Thursday, September 30, 2004 

if I were diabetic, I'd be dead by now

I'm having an orange creamcical milkshake, coffee, and some coconut, lemon, raspberry tart thing for breakfast. considering that the maternal side of my family has a history of diabetes, tis not exactly the best idea in the history of good ideas. I don't think I've consummed this much sugar in the last month....and now my stomach is hurting. *thought bubble: way to go slick* hmmm, side note: I'm also sick from this bug that's going around. definately don't feel very "mensa-like" right now.


but god strike me down for not enjoying this caffine/sugar high I'm on!


I've been running stats all morning trying to look all smart-like but alas, the results aren't as good as I had hoped (not to mention half the time I'm not quite sure what the hell I'm supposed to be looking at). no worries, its only the pilot.....there'll be room for the rolling stones once said "you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you might find, you get what you need".


apart from the wonderful chore of collecting data and loading data that has encompassed the past few days, no real highlights. well, the gym, yoga, and the occasional bout of dementia/hallucinations have been staples. hmm, there's been lunch....I look forward to lunch. heck I look forward to food period. methinks if I didn't have asian DNA I'd be a huge ass mofo by now. I digress.


one last thing before I sign off. many thanks to Leyuze for dropping off some uber-strong vitamin C tabs today. she found out I was getting ill after we had lunch and decided on the above course of action. must say, this girl's all sorts of good ; ) unless of course they happen to be cynide tabs(hey, with my luck?), then it would be kinda bad.
jokes aside, thank you very much : )

k, back to numbers on screen.




Tuesday, September 28, 2004 


just got back from yoga....feeling quite alright. again, 2 other guys in there and they were gay. god damn mother fucker. no problem.
mental recap: still hate belinda carlisle? check. no problems listening through entire iron maiden/megadeath albums? check.

k, still play for the blue team ; )

gotta squash game with Dr G this afternoon. as you last recall, we split matches last time. this time he won't be so lucky for

more to come later, my food is burning.


Monday, September 27, 2004 

scotch cures everything

its prolly a good thing there isn't a liquor store in the vacinity of my abode. y'see, I have this unhealthy affinity to scotch (hey, at least its not drugs). its a wonderous spirit meant for the gods. for this, I blame colonialism : ) thanks to Duane and Alain, I happened to have 2 pretty fine bottles at my place over the weekend...and I must admit, I kinda over indulged what with sipping half a bottle of Chivas whilst relaxing over 2 evenings. this is over and beyond all the other "stuff".

yeap, "my name is Boon and I'm an alcoholic".

so the weekend. umm, quite good all things considering.

chilled out with the boys on friday. actually, can't really say that should be the boys, their wives, AND children. that's right, we rocked the suburbs. always find it odd how at these gatherings the men are segregated from the women and children by choice. actually, that's not quite all true. the girlfriends who don't belong to the "old wives club" (or the "moral majority" as I like to refer to them) usually tend to be in somewhat of a bind as they hover from group to group unsuccessfully trying to locate a niche. duh, my friends used to be so cool ; ) guess this is what happens when the lot of them are older than you. needless to say, chilled out with Parker and Jackie for the most part. decent time all in all.

went to the frog on Saturday. stupidity ensued. nuff said, read into it however you choose to. oh but during the day I embarked on a massive cleaning operation. hell, I even cleaned out the closet. methinks I have enough clothes to dress a 18th century French family.....for a decade.....well, minus the female garb obviously ; )

spent some time on campus on Sunday prepping for data collection. went out for dinner with Meliss at Garlics. thoroughly enjoyable encounter I thought. though I find her utter disdain for creme brulet (sp?), egg salad, pudding, and all things of similar texture and consistency mind boggling. odd eh? meh, at least she doesn't do celery as well. plaergh....nothing sucks like celery sucks. but yah, like I said, twas quite enjoyable. plus, as an aside, it never hurts to be seen in public with a good looking girl. especially when she's not running away or throwing things at you ; )

monday. back to the grind. collected half my data for the pilot study. things went well I guess considering how everyone volunteered to participate. ah yes, the charming (yet utterly tactless) individual that I am strikes again. no surprise as to why my T/A evaluation produced bipolar results. either they really liked me or wanted to attach my acid burnt corpse to the iron maiden (and I don't mean the band).

must go get coffee.....not bouncing off the walls fast enough.


