Tuesday, March 29, 2005 


right. uber quick post. in the middle of number crunching and if I don't take time out to do this now, god knows when something'll be up. (read: life is grand...)

ahh the weekend....some drinks, LOTS of TV....no work. no way will work be done. seriously, if I don't step back from it during the weekend,
1. the following week will be a write-off
2. my "snappiness" will cause a loss of friends and an alienation of people. lets just say, the starbucks guy across the street doesn't look me in the eye anymore. I fear I might be turning into my supervisor what with brutally honest comments running rampant when in an agitated mood. guess that's why we get on so well, crass comments don't particularly faze us. case in point:

*while updating him on the progress of my work*
chuck: you're really taunting god by wearing slippers on a day like this.
me: god and I haven't seen eye to eye since 1987.
chuck: me too.
me: its cold, I'm going in.
chuck: too fucking cold for you?
me: shut the fuck up

anyway, back to the weekend. friday consisted of a quiet few drinks with Ted at Red's until the "fashionistas" arrived. at least that's what he called Meliss, Steph, Phil and Lauren. I could sorta see his point as they were showing some level of disdain at the idea donning last season's Diesel. my father always said, "you put a monkey in Armani and its still a monkey". quite poignant I should say. guess some are more concerned with impression management than others. meh, to each his own...
at any rate, the evening got quite sloppy.

Ciara was down so some time was spent with her...and the Travers-Gillespies. lots of "chilling" was done. watched 2 world cup qualifiers at the Irish Club (which also coincidentally doubles as a private pub), and oodles of discovery channel and OLN programming over drinks.....like I said, lots of TV was watched. just didn't feel like venturing out I guess. though we (by we I mean her) did make a scene at Plantations over brunch the first day she was down. the service was absolutely rubbish and simultaneously rude so....lets just say, she spoke her mind. I can appreciate that in a person...atta girl ; )

wot else? apart from brunch with Duane on Sun....absolutely nothing.

anyway, I'm out. but before I leave, we've (a generative "we") managed to coerce another person into the business of blogging. everyone welcome STEPHEN KENNING! (a.k.a. Deuce) steve's a buddy from ye old frat days who's completing a stint at Ivey. he's from Van city, very intelligent, very funny, very sarcastic, likes F1 racing and when the light hits him from certain angles, looks like a muppet.

track of the day:
"drangonfly" - ziggy marley


Friday, March 25, 2005 

*squish squish*

me brain's kinda mushed. so many numbers. allow me to re-enact a scene from yesterday:

*sitting in the lab keying in data into the comp*

Jennie Mae walks in...
Jennie: hey Boon, what're you d......ooooooohh......
me: *grunt*

no pun intended, but I'm doing this "old school" ; )
bit of advice to prospecting thesis writers: USE AN EXISTING DATA SET(like normal people do-being "special" is highly overrated) coz manual data entry is just about as exciting as old people fucking - sloooow and sloppy.

the only bit of sunshine were the incessant lunch and coffee breaks with Meliss. ah...and speaking of whom, contrary to popular belief and wicked awesome rumours curtosey of some of the most obscure people, we're not a....how do I put this....a unit. right, now that its settled.....(somehow I don't think you fuckers really believe me)

another thing I've starkly realised is the fact that this whole 6 degrees of separation shindig doesn't really apply to me. try 2 degrees. through conversations with a few people this past week, pretty much everyone I know...and I mean EVERYONE is only separated by 2 degrees. and to think that I've successfully created these mutually exclusive social realms. its bloomin' astounding.

on that note...

pic of the day:
Rena sent this to me when she was in London, UK protesting the 2nd anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.
Rena in London

don't think I've ever seen my name in pink before.

track of the day:
"milk and cereal" - G. Love and Special Sauce


Sunday, March 20, 2005 


quick post again. feeling rather melancholy. I'll get into it further down.

1. had some brunch with D. y'know, more or less of the usual...geeking out to conversations about movies and fuzzy logic.

2. headed out to Chancy Smith's for a spot of dinner. hell of a time. we ate like kings and laughed like jesters. interesting tid bit....and due to no act of premeditation but total coincidence, all the girls happened to wear black while us guys all had pink shirts on. make of it what you want but WHAO, did we ever look like some wierd catalogue.

people involved: Jamie, Amanda, Sebastian (dude's from Columbia, nice guy, very cool cat. we'll prolly see more of him in the future), Liish, Pippa, Steph (or should I say now, "Stephalo the Buffalo").
things l learned: snails are tasty treats.

