Friday, December 31, 2004 

so long 2004

the next one will be very different.


Sunday, December 26, 2004 

now that's what I call christmas

not much to report since the last post. had a thesis meeting the day of blasted snow storm. with my luck I had forgotten something and had to go back to retreive it. talk about literally trudging through the thesis. ummm, met up with Cory, hadn't seen the boy in a year.....good times were had by all. Sarah's having "difficulties" with, again. seems to be coping well enough. fraternized with Brad and Kat over music DVDs and witty banter, good fun that. what else...oh of course, Leyuze left for the holidays *sniff*

spent the past 2 and a half days at Duane's parental's. did nothing but x-box, movies, and the occasional irritant that was food and presents ; ) oh yah, we didn't shower nor change clothes the entire time. grand old time I say. I don't think I can recall the last time I was this caught up in, err... digital entertainment. well, there WAS the "Civilizations 2" fiasco of 1996. oh...and the "Championship Manager" incident of 1995. ok....and the "Street Fighter(regular)" addiction of 1992. so I have a problem....hey no one bugs you about your [fill in the blank] problem. since I switched to mac(and found no use for my feeble PS1), I've been able to curb this affliction, but the x-box (crystal edition I might add) has brought back the shakes.

as I'm uber sleepy and effectively incoherent, I'm going to jot down the rest of the post in point-form.

day 1:

-duane picks me up. we go to blockbuster to rent "King Arthur", "Napoleon Dynamite", "Manchurian Candidate", and "Halo-fucking-2".
-last minute shopping ensues
-christmas eve dinner: sushi(yesss.....). turns out the only deformed ones on the table were made by me. the only ones that nobody would touch. but one caveat, his sister only eats the veg ones.
-rest of the night was a blur of movies and control pads (I will pistol whip anyone who calls it a "joystick". plus "joystick" sounds all sorts of wrong).

day 2:

-Halo 2
-Halo 2
-Halo 2
-turkey dinner....mmmm, gravy.
-presents: this was pretty cool actually. I wasn't expecting anything but I got some stuff. mostly food related (hmm, what gives?) pretty sweet though, got this hamper of Indian spices and ready to cook packages. got some beer (again, what gives?) and this is my favourite one....I like to call it "the brutha's gett'n fresh kit". everything was either black or dark brown, and had names like "black suede" and "i'mperfect". god bless Avon : ) so if I didn't know better, the Jacques' think that I don't eat well, have a thing for beer from big bottles, and smell. *whitsles innocently* hey, not stuff is ALWAYS tops in my books.
-Halo 2

day 3:


all in x-mas yet(no pun intended). oh....must also thank Kat for the industrial strength wine glasses. danke.

not bad for someone who doesn't celebrate the event.

nap time.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004 

hmm, nothing to talk about. really, nothing. what I'm I doing here anyway?

I'll be back some other time when I've got something to say.

1 word: hmmm, I can't even think of that.


Monday, December 20, 2004 

going through life supporting an underachieving team

For people who know me'd know that one of my greatest passions is Liverpool Football Club. The last time LFC won the league was in 1990. that's a long friggin time without some serious bragging rights man. I mean, there has been glimmers of brilliance with a few cup wins here and there but really nothing major for 15 years. its painful. I lose sleep over it. this season is going pretty well and we're still in contention for silverware in all fronts. I'm almost happy. ALMOST. at any rate, courtesy of Jason's an interesting analogy (is it wierd that this makes me chuckle? and that I find some congruence with the subject matter?):

"It's like dating a girl who you really like: a girl who's hot, likes to booze, and most importantly, laughs at all your jokes and has great boobs. Though still in its incipient stages, the relationship is going great, and then bam - she makes out with someone else. You're hurt, but she was really drunk and only kissed him at a bar, so you forgive her and move on.

And so you keep dating and get more serious. You meet her parents, she meets yours, and things get pretty intense. Also, she is an awesome lay and lets you do pretty much whatever you want to her. You start to think that you love her. And then bam - she goes and gets trashed and gives some dude a handjob. You're crushed, but you really care about her, and she apologizes profusely and begs for forgiveness, so you stick with her.