Friday, September 24, 2004 

I give you, Canadian sweat shops

so the Volcom sample sale came and went....picked up some fly gear. get this its all stuff currently out and yet to be released at heavily reduced price. think 50% to 80% off. the el cheapo chinaman in me is brimming with pride right now. hmmm, speaking of which, Duane would be prolly pat me on the back ; )

god damn I love my wardrobe.

the trip was short, sweet, but not without incident. here's a brief synopsis.
-Harvey's for lunch: their burgers make people sick and thirsty.
-music for the ride, postal service: not bad....really poppy electronica mixed in with "soft" lyrics. if listened to for more than 2 days, will prolly drive you to kill puppies.
-got lost in the so called "fashion district" trying to find this place. long story short, in our search to locate this place, we realised that it was in the back of this building that housed a modelling agency, an ad agency, various showrooms for some clothing lines (Burton, Forum, Gravis, Volcom, etc...), and get this, a sweat shop. we're talking umpteen chinese women cramped in a room full of sewing machines making "designer" clothes. weird. I wouldn't be too surprised if the dude walking up and down the aisles carrys a whip with his clipboard. truth be told, it was prolly just a factory. but here's a point to ponder: if the product is made in conditions and by people identical to those in China, can we still say that the thing is made in Canada? garf, it just hit....I sound just about as smart as a bottle of fries right now.
-the whole process was short and sweet. as a limited number of people were allowed in at a time, I guess it was a good thing that we timed it so we got first dibs on the stuff. its odd how people these days put so much effort into dressing like they don't put in any (effort).
-drive home: tired. Phil slept. Meliss has this horrible habit of flipping through radio stations at light speed. but at any rate, three cheers to her for comming through at the crunch -- in more ways than one : )

came home.....had pints with Brock and Ted along with a really bad batch of mussels. yyyuughhh. met up with sarah after at the black trumpet for a drink with a bunch of stock brokers. they're all slimey, creepy individuals no matter how you dice it. hmm, excpet for Brock of course ; )
went elsewhere shortly after and chilled over a bottle of wine. oh crap, this is a funny story. on our way home we ran into Wayne Parsons and he insisted that we accompany him on a mission to get food. so we did McD's. Wayne got 12 burgers that he started handing out to people on the street much in the same fashion as the Wendy's dude. hilarious. hmm, Sarah did the most bizarre thing too when she ordered a big extra without meat. and she's not a vegetarian.

so yah, fairly eventful day all in all.


Thursday, September 23, 2004 

do you take it off any sweet jumps?

methinks I watched the dumbest, yet funniest movie yesterday. its really quite hard to explain the premise/plot of the movie. just know that its good, we're talking Coor's Light twins good. some of you've prolly guessed already....that's right, Napoleon Dynamite. most definately time well wasted.

afterwards, the lot of us -- Steph, Melissa, "Green Phil", and Lee(sp?) -- sauntered over to the Alex P. for a spot of intoxicants. the conversation was fairly varied I guess (ipod, hair, pink trucks, white/brown wallets, snowboarding and so on)....though at one point someone commented on my freakish memory/knowlegde of useless things. which kinda made me think, all my friends are like that! ahem, you know who you are ; ) at any rate, some of you might want to hear a verbatimized (is that even a word?) description of last night's proceedings....sorry, not happening today.

what else happened yesterday? did some work at uni, got dragged out to get a pedicure(uh huh, the Boy George shrine is almost complete)....though in my defence, there's really nothing wrong with a little gromming. the chix diggit ; ) plergh....who am I kidding, I've got none and I'm convinced that the ones I do know are plotting to poison me.....*sob*

we (Liish) went over to Barney's for some food and a beer but decided against food there and went over to Jambalaya instead. mmm, curry goat..... or as they say at home, mmm, kari kambing ; )

going to Toronto quite shortly for some Volcom warehouse sale with Melissa and quite possibly "Green Phil". I'm in the market for some, err, some....*sigh* I've sold my soul to the demons of consumerism.