3. went to the Last Drop for a spot of live funk courtosey of "Dr. Fly". good music that.

people involved: Jamie, Amanda, Sebastian, Steph, Evan, Meliss, Drew (of W'Asian fame ; ) ) and "friend".
things I learned: done right, timing and sequence is everything. if not, one runs the risk of looking like an complete fool.

had brunch with Rob and Zim....guys from the "brotherhood" of Sigma Alpha Mu. Zim was visiting over the weekend, definitely good to catch up. its been years. apparently after his premature departure from UWO, he set out on some "vision quest" which comprised following Phish on tour for a week, going to Burning Man in Nevada, and living with some Francescan monks in San Diego. I thought it pretty narly.

as a function of Melissa's grandfather passing this week and reading a post on Barry's band's site aptly titled, "tribute to my Ah Kong", I got thinking about the passing of my own "Ah Kong" (and to a degree, my grandmother) today. got pretty bummed out for a bit. I miss those geezers and regret not being by their death bed when they passed. funny thing is, before I left for Canada, my dad in an attempt to disuade me said something to the effect of "you really shouldn't leave home because your grandparents are old and they might not have many years left". I don't have many regrets about schooling in Canada but that's definitely one. reason being, although at times, they weren't the best people and due to pride, their actions pertaining certain individuals weren't exactly nice (esp my Ah Kong), their intentions were always for the greater good and they were always really good to me. because they constantly tried to do what was best for the family, I'll always appreciate them.

of all the things to get down on in my stage of the game, nothing compares to the infinite sadness I feel whenever I think of them. call it a weakness, but does it ever place things into perspective.

anyway....I'm off. got lots of work tomorrow.

track of the day:
"Astair" -Matt Costa


Saturday, March 19, 2005 

people like you are the reason why people like me need medication

these next few things I need as much as an infected scrotum.

1. sittting next to someone on public transit who finds it absolutely necessary to carry on an extended and LOUD conversation on a cell phone.

don't get me wrong, for environmental reasons, I'm a huge proponent of public transit....though just as not spitting in public is good form, methinks phone ettiquette should also be practiced. also related are those who "need" to be in touch so badly that they have these "hands free" sets that they fumble over and while dropping everything in a manic rush whenever the phone rings. apart from a select few who deal with life and death situations, NOBODY is that important. so the next time you nearly strangle yourself whilst answering the phone, order some burritos for me you pretentious fuck.

that's the nice way of putting things. here's the other way:


2. white people wearing moccassins....of the big and furry variety. espeically the one's with real animal pelts/fur.
look, I've got nothing against fads. most of us are young, most of us are impressionable, and by default, it makes most of us consumer whores. though I find two striking ironys with big and furry mocassins.
firstly, I recall a time when the Indian Act was passed and along with it were also oh I dunno...."unsavoury" attitudes towards anything native american. IN FACT, there were entire school systems devised to wipe out native culture and make everything nice and white and lame. so now decadess later, you're willing to discard your "beliefs" for social desirability? how mind-numbingly complex you are.

secondly, don't you have a problem wearing something that so closely resembles the carcass of two gophers as loafers? I have no problems with leather, but when it looks as if you've simply sliced open two woodland animals and inserted your feet into their colons....it becomes a tad bit problematic. what's next, making coats out of pigmy folk from Papua New Guinea? (ok so this isn't ironic....but you get the drift)

that's the nice way of putting things. here's the other way:


*and exhale*

back to your scheduled programming....

I'm still entering data. its a slow and arduous process that I'm sure will induce blindness in yours truly. has to be done though. wish there was some way I could get my hands on one of those nifty research assistants.
apart from that, I've just been having the odd pint with Ted and/or Brock. speaking of Brock, him and Chistine are expecting another child! congratulations man : )

watched 2 films last night: The Incredibles and The Station Agent. I rented the first one just to see what the fuss was all about. must say, I was pleasantly surprised....as I'm not really one for animated movies. it was quite enjoyable in a "fun" movie sorta way.
as for the station agent, I was just curious about how one could make a movie about a dwarf, a cuban, and a mentally unstable artist that revolves around an abandoned train depot in small-town New Jersey. what a find! I was duely impressed. great characters. a must see in my books.

right....time for dim sum.

track of the day:
"Gone" -Jack Jonhson
this song relates to today's rants.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

on speech impediments and duck walking

ah...its been awhile since we've had one of these: RANTS.

first and foremost, the problem with linguistic mastery among our youth and young adults.