And things go great again - you take a vacation to the Caribbean together, start saying "I love you", and the sex is still awesome. You celebrate a milestone anniversary and think that she may be the one. But then, disaster. One night she sleeps with some random guy, but she thinks someone slipped her something and she doesn't remember much. Your world is totally destroyed, and you break it off with her. That's it. It's over.

But she still calls every day and begs you to take her back, telling you that she loves you, that she's never felt this way before. She starts changing. She stops boozing. She stops hanging around with that whore Stacy who offered to masturbate in front of you for $8. She tells you that she's changing for the better for you. Though you've spoken to her almost every day, you haven't seen her in two months. Finally, you meet her for some coffee, and see that she went and got gigantic fake boobs and she's been working out. She cries, and asks for forgiveness. You give in and take her back.

And again, things are great. Even better than before. You are sure she's the one. You're starting a ring fund. This is how love is supposed to work.

Then one night she tells you that she's going to a party and her ex will be there. She says she's over him, but you know that she was madly in love with him, and she has a history of cheating on you. She goes to the party, and you wait by the phone, desperately hoping she'll call and tell you she's safe at home, alone.

That's where the [insert team] are with me. I'm saving for the ring, and they're at the party with the ex. I love them and I'm pretty sure I trust them, but if they fuck me over, I'm going to snap.

So please, for the love of god, don't fuck me on this. Because I will use that ring fund money on cocaine which not go up my nose, but rather in a massive hole in my chest that I have created with a butterknife. I am not a strong man, and can not handle adversity well. Pretty please."



Sunday, December 19, 2004 

if hell was cold.....

I've just returned from Cafe One as the ancient ritual of "dinner" needed to be performed. as dinning was to be a forlorn (well, minus the sentiment of dejection) endeavour this eve, I took it upon myself to acquire some company in the form of a copy of "Men's Journal". twas me first experience with this particular mag....all I can say is, if you're searching for smut, explore elsewhere. this one's purely for the articles (and not in the "I read playboy for the articles" sorta fashion). at any rate, good read, will prolly get it again.....take a gander if thou feels the urge to.

one thing was very apparent today. its flipp'n cold. in fact, if you look close enough, you could prolly see your breath condense and subsequently turn to mini ice pellets in a matter of moments. but....running the risk of sounding like a pathetic whino of a nincumpoop, I shall stop. plus no more need to state the obvious. Canada(except Vancouver and especially Moosejaw)=shyte weather.

hmm, so to reiterate, pretty solitary day. and not a bad one at that. especially considering what the weekend was like.

fri: spent some time at uni. went over to Leyuze's to read as the lab was getting kinda drab. furthermore, she had all sorts of studying to do as an impending exam was in full effect merely hours away. later on, Leyuze, Brock and Caglar came by. tried to watch the 80's cult classic "Repo Man" as the initial plan was to have some sort of "movie night". I say "tried", coz the movie was too wierd for some (ahem, no names ; ) ) and that, honestly, why have people over just to stay quiet and stare at a screen. oh before I forget, cheers to Brock from bringing beer. dude was a tad bit overdressed as he was at some swanky christmas party held by one of his clients....but hey, no one's judging ; ) ANYway...stories were told, laughs were had, errr, and "advice" was given. the lot of us headed over to the Alex P. for some music and damn, I'm glad we went. there was this Toronto-based guy from Iceland, Lindy ( who was playing a psuedo-acoutic(accompaied by a bassist) set who totally blew my mind. what he was doing at the Alex was beyond me. wicked.

sat: people-watched at the Starbucks(and subsequently Cafe One) across the road with L. came back, watched footy, read, napped. went over to L's for a spot of dinner with Caglar and Esra. thanks dearie. we decided to head to the jazz bar to chill out for a bit but enroute, gathered that Daryl was at Kool's and so we decided to pop by to say "hey". good to see the old boy again. closed out the night with pizza and Turkish TV (drama and sitcom). must admit, there has been quite a bit of Turkish content in my life of late. but hey, who's complaining? ; )

sun: read above.

