Sunday, January 30, 2005 

there it is folks, I've actually managed to sabotage my own happiness

notice the previous post has been removed. felt like the right thing to do (for once). long story short because of that comment, on that faithful day, I've been "binned", "sacked", or of course the nice way to put it, "requested to give some time". I feel god awful. almost wish that there was some other reason apart from masochistic self destruction, and in the process hurting a lovely person. who, really now, retrospectively speaking, I don't think I ever deserved.

but y'know, I'm a big boy, and like they say, have no choice but to "face the music". you live and learn. k well, enough with the cliches.

so bit of advice, never take a good thing for granted....whatever the case maybe.

ok...gonna stew some more. a new week is dawning ... life goes on. and ugh, so does the thesis.


Monday, January 24, 2005 


mood: sombre
listening to: St. Patrick's Day- John Mayer

apologise for the lack of posting....just wasn't in right mood. this whole bloggin business is very much contigent upon one's state of mind. so what sort of state of mind have I been in you may ask?

I don't particularly know....but I can tell you this much, it has felt very surreal. not situationally nor circumstantially, but just feels like a certain numbness has overcome my ability to experience highs and lows. coasting if you will. kinda like being on anti-depressants. (well, I can only speculate what being on anti-depressants would feel like as I've not partaken in such an endeavour....yet)

moving on.

lets get the obvious "happenings" out of the way.

"Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan
caught this play early last week with Leyuze. figured it was high time I go watch something Duane does in his spare time with the London Musical Theater. it turned out to be quite enjoyable....tis a story of (albeit exagerrated) stupidity that the characters get entangled in pursuit of love. think Bill Shakespear's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" minus the magic, the forest, a donkey-headed dimwit, and faries named "mustardseed". all in all a good laugh. I miss the theater.

prolly saw Sarah for the last time (ever)
she's in the process of moving home to Barrie due to an extenuating series of unfortunate events. pitiful...I'm quite sympathetic towards the whole thing. comming from me who's been absolutely jaded with her BS, that should strike a chord. won't get into circumstantial details as its not my prerogative to broadcast such things though I'll say this much, dinner was nostaligically comfortable, yet disturbingly irksome. at any rate, I sincerely hope things pan out well for her.

the weekend
partook in a myriad of things with Leyuze. I shant bore you with the proceedings, I hope you understand ; ) but check this out, made some sushi....both regular and "experimental" (seared scallops and get this, smoked turkey-excuse the coincidental pun). a note on making sushi: it takes forever to make what with all the prep work. subsequently, by the time you're ready to eat, good chance you'll be stuffed from "snacking" on the ingredients along the way.
I also picked up a pair of sweetass white Lacoste loafers. pimpin : )
as an aside, I'm quite liking this gig with Leyuze. really don't have anything negative to say about it....and I AM a terrible cynic. she quite rocks.

the thesis
painful. its taking my life hostage. so much time has been spent on it but yet relatively speaking, so little has been accomplished. its prolly the most thankless endeavour I've ever undertaken. I am so past burnout, you have no idea. really at a lost...been scrambling to get my data collected but I feel that all avenues have been exhausted. must....trudge...on. I've gone too far to quit, plus despite all this, I'm still quite interested in the subject matter and curious to see how all this is going to end up....results wise. furthermore, being branded a failure and getting pelted with rotten produce is really no option. so to recap: feel like a hostage? check. feel trapped? check. still curious? check. *silent scream*

on depressing days (part of an article, scroll down if not interested)
"LONDON - Is the midwinter weather wearing you down? Are you sinking in debt after the holidays? Angry with yourself for already breaking your New Year's resolutions? Wish you could crawl back under the covers and not have to face another day of rain, sleet, snow and paperwork? Probably. After all, it's Jan. 24, the “most depressing day of the year,” according to a U.K. psychologist.

Dr. Cliff Arnall's calculations show that misery peaks Monday.

Arnall, who specializes in seasonal disorders at the University of Cardiff, Wales, created a formula that takes into account numerous feelings to devise peoples' lowest point.

The model is: [W + (D-d)] x TQ
                          M x NA

The equation is broken down into seven variables: (W) weather, (D) debt, (d) monthly salary, (T) time since Christmas, (Q) time since failed quit attempt, (M) low motivational levels and (NA) the need to take action."

so today's the most depressing day of the year(at least alledgedly) huh? figures.

that's enough for today. kinda late, kinda, sleepy, kinda long day. think I'll indulge in some "Rise of Nations"(sooo goood) before I go to bed.