I almost murdered someone in the elevator today with a blunt plastic knife meant for spreading jam on a tea biscuit. this is why sentences such as the following HAVE to stop.

"like, you know like, when I was like, fifteen years old my dad like, totally like, ....."


its bad enough you sods can't write worth a fuck, now this?! it sickens me to no end to know that they're going to give you lousy bunch degrees.

secondly, walking with ones feet spread open in a 45 degree angle.

OK I realise that some of you may not be able to remedy this due to genetics....hence, I'll refrain from blowing a gasket. lets just say its a pet peeve. I liken it to eating with one's mouth open. its unsightly, plain and simple.
hmmm, but wait a minute, most of you have functioning muscles attached to your bones....so, please don't make clown-walking a fad. I beg of you.

*and exhale*

track of the day:
"sunshine" - G. Love & Special Sauce
this song puts a bounce to your step (in less than a 45 degree angle)


Monday, March 14, 2005 

"its like shooting Shirley Temple in the head. nobody wants to see that"

this is going to be a QUICK update. I'm just going to highlight the social functions as the rest of the time was spent coding and data entry. as an aside, I've never seen my prof as excited as he was when explaining the dynamics of data entry : )

ran some errands....had some dinner with Dennis and Myra. we spoke "Singaporean', it was cool.

went to the Stars show at the Office. pretty good show. based out of Montreal, their sound is best described as melodic synthesized pop. kinda like choir music with beats.
it was sold out so the event was a tad bit crowded. wasn't even planning to go but apparently we were on some sort of guest list.

pre/post show festivities were had. you know how it goes....

good evening all in all.

people involved: Tom, Oreile, Jamie, Amanda, Steph, Meliss, Pippa, Evan, Nathan (?)
things I learned: loaning out your cell phone is NEVER a good idea. I'm utterly lost without it. sometimes being a nice guy has its downfalls.

1. Jennie's b-day proceedings at the Grad Club.
2. subsequent dinner at the Keg.

too much alcohol went around. very exhausting....I "escaped" after dinner. had a date with my pillow.

people involved at event 1: profs and grad students of all shapes and sizes
people involved at event 2: Alain, Anna, Cenk, Rob
things I learned: Jennie is LOUD when she drinks. people want "fun Boon" back....they say the thesis has stolen my soul. I say "aye....its among one of the many things that've stolen my soul" ; )

Duane's play. well, its the play Duane was in...." KiKi's Room". it was a pretty edgy psychological thriller. a lot of twists, a lot of turns, a lot of stabbing.

thoroughly enjoyable.

people involved: just me.
things I learned: I don't like it when women shriek. it makes me VERY uncomfortable.

cleaned. had mexican for dinner. and no....we weren't at Taco Bell. although........

people involved: Meliss, Evan, Steph, Liish, Lee, Nathan(?), Virginia(?)
things I learned: picking on Steph is always fun. Jewish jokes may not always be kosher.

and the rest is history.....

track of the day:
"time can never kill the true heart" -Stars


(?) these people I hardly know hence I might've gotten their names wrong

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 

not sure what's worse, frostbite or leprosy.


sick and tired. quite literally. caught this chill from the past two "amazingly georgous" days.
and don't think I'm going to bore you with the day's proceedings. let's just say it was LONG and arduous.

as a result, no post today. must conserve energy in the search for vitamins and soup.

boon "sniffles" keong

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 

I do my own stunts?

this promises to be a rather short post. got some tax-related errands out of the way, spent some time in uni, chatted with my secondary advisor (or as I like to call him, "Jimbo") about data entry and coding techniques, squashed me some balls (I promise never to use those words in that sequence again), and watched some football. as fierce as my hate is for Murinho, I always prefer it when and English side beats any Italian/Spanish/Portugese/Greek/Turkish side - hmmm, see a pattern here? call it a stylistic preference....the Brits play with balls, and the rest are just....well, woefully balls. I recall watching a European Cup qualifying match in the pub with Dave (rest his soul) and Ciara a good while ago where England played Turkey. lets just say Caglar and his "mates" weren't exactly welcomed with open arms at our table. in fact I believe the words "f'ing barbarians" were hurled across the room in their direction. sorry dude, I tend to be kinda partisan when it comes to football. plus, I thought you were a bit of a dick back then ; )

hey man, sometimes you just have to represent your colonial masters (especially when your own national team is utter rubbish *sob*). fortunately in Malaysia/Singapore, they weren't such colossal bastards as they were in say.....oh I dunno, South Africa?