the week ahead: umm, same thesis related stuff. have a meeting with my advisor midweek. L's leaving for home for 10 days (god/allah/buddha bless airmiles huh?).....good chance she'll be missed along with a smidgeon of envy from your's truly (stuck in stoopid london for stoopid break). hmm, wish I was going home for 10 days. blarg, at least I can properly pronounce words with "V" in them ; ) but who am I to complain, my entire stay in Canada could be contrued as a "break".

prolly gonna get together with Kat sometime this week as well. haven't really spent much time with her much at all this past year. truth be told, its been mostly my fault for not getting in touch....BUT we won't get into that just yet.

k...I've run out of things to say.


Thursday, December 16, 2004 

one year ago today

its 4am. decided to take a nap at 8:30pm. bad idea. moving on....I just realised. its been over a year since I began this site. therefore, as a trip down memory lane and an homage to Pat's enduring laziness, I'm going to post the very first entry.

"Thursday, December 11, 2003

So welcome all to my very first blog posting. A few things have instigated this airring of my psychological laundry.
(In no specific order)
Jet-lag: I've been home (the tropical one) for about four days now and with the 13 hour time difference, I find myself going to bed when I usually have my afternoon nap, and getting up around the time I usually come stumbling back from the bar. This leaves me in somewhat of a predicament. I could turn on the tube and swtich between B-movies (its not exactly prime time), MTV Asia (which is no different from MTV proper), reruns of previously played football matches (I hate to see my team lose for the 3rd time), CNN (c'mon now), and Al-Jazeera (God bless this Muslim country of mine).....keep in mind, these are only the stations worth mentioning. Another option is to sit in front of this computer and wait for people to pop up on msn (really now, for hours on end?). And of course, I could always work on my thesis.....(we all know that there's better ways of wasting time....but really now, I do have to get on that).
Efficiency: Instead to writting multiple emails of similar content to various fellows (and in the process getting increasing fed-up with the repetitive nature of the process; not to mention forgeting to include stuff), I figure I write one big-ass one everyday. This way, the people that really want to know how my day went can find out for themselves......Just watch, no one will end up on this site *sigh*.
Pat: My compadre from the olde country....well, we actually met in Canada. God Damn it, he's Malaysian and that counts (even though he's also a French national)! Crap, now I'm confused. Anyway, I've enjoyed periodically reading his posts, and hopefully it will rub off on the lot of you.

So TADA! Welcome to Boonaroo's Blog!"

hmm, while were're at it, how about the entry posted exactly a year ago. (bah. don't feel very creative today)

"Monday, December 15, 2003

I'm covered in mosquito bites. I made the grave mistake of going to bed with my window open without spraying the room with Sheltox. It looks like I've got chicken pox. So today was kinda interesting: Saddam's in custody. I think its a good thing,.....just too bad it gives W a chance to gloat. These next few days will be very intruiging.
Chatted with Sarah when I got up.....hadn't talked to her in awhile, twas good to hear from the old girl. Shortly after, we went for a really early breakfast before everyone went to work. Mom, dad, my aunt, my cousin and I went out for some mamak. Gotta tell you, nothing like dosai, roti and 3 different types of curry to start your engine boy.

Got a ride to Singapore with my mom. This is an awesome way to make sure I'm in the gym everyday. Its been a few days.......I'm a hurting unit. Hopefully the pain will go away the same time the flab does.
Got asked out today......well no that's a big lie......she asked me to ask her out. It kinda felt like a form of entrapment. Didn't say yes or no, just smiled......I'll eventually have to call her as she gave me her number. Why? Coz I'm a nice guy!! (and I see her on a regular basis, it'll be awkward if I didn't) Aww man, she's such a sweet girl, why did she have to spoil it like that? I hope I'm blowing this out of proportion.....hah! Sure feels like Male Insanity Syndrome (check out the movie "Tao of Steve", you'll understand).

