some rice and chicken curry.....oh, and had a RM 7 curry puff. hey man, like I cared, I was having a curry puff in Washinton! also striked up a conversation with the lady who worked there....turns out it was a family run affair by a bunch of Ipohians. interesting factoid, her tone seemed to have changed when it was clear that we were fellow countrymen, gone was the irritating bad american chinese accent, and out came ahh....the soothing sounds of an "auntie".
oh yah....we also went to this French place where Boon Hwa had a hamburger with foie gras. THAT'S RIGHT, a haamburger with friggin foie gras! looked good to boot. myself on the other hand, stupidly ordered this dish from the Alsace region. should've clued in that the Alsace borders Germany and share a lot of German culture. so.....it was no surprise that I ended up with something with a lot of sauerkraut, sauerkraut "juice" and various meats/sausages. I was basically an oktoberfest meal. or as I like to call it, a hotdog dish without the buns. gross. never again.
apart from that, tried crayfish (not bad, cept for the fact that it looks like red cockroaches), had some good Italian.

3. remember that old protester lady in front of the white house in "farenheit 911"? we met her. facinating lady. well turns out she's been camping there since 1981! talk about conviction man. again, will post pics when they come in ; ) in the meantime, here's an article

4. met up with Sarah there. ummm...yah, the "other" Sarah. in other words, the good one ; ) *waves* it was a total coincidence that we got to meet up to. y'see, a few days before my departure, she sent me a "this is what I'm doing with my life" email saying that she was back in the city for the summer before heading out to East Timor for a stint in the Peace Corp (cool eh?). one thing led to another and we were having drinks in Georgetown by the Potomac river while helicopters flew over the "no fly zone" with the Watergate Hotel in the background. at any rate, it was great to catch up. its really a pity we don't live in the same city coz we get on quite well. again...will post pics when I get'em. *hint*

all that aside, its GREAT to be back in Canada. and above all, its great to be spending time with the Turk again. who btw TOTALLY ROCKED her econ exam (good on ya Leyuze!) ; )

k....gonna try to get some work done.

track of the day:
"soft" Kings of Leon


Wednesday, May 18, 2005 

back to life

guh....bloody exhausted.

post tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

superlative conspiracy

mood watch: greenish.

here's a lunchtime post fer y'all....

this comming Friday, I will be venturing into the belly of the beast, the unholy grail of world politics (well according to some anyway: Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, Muslim Fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana), and where "Christians" claim is the devil's workshop of Freemasonry. yeap, off to the District of Columbia ; ) check out this arial photo of Washington:

for more conspiracy theories concerning the masons, go here

hmmm, watch U.S. immigration scan the net and block my entry into the country. I DO own a Malaysian passport ; ) oh...interesting tid bit for all of us who carry Malaysian passports: its not a great one to have apparently. not only is it relatively blacklisted with the US government, I got stopped and interviewed by Canadian immigration last year while re-ntering the country as its also red-flagged by them. reason being, Chinese nationals have been using fake Malaysian passports to illegally enter several Western countries. ugh....good for nothing greasy mainlanders. I'm telling you, if China wasn't my ancestral homeland.....actually, doesn't being 4th generation Malaysian kinda negate that??

actually, the real reason for going to D.C. is to meet up with my mother who's speaking at a conference. my brother's also going. should be fun what with some pretty cool museums to visit. so far the "must sees" are the Smithsonian and the Spy Museum. I don't particulary care for the monuments in general. to quote the Family Guy, "they're as lame as FDR's legs..*hush*..what too soon??" also scheduled to meet up with my half Malaysian Indian, half American friend from uni, Sarah Meyanathan. hehe....I think the name speaks volumes of her identity.

another thing, Leyuze and I are orchestrating some "get together" for a few mutuals this week. I dunno man......its a recipe for disaster if you ask me. some things, like oil and water, laksa and fudge, should not mix. although, just like any decent trainwreck, it'll be fun to watch : ) plus, you never know...if there's a will.... *biting lower lip*...there might be a way. furthermore, someone with my horrid track record should never be the catalyst for such situations.

k....back to work.

cartoon of the day:

track of the day
"estranged" Guns N' Roses


Friday, May 06, 2005 

its me burfdey.

just a quick THANKS to those who have extended well wishes.


supplemental (may 8)

the evening's proceedings at Chancey Smith's and subsequently, the Frog, turned out quite bloody well. very pleased with it.
three cheers to Leyuze, Dave, Jack, Brock, Liish, Steph, Meliss, Pippa, Kev, Ben, Kat, Myra, Duane, Trev, Jackie and Ted who came out.

the inter-mingling of my social worlds were emmm...hmm,...interesting to watch to say the least. it was almost as if written on their faces were words that read "blimey, THOSE are your friends??" now imagine if we got some of you guys from KL there. *guffaw!* ; )

at any rate, as Hannibal from the A-team would say "I love it when a plan comes together" (and to think, I wasn't even going to do much of anything at all)

haven't particualr done much for the rest of the weekend. a good portion of it was spent with Leyuze...walked around, enjoyed the weather, watched some movies (some good, and others, well, horribly wretched).

interesting tid bit though...did you guys know that there's a magazine called Divorce?? picked up a copy just for shits and giggles. useful resource mag I guess though a couple of things, 1. there were only caucasians in the zine, and 2. 90% of the ads were for lawyers. hehe...you draw your own conclusions.

a few more things before I sign off.

a. its mother's day. so if you've yet to call her....*fills a canvas sack with door knobs*
b. its VE day. have you kissed a vet today? (err...figuratively speaking that is....)

back to writing tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

you'll never walk alone


Liverpool 1, Chelsea 0

I could die of ecstasy

Monday, May 02, 2005 


mood watch: red

what a way to begin the week, being riddled and paralysed with anxiety.

I have three months left on my visa. god knows whether I'll be able to finish all this work in time. here's the kicker, if I'm not able to, I'm going to have to re-apply for an extension by - the absolute latest - by the middle of the month. which is....oh I dunno, in 2 weeks. wow I'm freaking out.

seriosuly, what's with this adolescent self-doubt bullshit at 24 (oh wait, 25 in 4 days)? to top it all of, my sleeping patterns are all fucked again. fuck. I'm so tired.

as such, this weekend's proceedings have been fueled with a mish mash of manic pacing, manic cleaning and simultaneous (and solitary) writing and drinking. the bright side is that the apartment is sparkly clean and lemony fresh.

needless to say, playful conversation...not really in the cards.