...and fade to black.


p.s. haloscan is acting up...its showing that I've got less comments than are actually on. looks like its a problem with other sites as well.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 

music related trivia

not that I've really indulged in this whole "emo" movement, but I'm currently pondering this much:

can Weezer be considered to be forefathers of emo?


Monday, September 20, 2004 

me poor body.....

short post....because even my fingers feel like giant redwoods.

900hrs: gym. chest, tris, and abs. YARGHH!!!

1500hrs: squash with Dr. G. played 7 sets. I won the first match 3-1 but lost 3-0 the next. the good news is I actually won a match! that's a none of the sets were blowouts. Yarghhh.....

2030hrs: yoga with Liish. oww, so stiff from previous stuff. yar.....

on top of all this, I managed to get a page of thesis written and finalised the details to get the pilot conducted.

time to slouch. god damn I love slouching.


Saturday, September 18, 2004 

play it again sam....

"one good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no brutalize me with music" - bob marley

fairly sublime day. watched footy, overate til I was ill, then slouched as I felt like barfing.

went to Ciara's folk's 25th wedding anniverary event last night at the Canadian Irish club. go figure, the club's and Irish pub. and who says we shouldn't stereotype? ; ) it was good was the case with the St Patrick's Day banquet, I was the only non-Irishman there. at any rate, there was a Liverpool shirt on the wall, I was happy. met her uncle John whose place we house-sat for in New York. I think if we were in the same city, we'd get on quite well. good guy, very hip, does the whole artsy fartsy soho scene....gave me an open invitation to visit him anytime. an offer I would most definately take up.

back to today, been listening to loads of music.....mostly Ben and Jack. must say that these have become my staples. Leyuze introduced me to this Swedish guy, Jay Jay Johanson. very mellow....quite interesting though, sounds like he dabbles in various genres.

was supposed to do something with Meliss this eve but alas, something came up (suits me fine I guess, still not feeling tops from overeating). no surprise, as far as planning to do stuff is concerned, its been the story of my week. I find such things happen in clumps. think I might just stay in to avoid more blunders. hmm, might be a sign not to plan too much. like the quote goes, "maybe the absence of a sign is a sign".....

back to music.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004 

cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

its the quote of the day, I'll let you know why shortly. Christopher Plummer quoted this line from Julius Caesar as the antogonist in Star Trek VI. mind you he also said "you should read Shakespeare in the original Klingon" (Jacques, 2004).

k, get this, they're going to ban fox hunting in England because apparently its quite inhumane to let fox hounds chase down red foxes and rip apart from limb to limb while men, women, AND children in tweeded garb observe from the vantage of their horses. I dunno how I feel about this. I'm all for sport hunting just as long as we're replenishing the population. think about it, what makes it so different from fishing? I seem to think that a giant hook going through your cheek when all you're doing is grabbing some grub is far more inhummane...furthermore, red foxes considered vermin in Britain I think (so cute though)....mind you, this categorization was made in 1534. who know's? without it, we maybe overun by foxes, like the way pigeons (or winged rats) have become the bane that they are. wow, talk about warped priorities. global terrorism, mid-east crisis, overpopulation, hell, to get all 90's: the hole in the ozone, and the destruction of the rainforests.....and all I can think about is being overun by oversized rodents with bushy tails. meh, I say release the hounds!! ; )

interesting tid bit though....apparently, as they were going to pass the ban in the House of Commons, the worse security breach in British history occured when a group of protesters stormed into the session. I bet you some MPs prolly thought that some hounds would've been handy at that point in time ; )

one last canine related story. apparently they're going to impose a ban on pitbull terriers here in Canada. I say good on them....those things aren't meant to be pets. hah, this is comming from a guy who's had German Shepards all through his life. but interesting factoid: out of all the attacks by every type of dog, the vast(and I mean vast) majority of them are from pitbulls. plus, lets face it guys, they're fucking ugly things. what's that line again? a face only a bitch could love ; )

anyway, yesterday:

I've resolved to come to school earlier now....instead of 11, I've pushed it up to 9. getting more work done too but like they say, its early days. wot else, oh, had lunch with Meliss. fairly intriguing young lady her, fairly intriguing indeed : )

came home after my brain conked-out. watched some Champion's League football. Liverpool 2-0 Monaco. yah baby!! the Merseyside Reds are back in business. Michael Owen who? truth be told, its still so odd to see him in a Real Madrid kit.