ANYWAY......met up with Annette (my cousin) and we went back to JB together. Got picked up by her mom and we went for lunch (2nd lunch for me). Had mee siam and oodles of kuih (mmm, brown sugar, coconut milk and various forms of starch). Its dinner time.....I'm still full......nuff said.

Chatted with Kat (and a little bit with Ona) after lunch. She had just returned home from the bar after a night out with the girls (Canadian time)....... they sounded absolutely littered! There's something inherently hilarious with hammered instant messaging. : ) Aww, I miss Kat......its been too long.

Barry and Lesley are supposed to come over to JB tomorrow. Don't know what I'm going to do with them. Prolly take them to City Square.

Oh, going to KL this Thursday! Oh its going to be good......

K, I'm rambling........ta for now." about a blast from the past. completely forgot about all those things.

gah. I'm out.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

a sandwich artist I am not

methinks a career at subway sandwiches is no longer an option. never been really into sandwiches...or bread for that matter...but I was in a rush this morning and figured "why the hell not?" should've been, "why the hell did I do it?" pleargh. twas dry...tasteless...all round undelicious.


met up with Ted, Holly and Brock last night for some wings at Kool's. god damn I love chicken wings. they're looking at buying second homes now. together. side by side each other. with more children. and all I'm thinking is, holy shit balls! is this what my life's gonna be when I approach 30? making good big-life-decisions aren't really my forte and I'm just gonna shoot for being in good health. even that I can't guarantee. *sob* hopefully my paper airplane venture takes flight ; )

hung out with Leyuze this morning over a coffee. regular coffee-related fair I guess. apparently she's been reading the "head space" so everyone give out a big "HOLA!" I mean it...I will hunt you down if you don't and you know how my people enjoy petmeat. shit that's gross....forget I even said that. me some reading.


Saturday, December 11, 2004 

one steamboat, two steamboat, *eye twitch*, three steamboat

"on buddies and being a buddy"...that should really be the title of this post but alas, my neverending well of patience is soon finding its algae-riddled bottom. note to self: advise comrade to purchase straight-jacket, a padded room, and "Meatloaf: Ballads".

(out of respect, no names will be mentioned but some of you can prolly guess)

so this romantic saga of "Anthony and Cleopatra" proportions has come to an abrupt end. truth be told, I had my reservations even from the get go coz, well, call it a gut feeling and that I'm also a highly cynical/pragmatic person when it comes to "romances" of such nature. y'know, the extreme secondary school kind.....the kind where one would find copius amounts of neoprints plastered on every corner of everything kind.

and so the past while has been rather consumed with back-patting consoling sessions....and the infusion of alcohol well, y'know. so yah, lots of damage control of late. truth be told, he IS putting forth a concerted effort to get better. but man, I dunno how much more brooding I can take. so if you're reading this man, I love you and all but shit dude, you are driving me up the wall. suck it up, locate your testicles, and move the fuck on. in other words, be "Steve". if not, I can recommend some really comfy flannel PJs and some wicked Ben and Jerry's ice-cream ; )

to be brutally honest, its disturbing coz there's a part of me that's like that....and me and that part aren't exactly on speaking terms. he doesn't particularly enjoy being repressed like a bastard child. and I don't particularly enjoy being reminded that there's an unwanted "boon-spawn" out there. k, this analogy is starting to have a mind of its own. I should stop before I begin to upset New Zealanders.

well, onto the weekend(this is gonna be quick summation of events as I've got work to do)

fri: came back from uni, cleaned. gail and caglar popped by. it was gail's last weekend in town so we decided to get together and do all that nostalgic crap. twas cool.

sat: had dim sum with Myra and Dennis....err....caglar and leyuze popped by in the evening and we went to the Alex P. to meet up with Emil and Emma, and others. actually, myra and co stopped by for a bit as well.

sun: had dim sum again but this time with my brother (what can I say, its my fav food). caught up on some family gossip and other things. myra stopped in for a bite again as well. Leyuze came by and we spent the afternoon gallavanting. got up to some...err...interesting things. won't get into it, just pay close attention the next time you see either one of us. been spending a bit more time with her lately and I've to confess, she's a rather wonderful person: very interesting and very inquisitive....hell of a thoughtful. just plain facinating.

went and had some dinner with Duane around 7:30, did gorceries, rented a video ("dodgeball": hilarious), slumped around.

and so....monday is upon us once more.



