Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

oh it comes again.....

mood: red

in a really pensive disposition right now. its almost as if I'm on the horns of great happiness or eternal sadness. as Jamie Carragher puts it, "this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity"

we play Chelsea in 15 mins.

I might need some consolation in 90 mins. either that or ROUNDS ON ME.

shit these drugs are doing weird things to my perception of reality....

Monday, April 25, 2005 

hibiscus print towel: 1, me: 0

mood watch: light green (I'm on drugs)

and in the column titled "things that only happen to Boon", I give you today's story (that is before I pass out from anti-inflamatories and muscle relaxants - again)

the day begun much like any other monday with excruciatingly loud music being played in the hopes of - as Hanz and Franz would say - "PUMP[ing] *clap* YOU UP". and for the most part, it was working marvelously.


I stepped out of the shower, looked at the clock, and realised that I was running a little late.


I sped things up. and while drying my hair as though my hands were pneumatic buffers, "SNAP!"

*a grim silence falls across the room*

me: what was that?
self: I dunno.
me: you feel that?
self: no, feel wh'...*eyes wide open* SWEET MOTHER OF CRAP.
me: I can't feel the right side of my body.
self: me too.
me: what do you think? hospital?
self: nah...its prolly nothing. just chill out for a bit then shake it out.
me: k. *proceeds to jump around much in the fashion of swimmers before a race*
self: *quivering in pain and tearing up* you should not do that again.
me: hospital?
self: hospital.

act two: University Hospital emergency room
patient registration was quick to say the least...espcially after hearing nightmarish stories of 4-6 hr waits from others. I was in the diagnostic ward within the hour. its prolly due to my experience with hospitals in Singapore but even this newly renovated wing paled in comparison. yeah the ones back home tends to look like refurbished colonial hotels or airports. at any rate, I wasn't there for high tea...just glad that that repugnant "hospital smell" was non-existant.

the waiting game begins after giving me one of these...
they plunk me down in a numbered spot that oddly enough, reminded me of a toilet cubicle, drew the curtains(except for a sliver), and told me to wait. half an hour goes by. a nurse who resembled an east german shot putter walks in, asked for a verbal account of the incident, and begins *ahem* examining the area". not to say she wasn't gentle but calling those mits healing hands would be a horrible insult to hands all over. she leaves as I was left in an exacerbated amount of pain.

an hour goes by as I ponder a potential lawsuit.

the doctor comes in. I clench my teeth and prepare for the worse (hey, I wasn't taking any chances). Dr. Mohammed turned out to be a nice guy. though he subjected me to a whole arsenal of tests...twice...with eyes open AND closed. he leaves for 10 minutes, and returns to start pricking AND running feathers along my arms. all the while asking if I "felt it". for a split second there I thought "whoa man, doesn't it say in the Quran..." he leaves.

I sit around for another 30 min.

long story stort. they ran an x-ray and it turns out I pulled a muscle. or the way it was described "well, you kinda gave yourself whiplash". duh, why do these things happen to me? anyway, they gave me some drugs and sent me packing.

soo...yeah. so much for writing like a fiend today.

k...gonna pop some more pills.

track of the day:
"Just Another" Pete Yorn


Sunday, April 24, 2005 

there's weird, there's weird, and then there's this.

mood watch: I don't know. can't really say. feeling beside myself.

*contemplative gaze*

my goodness...what a week. what. a. week. talk about planets lining up.
lets begin by getting the pedestrian out of the way:

this week....
the thesis FINALLY began going my way. think the words "there it is, its done. we have a thesis" were semi-gleefully muttered by Chuck on friday. there's a lot more work, but from here on end, things are - or at least perceive to be - smooth sailing. I'm quite please about that.

and now to the not-so pedestrian:

this week....
due to a befuddling experience on the bus where I was absolutely convinced that a stranger was Leyuze (and almost daily run-ins of a similar nature...some involving mutuals), candid conversation ensued during the week which led to a rather bizarre weekend to say the least.

after returning from uni, running some errands along richmond, and grabbing a quick bite with Jenn who stopped by London for dinner enroute to Windsor, I came home exhausted. apparently Leyuze had seen me gallavanting and somewhere during the conversation, I was invited to participate in her evening plans which essentially involved going out with her, Tulay (one of her best friends), and Tulay's ex, Vigan (heh, talk about going with the flow). twas more or less the first time we had exchanged more than 10 words in a face to face setting in awhile. so all things considering, the evening turned out fairly well I thought what with myself being socially inept on the best of days.

that night we made plans to have a late brunch the following day.