Monday, January 17, 2005 

"I want a sac of pus"

its 5pm. don't feel like doing anymore work. *looks sideways while fishing for an excuse* err....becoz its snowing. yes I know its Canada.....yes I know its January. hey so believable excuses aren't my forte....bite me.

the weekend was aiight. highlights include:

-quick dinner at the Keg before going to Jeff Barber's pre wedding fund raiser where this conversation occurred:

me: so your dad calls you tombulkush as a term of endearment? what's that?

leyuze: *sigh* the meaning is lost when you translate it.

me: try me.

leyuze: doesn't make sense.

me: c'mmoonnnn...

Leyuze: fatty-bird.

me: *befuddled by the mental picture of a fatty-bird. a turkey comes to mind (wwaaait-a-minute)* hmmm....

leyuze: *listless* I told you so.


me: moving on....

so Jeff's buck-and-doe was alright. the group consisted of Liish, Steph, Kev, Meliss, Phil, Emma and Emil, Drew, Pippa, Leyuze and myself. had a good time though the oddest thing happened. it turned out that Emil, Drew and myself were wearing variations of the same outfit. fitted blazer with the lapels flipped up, t-shirt, a scarf (well, emil had a skinny tie circa 1983), jeans, and chuck taylors. so it was decided....that was the band (emil's been pushing to start an 80's asian band). we were to be called "W-Asian-Invasion" (Emil is eurasion, Drew's a whitey, and I'm well....y'know) so with Emil in the middle....there's ... err... somewhat of a coloured-based "progression". and apparently our first single is going to be called "banana republic".....(notice how decisions are being made for me here)

went to Leyuze's friend's b-day shindig after. wasn't too bad. hardly knew anyone there so not much I can write about.

watched a video.


not much during the day....tried to do some reading but too tired. just clean up the pad and napped. went over to Leyuze's for dinner, watched some videos, s'all....nothing too exciting.


tried to go to the auto show in Detroit with Brock and Greg but the idiot that I am forgot to bring my visa *slaps forehead*. so they dropped me off at Mule's in Sarnia. so yah, just had some beer, ate some wings, watched some american football. oh and there was also this other incident involving Christine (Brock's wife) and a blown tire along the highway. fun.

tiring day.

so here's another comical installment of Pat and Al's excellent adventures.

Al was recently admitted to Pantai Hospital for a throat infection. again, the oddity that are the people I know (the full series of dialogues can be located on his site). and the sad thing is that we're in our mid twenties.

- Doctor: "Oh, it can't be THAT bad. Here, sit down and say 'ah' and let me take a look at your throat."
Al: "aaaaahhh."
Doctor: "...Nurse, cancel my 3 o' clock."

- Al: "Wait, the door to this room has no lock! I guess it's a good thing I don't feel like masturbating."

- Pat: "The door to this room has no lock! How do you masturbate in this place?"

- Al: "So anyway, the doctor was saying that if the infection spreads, I'll end up with like a sac of pus near my spine."
Pat: "That's cool!"
Al: "Yeah, and I could learn to spit it out like one of those lizards in Jurassic Park, that's fucking awesome! 'What do you MEAN, I'm fired?!? *hissssssss*... nooOOOOOooo!!'"
Pat: "I want a sac of pus..."

boon out.

Friday, January 14, 2005 

soo lethargic

going to take a nap soon. batteries low....running on empty.

and the odd thing is I have no idea why.

couple of things then I'm shut'n'er'down:

Caglar's gawn....fer good (what is up with the country-western motif??). its noticably wierd not to have him around....especially considering that he lived not 20 paces behind my place. and that we all expected him not to jump ship on his doctoral program.

something tells me he wasn't destined to be a History professor ; )

at any rate....all the best my brother, cool to have met you and I might see you in Istanbul : ) (or wherever in Europe you end up) here's some pics of the day before he left.

Caglar and the Ladies
Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

Caglar and I
Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

Leyuze and I
Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

cenk and caglar
Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

gathered news about this kerfuffle concerning my uncle bah ti and siew fong. not going to get into it coz of the magnitude of the drama but all I'm going to say is "WHOA". good riddance to bad rubbish. hell is FULL of people like her I'm sure. for now.