Thursday, December 09, 2004 

the smoker you drink, the player you get

I find it a little ironic how life just kinda works when you don't bother with the over analysis or meddling of situations that aren't ideal or dare I say, perfect. and I don't mean this in a "ignorance is bliss" fashion either. far from, its my honest contention that as long as you go about doing what you do and you're able to be solitary and isolated without need for social interaction to be content with things is when you find yourself enjoying social interaction more. I fancy it to being the master of my domain.

now watch my world crumble before my very eyes now that I've just said that ; ) I'm lucky like that.

hmm, so things are going relatively swimmingly. though this thesis still looms over my every waking hour like a fat kid looms over a double-cheese burger....with bacon....and sauteed onions and......mushrooms. furthermore, I found out about this "story" that a certain someone had been spinning to my property management company (and me) that could've potentially dragged my name through the mud. unimpressed. crisis was closed. but man, what a douch.

I'm not into horror films for the sole reason that I'm a wuss and that there's no need to pay for something that would cause mental anguish and trauma. with this in mind, Tuesay was "scary movie night" at the Tng residence (Leyuze's idea though she would argue that I picked out the movie). the movie? "the ring". not gonna get into a detailed explication of it less I break out in cold sweats again but lets just say that I watched a lot of the movie under the blanket.

picked up a burnt copy of "the smoker you drink, the player you get" recently. this is one of the greatest Joe Walsh albums out there. I highly recommend it if you're at all into blues-inspired classic rock. don't let "rocky mountain way" being the opening track mask the raw goodness that is this album. I mean, its a little different from his "James Gang" and "Eagles" stuff but wicked good nonetheless. though I still maintain that "funk #49" still holds has his best work.

but above and beyond all that....its just a funny album title ; )

back to work.


Monday, December 06, 2004 

love in an elevator (not quite)

coz 1. I can't stand that Aerosmith song and 2. the elevator ride today wasn't particularly "lovely".

pros so far this morning:
- I got up to a clean apartment. that makes me happy.
- picked up my dry-cleaning....which means that I've got my fav seasonal clothes to wear. god damn I look good today ; )(see I can't even say that without sighing and shaking my head)
- I have "curry mee" for lunch. well the "curry" part is thanks to Duane but the mee's all me. : )

- we got dumped. and I don't mean the "babe its not you its me", or "you're not rich enough" or "I met someone else who's hairier than you" sorta dumped. worse. we got the first big snowfall. its cold, its wet, and its slushy.... winter wonderland my ass. stay in your snowless countries if you can people....its not worth the frost bite.
- the elevators in the building are kinda broken. the lights are out in them and truth be told, its scary as hell. it certainly doesn't help that I'm also just so happen to be a wuss (ask anyone in my family about flying cockroaches at home). furthermore, I got on the lift with a dare I say, nails-hot female and as it was so dark that I couldn't see me hand in front of me, your's truly was conviced that there was going to be a swift kick in the nuts in store, or worse yet, pepper spray. good thing she just started talking....we've all heard the news: caucasian female, elevator, coloured person walks in ; )

ok....its work time. I should go in and chat with my advisor about certain questions that popped up enroute to campus.


p.s. a few people have approached me with this, if you can't fully scroll down to all the posts, go to archives and click the link with the lastest dates. after its refreshed, go to archives again and click "current posts". its a windows glitch.