(we're just getting started)

decided to go to maggies (very cool place btw-feels like someone's living room). to my astonishment, as we were walking in, I realised that we were wearing almost the exact same clothes (stripped sweater, ripped jeans, and canvas converse shoes). I'm sure she noticed it around the same time as well. lets just say that this unscripted congruence in attire was cause for a few patrons giving us the "once over" followed by subsequent eye rollage : ) to top it all off, her current cell phone is identical to mine in all aspects except for the colour. had a good laugh over it.

the rest of the day we just walked around the market...caught a flick (btw, sin city is all sorts of graphic goodness). at the end of the day I thought, "gosh, it was good to catch up".

(the plot thickens)

insomnia and nocturnal tendencies settles in and we find ourselves correspnding at 4am on msn. one thing leads to another and we're having breakfast again. this time, I make a conscious effort to ensure that the "wardrobe malfunction" of the previous day did not reoccur. apparently so did she.

no such luck. it happens....again. *slaps forehead* I can't even lie about it as its simply beyond the realm of conceivability. for documentary reasons, I wish I had taken pictures : )

at any rate, a rather lively conversation fueled by copius amounts of coffee was maintained for the next few hours....rented
ocean's 12 (which btw was disappointing)....and called it day. sleep was in full effect. goodness me, I cannot remember the last time I've spent so much with a single person on a weekend without being forced to, and/or harbouring deep-seated thoughts of homicide and/or suicide.

moral of the story? who knows. you draw your own conclusions : ) but at the very least, its been one HELL of a week. in a good yet extremely unexpected way.

tomorrow, I write like a fiend.

track of the day:
"tango forte" Dublex Inc.


Thursday, April 21, 2005 

dig my genius

mood watch: green (Marvin Gaye is also prolly having an effect)

its official. my stats are DONE. and to top it all off, the crucial propositions and hypotheses are validated. in other words, the bloomin' experiment works! and coz of this, there's now talk of publications as this is the first time such psycho-social coponents are being measured. imagine that, if it goes through, I'll be the authoritative voice in this (albeit minute) field. seriously, DIG MY GENIUS SUCKERS! now all I need to do it transfer my competency in research into real life where....I'm woefully awkward and inadequate : ( I can point you to the people who consider me to be persona non grata if you're at all interested in garnering notoriously damning testimonials.....

guess all that's left now is to do a write up of results, discussion, and "future implications". sweet jumping jesus, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. though lets all hope that this time its not a freight train. *fingers crossed*

on a different note, I've been having the most unscheduled yet enthralling conversations with some random and some not so random people. y'know, those "explaining social trends, religion, behaviour, relationships (surprise surprise), and of course, the meaning of life and the universe" sorta conversations.....
and so....cheers to Ted, Brock, Liisha, and Brant(my next door neighbour from Calgary-a 40 year old divorcee who works for Siemens Canada. great guy.) as the mind is a terrible thing to waste : ) oh and these could not have been possible without our good friends Stella and Alexander (Artois and Keiths respectively).

cartoon of the day: how many times has THIS happened??

track of the day:
"Devotion" Weezer


Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

today I'm a greenish yellow

shit I'm in way too early again. I've got a this meeting to discuss some stats (or more aptly put, whether I've munched on the data enough to begin the *drumroll* "final leg") with Jim. Jim knows stats....especially in my field of work. you could call him the iron chef of identity research. but alas, he's yet to arrive.

in the meantime, and in lieu of my propensity to experience wicked good mood swings, I have concocted a colour-coded scale much like the one devised by the Department of Homeland Security to warn people of possible " terror attacks".

I call it "Boon's Mood Watch"

Light (or Lime) Green = over the moon: you could hurl cow dung at me and I'll tell you that you can make make paper out of it.

Regular Green = happy: just your regular walking on a cloud sort of mood. might occasionally be whistling/humming.(NB: the wrong thing at the wrong time could very well set me off)

Yellow = neutral: this is the disposition where "meh" becomes the appropriate response to everything. also be prepared for some awkward conversation accompanied by long lulls of silence.