ah...speaking of home. curtosey of Pat's Sanitarium here's a pic of "platypus" and "nipple" indulging in some fine dining. Pat, do you own any normal t-shirts? Al...ummm, someone over there just please give him a hug?


hmmm, guess she doesn't have to be at the mosque for friday prayer.

alright....that's enough for now. I hunger.

track of the day:
"Orange Sky" Alexi Murdoch
I think this cat's an original. most of you know this as the Honda Element song in which a couple of hikers gradually plastered the back of their vehicle with stickers. I enjoy this fellow's folky sound. makes me smile.


p.s. oh the hippie in me says "hey gumball, don't forget its international women's day".

Monday, March 07, 2005 

"this is the self preservation society"

Syok Habis!!
finished scoring moral types. well...the ones I have right now anyway. think that deserves a pat on the back : )

the weekend turned out well considering I had zero plans to begin with aside from some major spring cleaning (err...I'm still waiting for a Hazmat team to come in for the kitchen. not that I malas, its just that toxic in there). as mention previously, Friday eve comprised some chilling out with Ted-horto at Reds.

got this call from Steph and co. (Meliss, and the guys from Source) to hang out on Sat. figured, why the hell not? it beats staying in. turned out well....apart from some minor kerfuffles regarding some idiots who clearly had too much testostorone for their own good. I dunno why men feel it necessary to conduct themselves in such a manner. methinks it might boil down to their insecurities regarding the size of their pricks. if my memory serves me well, George Carlin calls it "dick fear". at any rate, it was the first time in a long time I'd been able to fully let go and just have a good time. very refreshing.

hari ahad. well, it was your typical sunday I guess. napped a lot. and by a lot I mean thrice. watched the 1969 version of "the Italian Job" with Michael Cane. if you've not watched it, try to rent it. its all sorts of funny. its almost as if Cane just juxtoposed his character in Alfie for this flick. 4 words "getta bloomin' move on!" hilarious.
grabbed some sushi with Liish for dinner. learned of some juicy gossip pertaining to a few mutuals. as much of a teenage girl this makes me, I DO anjoy a good piece of gossip : )

until we meet again.

track of the day:
"periscopes" the beautiful girls
these "girls" are a bunch of Aussies who perform a good blend of blues, reggae and hip-hop. "periscopes" just so happens to be a song about a beautiful girl.


p.s. three cheers to Bosh for that spirit-lifting email. you rock.

Saturday, March 05, 2005 

clarification on archaic nicknames

before there's a duel which results in elbow and earlobe wounds from misfired Colts....

Albert Lim Tze Hao - "the nipple"

Patrick Wei Min Pincon - "the platypus"

Tng Boon Keong - "the omelette"


not much happened this past friday. regular school day...I'm almost done with the moral judgement interviews. then its time for some number crunching. got bored at home later in the evening and was gradually scheming a plot that might land me a restraining order from Kiera Knightly...so I decided to give Ted a call and we had some drinks at Reds. solid time that.

as for today...chilled out at Double Down over b-fast and coffee for a bit. and now, I clean.

track of the day:
"run, baby, run" Sheryl Crow
its a song of escaping to a place where you're not known to start afresh. the organs in the background add a great fullness to the track.


Thursday, March 03, 2005 

late night musings

writing writing writing writing something something something to to to to to to bridge bridge bridge bridge the the the the span span span span span span of of of of time time time time time time time time between these POINTLESS IDENTICAL DAYS.

imagine if I had started working straight out of undergrad. I'd be writing a very different post. ahh life, you fiendish foe of a scoundrel. or maybe it'll just be a different form of said pointless identical days. sounds like I might just have a bad attitude about the state of affairs. two cliches come to mind at this juncture:

instead of .....
i) hmmm, the grass is greener on the other side

what I should be embracing.....
ii) if you don't like something, change it. if you can't change it, change your attitude. don't complain.