Sunday, December 05, 2004 

oatmeal and oranges

so the weekend has come and gone...again.

not a bad at that I must confess.

went to uni, collected 2 surveys....did some writting, pretty routine. I got put on the guest list for this Diesel promo party with the guys from Double Down. hey the way I look at it, free booze and girls in tight jeans? why not eh? I've come to the conclusion that people who wear nothing but Diesel(you know who you are) are well, douchbags. don't get me wrong, I think some of the gear's awesome but seriously, diversify people. hmm, it always tends to be 2nd generation and up mediterrainean-types too..... hmm, this might be more a function the fact that I'm a flamming racist. ; )

at any rate, evening turned out well.....good times, good friends, who later turned into loaded/amorous and/or pissed off/jealous good friends; ) some people really shouldn't drink (this in no way excludes yours truly)....its not that they can't handle their alcohol, its more the fact that they can't handle their ids and egos on alcohol. I ended up fairly unscathed (phsysically and mentally) so hey, really had no reason whatsoever to complain....hell, even got up the next day with a smile ; )

this day ruled.

got up at noon, watched some football, made some fried mee hoon for b-fast, and halfway through my rather vegetarian meal, Duane shows up with a DVD and a shwack load of Taco Bell. we're talking an entire familiy pack for the two of us. so the mee hoon becomes microwaved mee hoon for some other time, and mmm....fake mexican fast foody goodness ensued.
so we watched Spiderman 2, which by the way, turned out better than the first one I thought. the film was very simple in the sense that it manifested very clear moral themes of good/evil, right/wrong, and of course, underdog/"silver spoon in mouth guy"...... but hey, its a comic, they're meant to be fantastic in such a manner. I like. then after that, we watched this DVD that Dr. G lent me called "Smoke". VERY different from Spiderman.....Its a character-driven drama about the owner of a New York-based smoke shop, his customers, and assorted bizarre friends. the flick is pretty damn improvisational, but nobody has anything special to say which is imperative for talking-heads movies like this : ) Some interesting bits and pieces, and a moving conclusion, make it tolerable for fans of art-films.

think the last taco was eaten around 8pm. *belch*

got this SMS from Leyuze shortly after who was at Williams across the way studying. or more likely, tired of studying ; ) chilled out there for a bit....had a tea and a muffin. mmm, banana muffin.....yummy potassiumy goodness.

came back and watched another DVD, "Blue in the Face" (told you this day ruled). this one was a post hoc, improvisional , follow up to "Smoke" with much of the same characters but really no plot or story. its more of a documentary on the city of Brooklyn, NY. add ons to the original cast (Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Stockard Channing, Forest Whitaker, Ashley Judd, etc) were get this, Jim Jarmush, Michael J. Fox, and Madonna as a singing telegram. I you can find these two movies, go watch them.....highly entertaining.

contemplated popping over to Leyuze's as she was also experiencing a fierce bout of insomnia and invited me over. but alas, I got sleepy and dozed off. the body's (or life in general) funny like that. it tends to do the exact opposite of what the mind endeavours to acheive. hmm, that might just be my problem. hmm, let me chew on that for a few days....

CLEANED. I would call it a spring cleaning but its winter. I did everything today from the floorboards, to the windows. it smells artificially foresty and pine tree-esque in here right now ; ) took the whole bloody day, I'll never look at a maid the same way EVER (and my flat's only 1000 sqr ft)......think Duane is going to pop by in half an hour to drop of some leftover curry. ahh, the advantages of having Indian friends. except he's one of those Indians with Portugese surnames.....Perreira, D'Souza, you know the ones. hey whatever, curry's curry, except if its the infamous/nortorious "Hong Kong Curry".....*cringe*

good thing too coz all I've had today is oatmeal and oranges.

so back to the grind tomorrow.....looks like this is the last week for these surveys this semester coz the undergrads begin finals the week after. too bad coz I'd rather trudge on.....though the response might be better in January coz they'd have more free time to come in. furthermore, the holidays give me some free time to begin scoring the ones I have.....which I assure you, WILL be a bitch. I'll reserve the doom and gloom thesis talk for another day when I'm in a bad mood...

well....that's enough for today.