Red = agitated: not a squeak will come from me. and I'll probably forgo with social niceties and restraint and flat out insult you ONLY IF I find you're being illogical/irrational.

Black = pissed off: there will probably be physical manifestations of anger (NB: I don't hit people. and I've found that hitting inanimate objects causes a rather painful sensation. and with my girly pain threshold.....). although, I will flat out insult you regardless.

and there it is. an operationalization of my dispositions. maybe I come up with a scale/measure next : ) (to ummm....give to....myself....OK scratch that)

on that note, time for my meeting.

track of the day:
"you me and the weather" Hawksley Workman


Monday, April 18, 2005 

on squirels and bowling balls

ok you know its a tad bit early when you're in before the secrataries are in and the janitors have made their rounds. looks like this is going to be a long day...(I blame the figgin birds outside my window. *cheep* m'f'ing *cheep*) here's a post that will hopefully last you guys a few days as this week is going to be BUSY to say the least.

speaking of wildlife, I witnessed the coolest thing from my balconey yesterday afternoon. right, so its no mystery that the area of town where I live has no shortage of squirels. you could even say that chinese restaurants wouldn't have a meat shortage if they y'know.... (hey, I wouldn't put it past my people). for this abundance of furry-tailed rodents, I blame humans. I blame humans for thinking they're "cute" and feeding them cheeze puffs and beef jerky which in turn leads to in-fighting within their ranks for said junk food. as such, we're left with an astonishing number of hairless squirels which by now, must surely look like rats with tufts of blood-stained hair sticking out of their backs. so before the entire squirel population ends up like that, dear humans, I urge you....nay, I IMPLORE you to caese and assist. otherwise, I do sincerely hope you get bitten and contract an extra special case of rabies.

on to the cool wildlife story:
some of you might've noticed that the top most brances of an prepubescent oak tree comes within mere feet of my balconey/sun room area. well yesterday, as I was creeping on the people below from my tower of solitude, I noticed a squirel (this one was fully-furred) carefully edging itself to the very top of this (still barren) tree in the hopes of dining on the some newly-formed spring buds. I thought to myself: "hmmm, that's something you don't see everyday. you could even say that's kinda cool". then....
then I thought "now that's something you REALLY don't see everyday". truth be told, it was downright cool. (don't worry, rocky survives. in fact, he was next seen climbing up the adjacent tree doing much of the'd think that he'd give it a rest after what had just happened)

the rest of the weekend was alright. after comming home from uni on Friday, Brock and myself went over to Barneys for a spot of light beer and sun. other's present were Tedhorto, Greg, various office chumps from NBF, and Kevin Mac. once the sun went down, Brock and I proceeded to Kools where a dinner and drinks were had with Meliss and Steph. the night kinda took off from there. I shan't bore you with the details.

after a much needed haircut, I checked out that new burger joint, Tanenbaums on Sat with Tom. best burger ever....I'm not even kidding...I'll fight you over it. and trust me, I've had my fair share of saucer-shaped ground beef. umm, wot else? oh yah....BOWLING. we went bowling at the Palasads. they really turned it into a rather cool bowling experience circa 1955 what with the prevailing uber retro theme. no detail was sparred too. a good time all in all. at the very least, it was something different for Saturday nights that are quickly becoming predictable and monotonous.
people involved (geez, lets see if I can remember everyone): Tom, Kim, Liish, Mel, Darcie, KJ, Pippa, Stacy, Meliss, Steph, Jamie. I think that's everyone.
some of them went off to Kool's thereafter but I pulled the 'shute as exhaustion was quickly setting in.

sunday was kinda blah. had to run around a lot. errands. cleaned up the pad. did some reading. s'all.

anyway, time to get to work. in the meantime, here's your cartoon for the day. this one brought me back to the days where turn-based card games became a substitute for eating time. ahh...those were good days : )

track of the day:
"circles" soul coughing


Thursday, April 14, 2005 

FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRYMEN....anyone eating that last muffin?

got in pretty friggin early today no thanks to awaking from my slumber in a hypothermic state. note to self, close balconey door at night. gosh it was friggid. at any rate, as yesterday was blogless, and I've got some time now, I'll include a post in my "routine" before getting down with actual work.

the "routine"

a. set foot on campus
b. locate coffee
c. locate pastry of ANY kind. case in point, had meat pie for b-fast yesterday. dunno if I'd recommend it
d. check mail (both electronic and snail versions)
e. read the Straits Times
f. read Soccernet
g. read some blogs....some web comics....etc....
h. plug in to some adult contemporary radio station (hey, its condusive for work...though some of its pretty lame. enjoyable, but lame)
i. and we're off to the races!

right now I'm between "g" and "h". but enough of this....on to the reason why I'm posting: "the spaghettis are OUT!"