guess we're destined to most want the things we don't have. methinks the key is to change my perception of things that're beyond my control, not to find fault with it. logically speaking, the later does seem counterintuitive. man I hope this will pass. I was once told that a good test of one's memory was to try to remember exactly what you were worrying about a year ago today.

maybe I should heed those words instead of substituting advice for corroboration hmmm?

nuff of this.




whoa....these things are zipping by today. at this rate I'm going to have to go home and grab some more. good progress man, good progress. this makes me hyperventilate less. or at least hyperventilate only coz I've had 3 javas in the span of 2 hours ; )

had this splitting headache last night after getting back from uni. one of those "hurts when you think" headaches. prolly from the high sodium content in my dinner. so bad that a tiny voice was whispering "maybe its a tumour, y'know my dad had headaches and it turned out to be a tumour", in the fashion of that kid in Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Kindergarten Cop". at any rate...decided to take a walk in the middle of the night. helped a bit, but not much.

upon returning home, got this phonecall from Meliss saying that she'll be by with a few people in a bit to pick me up. it then dawned on me, I had expressed a certain degree of interest in the prospect of hanging out. COMPLETELY slipped my mind *filled with embarrassment*

meliss: so you still comming?
me: ahhh.....
meliss: oh...
me: *sensing a certain degree of disapointment* ....yyah I'll come out for a bit.

(read: you can guilt me into ANYTHING)

meliss: cool, though I must warn you...some of these people are very juvenile (key)
me: *sensing its too late to back out* no problem. (how bad could it be? its still a uni crowd.)

I'm raising several critical questions concerning the mentality of the group. feeling headache comming back as the bar was jammed.
one of her friends approaches me and strikes up a conversation.

carla: figure I'd stand over here. so what do you do?
me: I'm a masters student at the university.
carla: wow, that's so impressive.
me: *confused with the reaction* err, not really. trust me. and yourself? what are you taking at Western?
carla: oh...I'm only 18. I'm still in high school.
me: aaahhhhh...*smiles and nods*

turning to meliss...

me: I'm gonna go now.
meliss: I knew it.
me: yyah.

total time spent in venue: 30 min.

to top it off, the headache was back in full force when I got home. I mean, I'm generally a very laid back/laxadaisical character when it comes to social functions and I'm not one to say "never again" but this simply came too close to anally raping my comfort barrier.

right. back to work.

track of the day:

"call me papa" Donavon Frankenreiter
great great acoustic track about being a new father. the lyrics in the chorus initially sounds like he's referring to a woman much like "bling" artists do then he ends it with " but don't forget your momma's my baby too". awesome (yeap...definitely turning into a "softie" in my old age). also dig the fact that he's still a free sufer (re: not needing to compete to maintain his sponsorship)with Billabong.

boon out

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

all sorts of wrong

I found this to be bloody disturbing. its a Bell Canada ad promoting the "capabilities" of ther internet service. imagine how ridiculous this would look if it were an anatomic picture of a male with his groin cut out in a similar fashion.


women should not be ashamed of their "body parts"

that's my public service anoucement of the day.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005 

hide your pets....again.

its been a shyte day. I know I know, I may have inadvertantly told some of you that things are cool. so I said that to be left alone. don't tell me you don't do the same thing.

fuck, hate how the smallest thing sets me off. got "set off" pretty early today too. I rescinded on a well-rationalised, well thoughtout promise to myself this morning and I've been slapping my forehead ever since. its like I was too preoccupied with the bright shiny things in the distance while falling into a pit of jagged rocks laced with shards of glass that I KNOW are there. ugh, the brain is there for a reason Boon....its not just meant to look all pretty like clump of udon noodles.

I'm one glum, moody character. its a wonder why people stay around me. methinks they truly find solace in other people's plight in a "hey look, your crap being worse off than mine makes mine less bad. oh...err...yah...that sucks" sort of way. man I need new friends. don't worry, I'll keep some of you ; )

anyway, finished what I had to do in school, swung by the mall to pick up the new Jack Johnson album, came home and trudged on with some more orange envelopes.
this album is brilliant. lyrically, its classic jack...but musically speaking, its more diverse and and attained a sublime level of maturity. not saying that his previous stuff is raw and juvenile....just that this one is that much better.


that aside, it literally turned my frown upside down. you just can't stay mad when Jack's on the stereo. nossir.

boon out.

track or album of the day: "In Between Dreams" -Jack Johnson (seriously, it makes flowers grow out of poo)