Friday, December 03, 2004 

*gasp* voices!

this may a sign of things to come. as with the vast lot of us, we engage in internal dialogue when we're alone, walking, waiting, or pretty much whenever we're not sleeping or engaging in interpersonal dialogue. very normal (this I can only speculate as there're still some glitches in my mind-reading machine). at any rate, as I was walking towards the social science building from the bus stop, 2 things: 1. a continuation of the self to self conversation, and 2. it was out loud...along with facial expressions. the thing that struck me most was the fact that I didn't really care that I was talking to myself in public.

might this be a new level of robert deniro, jack nicholson, donald sutherland-esque coolness?.....or....more likely, a new low in dementia. who needs people when you can just talk to yourself? *fishhook pulling right eyebrow*

so much for inside voice, outside voice ; )

hmmm, its colder than a mofo out there right now. gosh, I'm glad this is going to be the last Canadian winter I have to endure (well at least for the next while). the fact that I'm not a hat/touque person doesn't help as well....(stupid frostbitten ears).

nothing much else to say....actually, Daryl, what's that "surfer and the ocean" theory on life you have? Liish said you spoke of something like to share?

for now, here's an interesting tid bit:


BOSTON (Reuters) - A four-letter term that came to symbolize the difference between old and new media during this year's presidential campaign tops U.S. dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster's list of the 10 words of the year.

Merriam-Webster Inc. said on Tuesday that blog, defined as "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks," was one of the most looked-up words on its Internet sites this year.

Eight entries on the publisher's top-10 list related to major news events, from the presidential election -- represented by words such as incumbent and partisan -- to natural phenomena such as hurricane and cicada.

Springfield, Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster compiles the list each year by taking the most researched words on its Web sites and then excluding perennials such as affect/effect and profanity.

The company said most online dictionary queries were for uncommon terms, but people also turned to its Web sites for words in news headlines.

"That is what occurred in this year's election cycle ... with voluminous hits for words like 'incumbent,' 'electoral,' 'partisan,' and, of course, our number one Word of the Year, 'blog,"' Merriam-Webster President and Publisher John Morse said in a statement.

Americans called up blogs in droves for information and laughs ahead of the Nov. 2 presidential election.

Freed from the constraints that govern traditional print and broadcast news organizations, blogs spread gossip while also serving as an outlet for people increasingly disenchanted with mainstream media.


It was mainly on blogs that readers first encountered speculation that President Bush wore a listening device during his first debate against Democrat John Kerry. The White House, forced to respond, called it a laughable, left-wing conspiracy theory.

Bloggers also were among the first to cast doubt on a CBS television news report that challenged Bush's military service.

CBS later admitted it had been duped into using questionable documents for the report. Last week CBS anchor Dan Rather said he would step down in March, although the network said the move was unconnected to the scandal.

A Merriam-Webster spokesman said it was not possible to say how many times blog had been looked up on its Web sites but that from July onward, the word received tens of thousands of hits per month.

Blog will be a new entry in the 2005 version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. The complete list of words of the year is available at http:/

Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

second verse, same as the first.

today was identical to yesterday. except that it was wetter and colder. interview count: about 60 ish. "ish" because they still have to get back to me. there's the possibility that when they do, it'll be more like 70. thanks to Jim (my secondary advisor) who plugged my study in 2 of his classes. I'm pleasantly surprised and pretty satisfied. now the problem is, the remaining ones are the hardest to get.....males in either business, or engineering. history has shown that those groups have the lowest response rates among a university cohort....EVER. wouldn't too surprised if once they graduate, they'll also represent the group with the lowest participation in voluntary organizations.

that's enough sociology talk for today ; )

so I made hamburgers this evening.....from scratch. even diced up a whole buch of extra plant-type stuff to throw in the mix. hmm, came to the conclusion that there's really no difference between a hamburger patty and a salsbury steak, except that one is stuffed between a bun, and the other is drowned in gravy....and bigger. since there's left over, think I'll have salsbury steak tomorrow night. this only goes to show one thing: a lack of diversity in "white-people food" ; ) that's ok.....they fill other voids in my life. *whistles innocently*

nuf of this....