JUVENTUS 0-0 LIVERPOOL (Liverpool advance on a 2-1 aggregate from the first leg)
me so pleased. can you believe its been 20 years since Liverpool's been in the champions league semis? we're off to the promiseland baby!! (well, to Stamford Bridge at least) Next up, Chelsea.

seriously god, don't fuck me on this. there's a finite number of heartbreaks I can take and we're fast approaching critical mass here.

as for stats. yesterday went well-ish. I now know enough to say I don't know : ) Dr Côté was a mountain of help. must admit, Chuck and Jim have been quite supportive throughout this...well, this is of course dependent on tangible proof of work accomplished. though there HAVE times when this has happened:

me: so what do you think of chapter 2?
chuck: its 30 pages of crap. you're lucky if we can use 8 pages of it.
me: so 8 pages were good?
chuck: I didn't say that.

right, nuff mucking around. here it is, your moment of zen:

track of the day:
"Mr Brown" Bob Marley


Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

so close but yet so far.....

I thought of "a bridge too far" as the title for this post but then realised that such a statement implied that the divide would not be crossed. a tad bit pessimistic for comments regarding the thesis.

but *whoosh*, today has been BITTER SWEET boy. as such, I will break it down in "bitter" and "sweet" segments.

sweet (only because this came first):

the data is finally prepped for analysis. I know I mentioned a few posts ago that it was good to go but then realised that before I could do anything with it, a good chunck still required some manual calculation. in other words, 355 individually calculated entries into the spreadsheet (and no, SPSS could not compute it. I tried. trust me, I'm lazy like that). so here I am 5 days later.

must admit, there's a certain surreal beauty about looking at your own data on the "data view" screen. think the words "look at what I've created!!" were enthusiastically muttered under my breath. kinda had a moment to myself reflecting on what I had to go through to come to this point:

a. creating an original measure along with finding other appropriate measures to use.
b. passing ethics board approval to conduct research (had those bastards)
c: doing preliminary data collection to pretesting my measure
d. pretesting and "fixing" measure
e. data collection via spamming, in-class solicitations, gun-point, knife point, kidnapping, various forms of torture, etc....
f. coding and data entry. this alone took me over a month...fack!

so yah....personal victory *smile* ("personal" being the operative word here.)

and ...... now the BITTER:

clueless. yeap, abso-f'ing-lutely clueless as to what to do with it now. I mean, I don't even know enough to say that I don't know. the descriptive stats look good but the process of getting down to the meat of it, you might as well air-drop me into Kyrgyzstan with nothing but an eggbeater.

methinks a LONG talk with Dr Côté is in order. as opposed to the short one today which left me feeling like a fraud. lets just say there was a lot of smiling, nodding and looking confused. I don't particularly care if I've never done this before....looking like an utter screw up in front of him is waaay better than looking like an utter screw up during the oral defence. so where's my buaya (that's crocodile for you foreigners) -skin suit?

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap........

there were other non-academic developments today but I'll talk about them when they actually begin to take shape. and no, if you're wondering, its not woman related. yeeeaahh....truth be told, I don't think I should be imposing myself onto anyone right now. *sigh*

stats is going to cause enough anxiety for now as it is.

on that note....

track of the day:
"on your side" Pete Yorn


Saturday, April 09, 2005 

damn it, jeans have no give!!

cannot even begin to describe how absolutely satiated I am at this moment. dim sum was had. Trev, Jackie, Adrian, Meagan and myself partook. it was grand. it wouldn't have been so bad if the lot of us didn't cross the road and gorged on ice-cream thereafter. when I say gorged...I mean GORGED. great time though....don't know if I can remember a time where I've laughed so hard for so long. guess that what happens when you get a bunch of animated jokers together at one sitting. at any rate, twas good to get the old crew together.