"highlight" of the evening, yours truely got dragged out to yoga thanks to Liish. Steph was there as well. man, this shit's hard. first things first, its conducted in this sauna of a room. then the stretching begins. let me tell you, its one hell of a painful. lastly, you wouldn't guess it, but you need to be strong for this....I swear, half of these chicks could prolly kick my ass (which is not necessarily a bad thing I guess). so in sum:

1. amazing workout as you're pushed to the limits of your ability.
2. makes your lungs feel like virtual blimps what with all the fugged up breathing. trust me, its something I badly needed.
3. I was certain I was going to get beaten up on the way home carrying a yoga mat.
4. first salsa, now this, *sigh* I might as well just erect a shrine to Boy George.

I pondered going to funk night with Meliss but had to decline for 3 main reasons.
1. too tired
2. wasn't in any mood to be around crowds and dancing/jiving folk.
3. too bloody tired

I know, I'm a pile. hope you had fun.

went with Duane to catch the late showing of "Hero" instead. hell, in the state I was in (so much for work eh?), I was going to watch TV for the rest of the evening anyway, so might as well make it good TV ; ) the cinematography just blew my mind. the plot was well, thick. one of those epic "true" stories y'know? in the same vein as Ben Hur. great movie all in all.

meh, work time.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004 

now that's got comedic value

En route to campus, I noticed a very bald gentleman pull out a full-sized (this bit is important) comb from his pocket and as he brought it to his I head I thought, "dude, news flash, you have no hair. stop this madness, you're confusing fuck out of me!" the next bit was gold as he proceeded to brush his Saddam-esque moustach.

I know, quite random.

here's another one:

during the act of consuming food. lets use the example of a pasta (better mental picture). isn't it the most bizarre sentation when you bring it to your mouth and as you're about to clench down, the pasta breaks free and eludes you? I seem to think it is. ponder this, you're mentally prepared for the experience of the bite and then the outcome becomes something so unexpected.
furthermore, what do you think is going through the mind of the particular noodle as it plummets back to the plate? a sense of relief? a stay of execution?
just some thoughts.

ok enough being deranged. back to reality.

did jack all. grabbed some grub with sarah during the day s'all. these aren't exactly the best days for her. for her sake, hope it pans out well.
had to frantically search for Melissa's number via several avenues (OK,2)as the dumbass that I am double booked my one o'clock. y'see, it completely eluded me until then that I had a squash game with Dr. Gardiner at the same time I was supposed to do lunch with her. as the appointment was first made with Dr G, thought it was only appropriate to reschedule with Melissa. felt bad.

this is when it gets good.

8:30am: received an email from Dr G. he had to postpone. his basement had flooded. so I didn't have to reschedule afterall...*duh* as such, I tried calling her during the day to let her know what had happened. no such luck, mobile was off. meh, resigned to fate I guess.

now 45 min past 1, I ran into Suha (one of the new MA students) outside the building. she wanted company for lunch and me being the slacker that I am, agreed. with my luck, you can only guess what ensued. that's right, we crossed paths just when I was going to head back to the lab. at any rate, Meliss stayed...we had coffee and chatted. twas quite delightful though the circumstances were, in my mind, quite regretable. funny, but regretable.

not much else during the day.....some work, helped sarah with some resume stuff.....

today's unproductive so far......thought I'm quite resolved about chnging that.

so ciao for now


Saturday, September 11, 2004 

times like these

ok short post today. plainly put, I've been a hermit. only to go out to buy cake. god damn I love cake.

the jack johnson show came and went. good times were had by all. went up with Liisha, Steph, Melissa, and Jess. the ride up was interesting.....what with the consumption of mixed drinks from McDonald's containers. oh, and there was also some fiasco concerning Jess's overactive bladder. never really seen someone having to go so badly before. truth be told, though I sympathized with her, twas quite funny. I'm sadistic...what can I say?

