Tuesday, November 30, 2004 

the trouble with (my) groceries

so here's the deal. I've got this love hate relationship with groceries. yes, realising that the good old pots and pans are being used at lot lately....reasons being, cost efficient (BUT labour intensive), and the fact that I'm turning into a Dutchman, or a Jew, or better yet, a Jewish Dutchman. hmm, at some level, I might even enjoy it. at any rate, been finding myself making lunch for the next few days and stuffing it into tupperwares at horrible hours of the night. *when insomnia strikes, time to cut up onions and garlic*

now here's the problem. this food is supposed to last a certain period of time. but it doesn't. coz though this is the skinniest I've been in recent memory, I've got an appetite of a 400 lb black man from Georgia named Tiny. so anyway you cut it, eating in or out, food is expensive. furthermore (albeit ironic), healthy food is even worse.

ok so....for the week....ugh, you know.


Sunday, November 28, 2004 

when the world ends

lazy sunday. Dave Matthews is experiencing a renaissance on my itunes. did about 55 pounds of laundry. cleaned up the sty I call my flat. ate about 11 mandarin oranges. god damn I love mandarin oranges......and hot dogs. Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal. all is well.

nothing much to report. weekend was decent. side-stepped a couple of landmines as far as social plans are concerned....which is always nice ; )

fri: after uni, had mexican with the Leyuze, her sis (I'm not even going to attempt spelling her name but its "Bejo" for short) who's in her 1 yr at U. Ottawa, and Esra. Caglar popped later. Caglar bought some beer and so him and I decided to chill out at home over some Fosters. Brock, Greg and Ted popped by around 9:30 to join in the festivities. capped the night at the frog. came back and had a feast and by feast I mean ravioli and meat sauce. mmm, meat sauce.

sat: watched football, got my ass kicked in the gym. went to Liisha's for a spot of dinner. Steph, Meliss, Kev, Lee, and Sue the yoga instructor were the participants of this shindig. turned out to be a whole lotta communal microwavable grub eating (which btw, YUM). them lot went to TRU/Alex P. where apparently a whole lotta drama ensued and I'm pretty sure my presence wouldn't have contributed to anything worthwhile. for more reasons than I care to elaborate on, I just didn't feel like showing my face there. lets just leave to a sense of bad karma/vibe. plus, had already made other plans with Leyuze and co. to show Bejo around London at night. the dinner party was great though ; )

soo....went over to meet up with the turks. I like my turks. they're my kind of international people, alongside my carribeans. no major problems with Canadians but its just different. the evening was good.....thoroughly enjoyable : )

been in a pretty good mood of late though still stressing over my interviews. to date, I've got about 40. seeing how I begun the process on the 4th after the pilot and factor analysis, its not that bad, but its just one of those things where u want it to be done at a more expediant rate though it can't be forced. but yah, not fussing over trivial issues and people is reaping fantastic results.....for now......

ok. time for bed. long day tomorrow.


Thursday, November 25, 2004 

gonads and strife (WHEEEEE!!!!)

been on this wicked sugar high for the past 24 hours or so. furthermore I'm still quite energised from the ass kicking workout last eve. but seriously, sugar high. I'm literally bouncing off walls here people. one things for damn sure though, its gonna suck when I come down from this. y'know the drill, "god is dead, puppies make me nauseaus, buddha's (the laughing variety) not happy and peaceful, he's just wincing from all the hamburgers he ate, and really short skirts don't make me smile."

but for now, all is well(ish).

will update later. for now, I must trudge on with thesis-related drudgery. hey, at least I type at a blistering pace now.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004 

ah....life. *sob*

it has become tedious and predictable.
need to get out of here. move on. move somewhere. onto something else. I mean, school is taking up the vast majority of my time but its kicking my ass man. its thankless and definately taking up more time and effort than the work deserves. should've lowered my expectations and picked a more straightforward thing to do (would've ended up with the same piece of paper regardless). the thought of spending a few more months here literally makes me nauseaus.

on top of that. the uni that I SHOULD'VE gone to (NUS) is ranked 18th in the current world university rankings. prolly higher than any uni in canada.