speaking of old crews. last night was much of the same as well. the evening began fairly low key what with exhaustion being in full effect after comming back from uni. Stephie popped by shortly after and we pretty much lazed around (pfft, so much for yoga huh?) for a brief period of time before going to meet up with Brock and Trev at TJ's for food and bevs. Ted....Greg....Mule...and Jackie joined in as the eveing progressed. and "progress" it did ; ) its been awhile since the lot of us let loose like that what with "life" getting in the way.

so yah...between this morning and last night, I must admit that it was very much like the more carefree days of yore. kinda miss that.

at any rate....can't really type anymore as my eyesight is being compromised by how full I am. need to lie down before getting down with my num63r5 again.

track of the day:
"look at the way the wild wind blows" - Lindy
made it a point (for various reasons) to catch his act this past week when he came back into town again. good show.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

muck....I say muck!

as a testament to the woefully dormant running apparatus known as my legs, these twilight runs seem to have taken a toll on my calves. on the bright side, I seem to have perfected the "penguin walk" (nice, as if I need another thing to make me even more awkward). and so....if you catch the silhouette of a phenotypically skinny (yet flabby) guy in the horizon walking like a batman villian, tis just your friendly neighbourhood me.

today has been extra special frustrating. as I was doing more prep work with my numbers....I realised that for some reason, I had negated to include one of the items in TWO of my questionaires before handing them out. many apologies to those in the lab who bore witness to a rather embarrassing "meltdown". the upside is, after looking at the reliabilty tests, my prof and I concluded that it'll not adversely affect my results. I believe his exact words were "it happens to the best of us" but crap could I have been so blind? I guess in the grand scheme of things, its a rather miniscule glitch but damn it, its not going sit well with my obsessive complusive streak. oh the sweet irony, I'm obsessive compulsive AND sloppy. case in point, I also get relatively agitated when things within my reach aren't arranged in perfect right angles but sometimes I simply can't be bothered. hence....I allow the agitation to persist. balls man, how the hell did I get like this? where was the ESPN "turning point"? (#1 on the checklist when the thesis is done: contact a good psychoanalyst)

to top it all off, in my frenzied trudging between the lab and my "office" in the library, I kept on running into people I didn't particulary wanted to see....on EVERY trip. y'know, run-ins where you kinda squint and think "you.....the catalyst of past anguish. what now?" but all you can muster is a candid "hey" and walk away. have I mentioned that I also exude traits of escapism? actually that's not entirely true, I did run into Leyuze...and twas good to see her. though this whole "glass (or insert appropriate tangible metaphoric object) in the middle" thing, I still contend that to a certain degree, its a rather operose pill to swallow. its a puzzle I'd relish solving but something tells me...befuddlement will continue to reign. such is life eh?

at any rate, I'm going to dive into one of the piles of documents that have taken root on my floor in an attempt to find err....something ( oh, like you'd know even if I told you ; ) ).

track of the day:
"he wants you" nick cave and the bad seeds
this Aussie is one hell of a songwriter. his music is generally a tad bit depressing but the backup's usage of a string section, piano, and the snare drum is brilliant. the verses in this particular song is utterly beautiful.


Monday, April 04, 2005 

on Liverpool, max-sevens, and guard duty

disclaimer: I wll refrain from commenting on Terri Shiavo and the pope as I consider them symbols/tools for political agendas and I'll leave the symbols to the symbol-minded. sad state of affairs....for an interesting commentary, go here.

hola. thanks for permitting me to be your content provider for however long it takes you to read this post. I've just returned from a run around the neighbourhood/housing estate (hmm, kinda lost as to the appropriate wordage) and truth be told, yours truly did NOT complete the full lap. *wheeezzz* ahh yes....running, tis the equivalent of electro-shock therapy/negative reinforcement for sacking this smoking habit. I've found yoga and squash do not particularly provide the needed jolt for me to say something to the effect of "*koff* *koff* holy shit balls, this is not cool. *blarghfff*" so I've added running to the fold. y'know....trying to be proactive about this.

however, the best part about it is the fact that its sufficiently warm - or shall I say "not freezing" - enough to run. marvelous.

in an attempt to abide by some semblance of chronological sequence, I'll speak about today's details towards the end.