anyway we finally arrived and after some curb jumping, a parking spot was located. tailgating commenced for a few moments and then into the ampitheater we went. mel and darcy met up with us in there. hmmm, how the hell did I end up with 6 good looking women on this trip? I'm sure its got something to do with karma taunting me. cruel and unsual I say. *silent scream*

to the show proper. Donavon Frankenreiter came on first. I really dig this guy's groove....honest and simple lyrics y'know? plus, I'm a fan of how the chords just flow into each other. G-Love came on after. bluesy, funky vibe to his sound. good jam to chill to. Jack finished the night. what can I say, JJ rules. apparently there's this guy who makes it most of his shows and when "mudfootball" comes on, he yells "JJ bagus!" (bagus-Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia for good). that's why lyrics go "big hits, bit hats,...." "big hats" is in reference to this guy. though I didn't really hear Big Hats in the crowd. mind you there were thousands of people there.

jack, adam, merlo_1
Originally uploaded by hammy1.

oh yah, ran into Daryl and Jamie in the beer line. good to see those cats.

great way to spend a Friday evening. liked the way all three acts came together and jammed too. I contemplated staying the night to keep the party going but decided against it. sorry for flip-flopping Meliss, I promise I'll make it up to you ; ) in retrospect, it was a good decision as I was quite exhausted. this was exemplified by being quite bloody unconscious the whole way back.

zatsit for today.


Friday, September 10, 2004 

if I'm not careful.....

heading off to the Jack Johnson show soon. this snippet from a blog I read cracked me up.

"Just a heads up. Because I love you. If you don't hear from me again, have a great weekend and have sex. Do it because you can, and I can't. And cherish it, because one day you might wake up and not have sex again for a long, long, long, long time, and it'll make you so crazy that you'll start a website about your lack of getting laid (among other things), because you lack of lovin' makes you so delusional that you think, "Yes, maybe if I establish myself as an internet superstar, women will want to sleep with me" when all women want are guys with muscles, guys with money, and, I don't know - NOT internet quasi-celebrities." -jason mulgrew

took the words right out of my mouth....*whimper*


p.s. he owns a laptop and an ipod too.

Thursday, September 09, 2004 

yes its a pink shirt, no I don't play for the pink team

I'm bored.....not getting any work done. why not perpetuate it with a post.

today's been alright. went to the gym this somewhat of a good workout. rushed to school as I was supposed to help "someone" with a favour but alas, no show....hell, no call even. why do I bother (heh. how many times have I said that?)? why am I wearing a pink shirt? I dunno, prolly coz I'm a dumbass. truth be told, I'm a tad bit agitated. pleagh....because I'm stupid. at any rate, lets carry on shall we? there are other organisms which require more attention.

hmm, other irritants. crowds. school's back in session and the crowds are getting to me. this is quite ironic considering I come from one of the most densely populated places on this here earth. nevertheless...guess its good to know that a good chunk of them won't make it past the first semester. hrmmm, call it human weeding. yeap, they be weeds. ; )

guess there IS this one silver lining today. had lunch with Leyuze this afternoon. its definately good to see her of those "put a smile on your face" moments y'know? anyway, lunch was enjoyable, caught up...even walked away with music. she got me 2 CDs from Turkey by local's this jazz one and the other's this one called "Istanbul Calling: ethnic-electronic". not a huge electronica listener but from what I hear so far, its a good jam (in the sense that I could see myself listening to it periodically-can't say that for some of the electronica I have). the jazz one's wicked good though. at any rate, I quite appreciated the guesture...she's good business. the fact that she's quite attractive doesn't hurt as well ; )

ummm, I really don't have nothing much more to write about.


p.s. go check out jason's blog ("blogs of interest" link), his latest post on cosmo is wicked funny.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004 

....and I'm back

sorry folks, been AWOL for a few days. honestly speaking, just didn't feel like posting....if you have a problem with that, bite me : )

ok so on today's agenda: a little ranting, a litle recap on the past few days.....

the rant: gino (or at least wannabe ginos) showers

I must admit, I'm one of those wierd ppl who actually enjoys, no, savours public transport. Its my alone time y'know? plus, when introspection gets old, there's always people watching. and my, are there a lot of fucked up people to look at : )
today was no different than other days, I hopped onto the LTC from campus and proceeded to my usual seat at the back of the bus. as I was begining to really get into the music (a la ipod), I sensed a problem. more so, I sensed a stench. now this wasn't your regular B.O. or was Dolce and Gabbana. normally I don't have problems with cologne, but when one douces thyself with 2 bottles of the stuff and it makes your eyes burn....with all the windows open, it becomes a tad bit problematic. furthermore, I don't think that it was from a single individual, but from a group of approx 5 "gentlemen" (there was some CK escape in there as well). put it this way, you lock them in a small room for 10 minutes and I'll guarantee you that the paint will start to peel. and keep in mind there were in the front of the vehicle....I shouldn't have to be able to pick it up.