not a lot of smiling going on lately. I fear for the years to come. making some BAD decisions man. spending more time on the temporary remedies than the things I should be concentrating on. I guess the frat was good in the sense that it was an anchor and brought structure and stability to things. feel like a fucking kite in a thunderstorm.

at any rate....gotta get back to this.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004 


mood: coasting
currently listening to: George Carlin (yeah....)
interviews: 2

today's been normal. did interviews......had lunch (thanks Kat).....*plearg*
oh wait, another thing I did....its pretty cool actually. I'm soon to be a published academic ; ) well, a secondary author on a demographic, public health policy paper on HIV/AIDS in Ghana, but hey. what I did was to copy edit Eric's paper and gave him suggestions....on everything but multilinear logistic regression (blarg).

and that's it.


p.s. ever wonder how awful your face looks in the mirror where there's a florescent light?

Monday, November 15, 2004 


still have this headache.

had to postpone the gym coz of interviews......4 in all today. good haul.

going to Myra's and Dennis's for dinner tonight. Dennis's grandma cooked, I'm excited. she also made "tang yuan" or as we say in our household, "yeee" (add nasal).
also good coz I've had a grand total of 2 coffees, a coke, 2 tea biscuits, a maple cookie, and instant noodles.

talked with Kat for a bit over one of the coffees (she's in a "freaking out coz of pending grad school applications" sorta mood. but doing well enough I guess),.....and then with Meliss for the other. Meliss reminds me of that "serani" chick from RGS/CHIJ(the good ones)/SCGS (or any of the private girl's schools from district 9,10 or 11) that us losers from SJI (or any of the private boy's schools from district 9, 10, or 11), who played magic/AD&D/warhammer, would swoon over back in the day. ahh....the uniforms. remember the uniforms? the one's the reaked of upper-class bitch? yeah, I knew I should've played on the rugby team, or water-polo, tennis, or swam, but no.....it had to be badminton. my calling was badminton. though it got me places I must confess.

at any rate....secondary school mentality aside, meliss and myself have gotten into this weird routine. it started out as an impromtu "lunch date" but kinda morphed into, like I said, a routine. she pops by every monday and wednesday at 3, more often than not we'd have soup, people watch, talk about various inconsequential and consequential things, and then when the hour's up, I'd walk her to middlesex (hey I figure that's the least I could do considering how she comes to my lab). and that's pretty much the only time we see one other. sorta trapped in this "soup drinking" bubble. odd huh? there's this penciled plan to catch Alfie on wed......but u watch SOMETHING'S going to come up, either at my end or her's.

ok....time to get out of here...its 5, I'm hungry.



nothing to report.

weekend was a bust....in a good and bad way.

kat and sarah popped by on thursday with some wine. went for dinner after.....and got GRILLED about staying or leaving canada after I'm done. who the fuck knows anymore.....though I know where my loyalties and priorities lie.

friday: school.....interviews.....sneezing fits. horrible case of the sniffles on friday.

sat: watched footy. liverpool beat palace 3-2 (Baros hatrick). gym. cleaned. did some unexpected soul-searching over a bottle of wine I had in my place. terrorized people on IM (ahem....jan). got a call from Ted.....didn't make it out.

sun: b-fast with Liish. cabin fever ensued.

now: have a BAD headache. hmm, think this is the skinniest I've been in a hell of a long time. size 34 pants never used to fit.....now they do....and they're not tight.



Thursday, November 11, 2004 


*vein in forehead pounding* *blood pressure sky-rocketing*

"I forgot" is HARDLY an acceptable excuse to miss an appointment! here's why you dim-witted nincumpoops:

1. if you really intended to make the appointment, you wouldn't have "forgotten". saying that you have just tells me that you have just patronized me by saying you'd be there but really in the back of your mind, would rather run off and blow somebody. I'd have more respect for you if you said, "actually Boon, I don't feel like doing it, I'd rather run off and blow someone."

2. pick up an damn organizer. if you really can't remember to meet someone/do something at a time at which YOU'VE set, maybe you shouldn't be a socially operating human being.....at least not in my interactive sphere.

3. I don't have pet-peeves, pet-peeves are for pussies. the modus operandus of my mood has two dimensions. a) coasting and b) full-blown psychotic outbursts.