Monday, January 10, 2005 

supplemental: coz it hit home

been reading Pat's latest post. hilarious.

there was this bit about bipolar disorder with descriptions and symptomology *scratches head wondering if that's actually a word*.

something tells me I'm on the fast track to bipolar-ville. shit along with OCD, all I need now is schizophrenia and I'll have the whole set.

check it out (

and then there was this:

[Friday: I can only recall meeting up with Gib, Ken, Al, Leonard, Felicia and Chen Hoe for mamak at Agros, followed by coffee at Coffee Bean (where i bumped into Nurul *waves*), LAN gaming at VA, and more mamak. Points of note: I roxxor at Unreal, and Felicia mentioned that she might try setting me up with her friend Melissa... Cue conversation with Al:

Pat: "I don't trust Felicia's biased opinions of her friends, lay it to me straight buddy - what do you think of this Mel-Eesaa?"

Al: "I think she's too good for you."

Pat: "Sign me up!!!"]

how many times has THIS happened?! gaming, mamak, and brutally honest friends. ahh...home.... *sigh*

pat, al, "word" : )



time said, "it don't matter"

I'll get the obvious out of the way....the weekend. then to the gripe session.


(carrying on from the previous post)I met up with L in uni and went gallavanting for a bit. *muffled grumbles* gift shopping is an arduous endeavour. an hour and a half later, we were still empty-handed. so we said "fuck it"(task to be continued on a later date) and went for dinner at Garlics.

we reconveaned with Caglar and Esra thereafter at my pad and then to the Alex P. everyone seemed to be in good enough spirits. though Caglar's incescent snapping of photographs was gradually giving me a twitch what with all the flashing.

fade to black.


the hours of daylight brought with it breakfast, lounging, lunch, lounging, movie, lounging with L. finally watched cold mountain. its really not that bad of a flick. I bought the book a few years back for a plane ride but only got through half of it and so twas nice to see how the story panned out. if at all you're interested in a story about love lost set within a historical docudramatic mish-mash of back-country/hicksville carnage, well then, you'll prolly like it.

some people came over at night for Caglar's farewell shindig. in other words, it was Daryl, myself, and the Caglar, Leyuze, Cenk and Tulay. long story short, chilled out for a bit, went to the Pheonix, D and me walked out. something about "feeling like a camel in the artic". in addition, didn't really want to stay and pull a long face all night.

fade to black.


breakfast with D. cleaned. chilled out at the store. napped.

went for dinner with Liish, Kev, Steph, Meliss, Lee, and Kordel(sp?). conincidently at Garlics again. between Lee's freckles, Liish's clip-on earings, Meliss's handwriting, the jays, "systems", and other things....had a HOOT of a time. must be something about good chemistry/group dynamic. either that or we're just that cool ; )

note: next time you're there, get the belgian frites. they're essentially french fries but belgian and WOW.

fade to black.

I know I promised a gripe session earlier on BUT....I'm really not that agitated anymore. prolly has something to do with Donavon Frankenreiter in the background. don't worry, this good mood can't last. at any rate, I'm way past due for a mental breakdown.

k. coffee. work.


Friday, January 07, 2005 


gonna be a relatively short post.....will promise to write more introspectively or at least just plain more next time. reason? well, no main reason....just listening to Warren Zevon's "Mohammed's Radio" among other things and feel like writing while mellowing out. its the end of the day. pretty productive day at that I should say.

couple of things have happened since my last post.

-held a new year's eve suare at casa del Boon. dignitaries at hand were Liish, Stephie, Meliss, Darcie, Kev, Emma, and Duane. small affair but who says you need a crowd have a blast? thanks to all who came bearing food and drinks. though I wish small pox and rabies upon the goof who spilt sangria in my fridge. regardless....twas a night to remember....for more reasons than one ; )

-Leyuze's back from her adventures in the wilds of Turkey.....otherwise known as "home". which means well....y'know, yet another facet of good : )

-regimented exercise program back on track. 3 sessions with trainer and 1 yoga per week. which is good coz I think my ass grew roots from sitting on my sofa for extended periods of time.think I watched the entire first season of "dog the bounty hunter"....which btw, left a warm fuzzy feeling. tis good....feel better, not so lethargic, but also coz of a spiked metabolsim, I'm hungry all the time....which true to certain obsessive compulsive idiosyncracies, lead to bouts to overeating. case in point, a $10 wrap from "pita pit" for breakfast yesterday. *narf*

-my brother's back from San Fran. apparently very cool there. what with wicked good restraunts, shopping and proximity to California wine country.

-my uncle bah ti is finally divorcing his wife. gah....that Siew Fong is a wretched woman. though there's this juicy story about her that no one is telling me!! I need the gossip. feed me the gossip!

FINALLY - big ass wave. please aid in whatever capacity possible. to some of you conservative, right-wing and/or shylocks, at least fucking buy a blue ribbon.