the humanity.

the recap: ze long weekend aka labour day weekend (which is always odd as labour day in the rest of the world is on may 1)

you know where to find me during the day so I'll just move straight into the evening. went to the Alex P. with Sarah (I know what you're thinking, I can explain ; ) ). ran into my brother and some of his dept mates that I know. beers were had. oh yah, Brock's ex Adrienne was also there with her "boy"friend. infact she works with Sarah. met some Kate girl who also works at the Trumpet. hmmm, alright evening all in all.....2.7 beers out of 5. pretty good drinking with Hwa though.

had some dim sum with Sarah, chilled in the park and watched some mariachis, and later on in the evening pretty much did exactly the same thing as the previous night (trust me, I CAN explain *gulp*). oh, but this time Hwa and co. weren't there. truth be told, we were going to go elsewhere but alas alack, the undergrads have returned....and they're as obnoxious and smelly as ever. funny thing, just as Adrienne showed up I looked over and asked "say, you think we're going to be in the same social circle again?" methinks she didn't take it that well. meh....merely a douchbag. its good fun to poke fun at douchbags ; ) I thought that Kate chick was kinda cool though. cool sense of style, short hair, artist, crass sense of humour....though I accidently called her Anna (bad because that's the name of the dreaded boss) as she reminded me of Anna from the O.C. yes I watch the O.C., its a weakness. oh FOX, if you're listening, bring Anna back *snif*
Sarah stayed over, she was tired and suffereing from a bad case of the blisters. guess she didn't feel like walking home....pretty much watched TV all night....I mean ALL NIGHT. think I slept for 1.5 hours. god damn I require a bed. been sleeping on my sofa for over a week now. by hook or by crook, I'm picking one up by the end of the week before I forget how to sleep on a bed.

hmmm, we went over to the park for some brunch. good thing she left coz I really needed to sleep. Liisha called around dinner time....went to TJs.....had some grub...we split some serious fried stuff. man, North Americans really know their fried stuff. I'm surprised they don't have deep fried cheese...wait, they do. *clutching chest* . at any rate, we chatted about some interesting "prospects" which btw, if it bears any fruit, you lot will hear about it here. don't wanna jinx it y'know? but.....with my (or "our" for that fact) luck *ack* cruised over to the festival in the park again.....picked up some fly gear(a mirror and a lamp) for the pad for a cut rate price. oh yah, we also signed some petitions for Amnesty International. yeap, sent a personal letter to W. hopes he reads it ; ) also something about a million photo drive against the illegal trade of small arms. think I was #67, 2994. hmnmm, looking forward to checking it out on their website. got my radical left on, I was happy. anyway, went home shortly after.

C called....she was back in town as her brother Brian was heading out to BC for college. sounds like she's enjoying Toronto so far though she's not exactly thrilled about it. something about it not being a real city. I concur. I mean, Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with things every cosmopolitan city has but its void of fact its forced 'culture'. anyway, had some wine, caught up. twas fun, though maybe C had a little too much to drink. she was quite beligerant.

cleaned up the pad. oh and did it ever need cleaning. relaxed at home for the most part though I did got to the runt for a few pints with Ted. ran into Emil, Emma, and some Chris dude. Emil and I have GOT to dress differently. we were literally wearing the exact same thing. oh yah, the cheap thrill of the night: there was also this black SUV which drove past and stopped briefly at the eatery next door approx 13 times throughout the druation of the evening. we started to wave after drive-by #8....and finally when he picked up someone, the group of us decided that his actions deserved a standing ovation. figure he didn't really appreciated it though how hard would it have been to just park. dumbass.

gym, uni, back to work. pretty productive day all in all. got some good writing done. came back, chatted with Pat for a bit over Skype.....and here I am.

going to bed soon. but before I do, here's a couple of quotes:

"Would ye both eat your cake and have your cake?"
This is commonly misquotes as "You can't have you're cake and eat it, too."
-John Heywood, John Heywood's Proverbs, 1546

"Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired."
-Richard Kemph



Saturday, September 04, 2004 

why? because I'm stupid.

feel like a deer caught in the headlights right now. ever find yourself doing something so much so that while you're in the process of the act, you're also kicking yourself? yeap, me. right this moment. again, where's my dunce hat?

god damn this is problematic.