I had 4 cancelations/postponements in the last 24 hrs for my interviews. sooo, angry. *note to self: don't hit wall. last time the wall won, and don't forget your girly pain threshold* (as an aside: to those who came by, thank you. and to those who couldn't and didn't "forget", you're forgiven....you're familys' lives are safe)

on top of that, the irregularity between some other's words and actions is fucking astounding! seriously, I'm the wrong fucking person to patronize (I know several forms of torture, mental and physical). why do people do it anyway!? it always comes acorss as some horribly told lie. why do I surround myself with idiots?

and here's the straw that broke the camel's back.

I just got an email from someone (not spam) whose name showed up in the sender column as, get this...."strawberry ice". WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?! what is wrong with you crap weasel!? you're supposed to be an adult remember? and no....its not cute....its sick. got get some help. I recommend a 12 guage to the head.

have a nice day.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004 

"hello, you've reached the winter of my discontent"

so its snowing....again. must confess, this doesn't work well with me. I'm deranged half the time as it is, there's no need for the climate to feed the flames of my dementia. think I talked about winter-related afflictions on my mood in an earlier post....so no need to really get into it again. one flicker of goodness though.....my property management company just installed a new fireplace in my flat. pretty nifty man....pretty nifty indeed.

so dinner/movie night came and went. twas fine. Leyuze and myself ate at Bertoldi's while Caglar and Esin fought over who loved the other more in the privacy of his abode. after our food-related endeavours were over and done with, we congregated at my place for a flick and a spot of vino. pick of the week: Reality Bites. if I had to sit through a romantic comedy/film, there are worse ones than that.

the Turkish content continued onto the following day (not before I had lunch with D at Pho's and later encountered my very first altercation with an alcoholic red indian in front of the liquor store -- D managed to get us out of it though. I could just see it in the news "frat boy outsmarts drunk indian"). this time, it was the Alex P. and the Tasting Room. ran into Eavan(C's mom) and the "ladies" at the tasting room. those Irish matrons were right pissed....and good for them. though Leyuze found it odd that I knew old Irish women.....I don't blame her. there are more disturbing sides to the oddity that is I.

but wait there's more. how about brunch the following day? might as well make it 3 out of 3.....I'm obsessive compulsive like that. anyone know a good shrink? umm, Sarah popped by later on that day.....I'll just leave it at that ; )

as for the how this week is panning out? well, I'm going to be somewhat of a hermit. still have lots more people to interview and fuck man, its cold! plus....need to conserve mullah.

pleargh.....time for squash with Dr G. or more likely, time to get squashed by Dr. G.



Friday, November 05, 2004 

there MUST be evil in me

between ignoring some and telling other they need to "update their wardrobe and gain 7/8 pounds", its more than likely that there's a seat reserved for me in hell. I hope its next to a bunch of televangelists ; ) truth be told, I'm quite bloody nice most of the time but just don't push the "special" buttons. NEVER push my "special" buttons. some of you have been warned already but no.....y'all never listen. I liken it to feeding gremlims after midnight.

anyway, still doing interviews. nothing too too exciting. I actually quite appreciate these volunteers taking an hour of their time to fill out a whole bunch of paper and pencil questionaires.

no real huge plans this weekend. gonna grab some dinner with Leyuze tonight and then Caglar and Esin are popping by for some drinks and a movie.

that's pretty much it. actually I'm quite excited that I'm going to have visitors tonight. my place really need to be cleaned.

what else has been going on?

just the regular dinner/drinks with a whole buch of others.....you guys know how these things go. people involved were: Steph, Meliss, Dave, Liish, Sarah, Lee, Lance, and others whose names have eluded me....

s'all for now.


Thursday, November 04, 2004 

the state of I

sorry for the absence.....been busy. and the little time I had, well, just didn't feel like writing.


all is well because....

1. Liverpool defeated Deportivo yesterday. (though I promised God I'd never have sex again. fair deal I think....sex is overrated, Liverpool's not)
2. I finally begin interviewing today. we're rolling people!
3. I've led a carefree and vindicated existence for the past few days (must be some sorta record).
4. I smell good.
5. The Raptors won. (not a basketball fan, but an underdog fan)
6. some women don't hate/despise me.

on a more sombre note,

1. my apartment is a MESS
2. I've got nowhere to paste my Kerry/Edwards stickers

that's it for now.