the headache which marred my day did finally susbside. turns out I just had to eat ; ) met up with Ted for food and beverages at Kools. Suha and then Duane joined in later. all things considering, the evening's proceedings turned out rather well what with Ted attaining the "glazed-smiley" state of intoxication that we all love. its been too long. highlight of the night (for me at least):

Duane: *signalling to the next table* wow, and entire table of max-sevens. what're the chances of that?
me: what's a max-seven?
Duane: well its someone being a seven (out of ten) even on their best day.
me: *shrilling* WHAT'S UP MAX-SEVENS?!?!
(we had a good chuckle over it)

truth be told I didn't even look over....rather I was more enamoured by the existence of such a phrase. *pfft* being the perennially single/wierd guy in the corner, who am I to judge eh?

this was a good day : ) in fact, it was a great day. here's why:
(disclaimer-this is football related....scroll down if you're not interested)

1. despite fielding a depleted squad due to injuries, Liverpool squeezed out a one nil result over fellow CL contenders Bolton.
2. Everton West Brom OF ALL TEAMS!!
3. which means.....we're only a point behind Everton and the fourth and final CL spot is oh so attainable.
4. Everton has a tougher run-in to the end of the season....on paper at least.

god, don't fuck me on this. I know we haven't seen eye to eye since I drew in, and subsequently burnt your "book"....for fun (like I said, 1987. I was 7. you can't hold me to this)...I don't think I can take another rejection this year. in fact I know I can't take another rejection this year. so please. do we really want to watch Everton in the Champoins League next season? I mean, seriously now.

ok apart from football. I spent some time at Plantations as there was the event of Suha's b-day brunch. turned out well. people involved were, Joanna and Farah (from the dept), Martin, Fallon, and Mike (I think???-I know its some garden-variety caucasian name). at any rate, I think she turned 23. methinks b-day salutations are in order.
the rest of the day was made up of chores and errands....yes....even the evening.

more chores. some left over data entry. a run.

had a chat with my advisor about methodology....turns out I now have enough cases to proceed with analysis. WHOOT!!! spent the rest of the day cleaning up my data, and read up on ways to "address" missing entries, y' stuff ; )

wot else....had coffee with Meliss at which time she informed me of a physical altercation with a rather uncouth gentleman who also happened to be in her lecture. and because she got him bumrushed out of the establishment, she was very apprehensive about running into him considering she sits behind him. you see where this is this is where I come in. I was asked to accompany her to class to be her goon. the "muscle" if you will (doesn't that sound wierd?). most of you will attest to the fact that confrontations aren't exactly my you see how this is commical. anyway....aside from a few piercing glaces between the both of them, nothing happened. throughly anti-climatic....(I was looking forward to belittling him with my extensive vocabulary).

anyway, its her b-day today so again....salutations : )

right, gonna fumble with my numbers.

track of the day:
"wouldn't it be nice" the beach boys
again...courtosey of the shuffle button. though aptly appropriate for the upswing in temperature.


Friday, April 01, 2005 

not cool.

yowza....currently experiencing a rather delectable headache. y'know the kind that starts out in the front of your head, blisters past the sides and then runs down your neck? quite wonderlous this....amplifies the minute ticking of my watch into jackhammers which mercilessly pound my skull.

so apart from a few checks and balances, I'm more or less done with data entry and coding. thinking back, its taken exactly a month to complete said chore. not to get into details, but there's no room for sloppiness here. ummmm, and knowing me....very VERY tough challenge. but hey, its done. data processing will commence.

though there IS one unfortunate side effect of the "transfering of numbers" (esp when you have 251 variables) takes a toll on the most weather-beaten in point, 4 different individuals on 4 different occasions this week (one of whom, was the shwarma guy) :

1. you OK? you look tired.
2. man you look like crap.
3. think you need some sleep.
4. dude, bender last night?

so...before I begin investing in some Oil of Delay, methinks some rest is in order this weekend. maybe a haricut too...yes...a short, boring, no nonsense, to-the-point, bring home to mother, haircut might be in order. I'm sure subconsciously rocking the hairstyle of a dishevelled sewer rat does not exactly ameliorate outward "impressions".

right so....

track of the day (bless this shuffle button):
"still crazy after all these years" - Paul Simon (though I might prefer the WIllie Nelson rendition better)
*sniff* this brings a tear to my eye.