Friday, September 03, 2004 

loathing microsoft

it was brought to my attention that with this new format, some of you can't scroll all the way through the posts. truth be told, its not the new format as this had happened one or twice when the first template I had was up.

long story short, I spoke to the dept's tech person, Sue, and she said that its a problem with internet explorer on PCs, not the code (which was my initial guess). sooo, you lot can do one of 3 things.

1. hit the link to the archives
2. boycott internet explorer and use some other browser.
3. boycott microsoft products period.



thank goodness for obsessive compulsion

whoa.....I've spent the better part of 6 hours mucking around on this computer. note: this is the home computer, the fun computer, the mac. as you can tell, the site has recieved somewhat of a facelift....much of it has to do with figuring out some basic html, not to mention also becoming privy to the wonderful world of web hosting. good fun. yeap.....its sad but true.

managed to get that internet telephony program I spoke of working. looks like the good people at finally came to their senses and prgramed a mac version. pat brought this to my attention. needless to say, we chatted for a good while. there's something inherently good with (relatively) seamless long distance phone conversations without having to fork out a dime. though I'm still relatively freaked out about talking to a computer.

blogger is taking over my life. meh, everyone needs a hobby, at least its not crack.


did some banking this morning, ran some errands, went to the gym and then to uni to finish up my visa application and tried (being the operative word) to get some thesis stuff done..
ummm, yah...fairly pedestrian stuff. guess the only thing that's worth mentioning is that fitness assessment I recieved. in a nutshell: gained weight (8lbs), dropped body fat (now at 12.2%), and as far as muscle mass is concerned, upped an inch in various areas.....guess I can't really complain though the vast majority of you could still probably whoop me in any physical activity. except of course in badminton (yeeah....that's a counter productive argument. think I'll stop there).
you know what I've been doing all evening. *sob*


uni, errands. was supposed to meet up with Kat for pints. we made it so. good conversation....I think. Liish, Steph and Melissa popped by later on and we moved to the frog shortly after. something about moral support for Liish as she works her magic with a dude from Santa Barbara (hmmm, wonder how all that went). good night all in all....3.5 thumbs up out of 5.

s'all for now.

me need bed.....


Wednesday, September 01, 2004 

....and then it hit (again).

today's topic: repression.(its not going to be long, just long enough for me to make my point or to repress whatever's decided to surface)

k folks, have you lot ever carried on your day the way you'd normally routinely do it and then something/someone would appear/happen to make you go/feel "god damn it, here we go again...I remember being that hapless idiot." I liken it to something triggering the opening of floodgates to the sewage tank in the recesses of your mind. then you spend the rest of your day pondering whether you're still that hapless idiot(prolly am)...or maybe, just maybe, by the grace of Buddha, you've grown/matured as a person (again, 24 yr old with teenage angst*blarg*). well, today is such a day.

you know what'd be hilarious, and by hilarious I mean nightmarish in M. Night Shyamalan proportions, is to have all those things/people congregate while you are privy to it (think "jamboree" *eep*). hmmm, methinks this only goes to show one thing, apart from actually trying to be righteous(jeez, I can't even say that without laughing), I put way too much credence in social affirmation/desirability.

I digress.

on a COMPLETELY UNRELATED issue. there's this extremely reserved/shy professor (Beaujot) in the dept who btw is such a nice bloke. he was walking along the corridor this morning carrying a coffee in one hand a plastic bag of books in the other. as I was walking up behind him, I had half a mind of "ambushing" him by jumping in front of him and barking "WHAT'S IN THE BAG!?!?". the resulting mental pictue I'll leave up you. but alas, I did no such thing...though I chuckled my way back to the lab. you see, this is exactly how I collect things to repress ; ) god damn I crack myself up.

me hungry.....must eat.