Tuesday, August 31, 2004 


I'm sleepy. maybe I just love sleeping so much that saying I'm sleepy "allows" me to go to bed. just like eating so that you can enjoy a cig thereafter. the later I don't do (well not anymore at any rate), though the former makes a lot of sense right now ; )

I went to the gym this morning. lemme tell you, there's nothing like doing drop sets first thing in the morning....for lower body no less. feeling utterly sluggish, not to mention the fact that I have the gripping power of a 2 year old. fuck I hate dead lifts. tell me why I pay for this again? oh yes that's right, I'm simultaneously vain and lazy.

Monday, August 30, 2004 

the night they drove old dixie down

have you guys ever wondered what you'd be like if you had grown up south of the Mason-Dixon line? and one of the men that your grandfather had looked up to was Gen. Robert E. Lee? hmm just some thoughts. bloody random thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless.

this weekend wasn't that bad.....didn't get as much rest as I would've liked due to a distict lack of bed. we'll get to that.

I returned "my" bed to Rob(from the fraternity) in the afternoon. I've had it in my possesion ever since I moved to Central. he needed a place to store his new bed during the year and I needed a bed. seeing how the waterbed decided to mimick a busting damn. hmm, kinda brings back stark memories of waking up thinking that I had wet the bed(then wondering: how much I drank the previous night?!)-at age 23.

at any rate. had dinner with Sean, Ken, and Jen at this Viet/Thai place. fairly enjoyable experience. got some gossip on a mutual friend who after buying a $14,000 engagement ring, found out that his girlfriend of over 5 years had being seeing not one but two other guys. here's the kicker, she had been bugging him for an extended period of time to get married. note to self: run away from hot Chinese girls named Lily. apparently he's quite relieved. a little irked but relieved nonetheless. now what's left is the conundrum of getting reimbursed for that ring which he bought from a goldsmith in Chinatown....yeap, you guessed it, no refunds. aye....*slaps forehead*

met up with Cenk, Caglar, and Gail at Kool's. good to see Cenk again.....this guy cracks me up. very honest yet very awkward guy. kinda looks like a muppet. Rob met up with us. twas good to catch up with him as well. Cenk, Caglar, and Gail left for the Pheonix shortly after, while Rob and I went to the Alex P. Keaton. they tried to get me to go though I highly doubt you'd ever find me in the Pheonix ever again. not to judge, but do I look like a classless pinhead? wait, don't answer that.

ran into Emil and his 'friend' Monica at the Alex P. now this wierd, they seeme to have some of the same family members but yet they're not related. oh yah, they also seem to be quite "comfortable" with each other. but I thought he was seeing Emma. couldn't wrap my head around it for the life of me....meh, I give up. must be one of those postmodern relations ; ) also ran into Tina (from the Montreal roadtrip).

Cenk, and Gail came by exclaiming their disdain for the Pheonix....ahh, vindicated. Caglar remained there...which by deductive logic makes him a... ; )called it a night shortly after. G crashed at my place....this usually isn't a problem but not until we walked it did I realise that I didn't have a bed *gasp-where's my dunce hat?*. anyway, sleeping arrangements were interesting as she fell asleep first while I watched TV (sitting on the sofa-its a big ass sofa). I must have fallen asleep while watching TV as I got up in the middle of the night in exactly the opposite position as I was when I was sitting upright. the floor it was.

napped a lot. had dim sum with Myra and Dennis. went on a bed search with Duane...found a good deal at this surplus store. trust D to know where the good deals are. ate some dinner at Barakat. mmm, meat on a stick. the rest of the day was pretty much filled with periodic naps.

hrmmm....that's all folks.


Saturday, August 28, 2004 

hrmmm, so confused.

so Steph comes up yesterday and confronts me on this "secret" thing that I write everynight and apparently she's in it. put it that way, it definately conjures images of an inept stalker-type dude. yes Steph you're in it, no I don't write it everynight, and no its not a secret (though sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that it is). its called a blog, think of it as my newsletter. I just gave her the URL and soon after, Liish was into it as well. so yah, welcome Liish and Steph to the "head space" people. they're nice people most of the time ; )

had the most bizarre conversation with Pat and Al. the content of the conversation wasn't anything out of the blue but just the way we did it was a bit retarded. Pat and I have been trying to get this internet telephony program working and as it doesn't exactly work well on virtual PC on my mac (even after a lot of messing around with the configurations), I tried it in the grad lab the following day. see now the program worked perfectly, EXCEPT for the fact that the comps in the lab don't have mics. and so....the guys in KL spoke while I replied via instant messaging. it was a weird scene I can assure you. lets see now, me on a comp, laughing periodically while the IM screen shows a conversation between me, myself, and I. I can only speculate that Pat and Al (and Joa??) looked just as stupid talking to a computer. think talking to H.A.L. in 2001 A Space Odessey. anyway, quote of the day.

"I look good in pearls" -Pat.

soo yesterday.

uni, errands during the day. I had the best intentions of comming home to clean up my place but alas, sloth prevailed. went to the Runt Club with Emil for beer and mussels instead. god damn I love beer and mussels. had a pretty decent conversation about a whole slough of things. Emma popped by soon after (thank god coz people were begining to place us under homo suspicion).....and so did Kev, Steph, and Liish. good times were had by all, they're a fun group.

received a call from Alain.....it was house party time so I figured, meh, why not, its just up the road from my house. he also always has good music. generally speaking, it was ok. the crowd was kinda stuffy.....what with the vast majority of them being science type people who do research in labs. not to be judgemental or anything ; ) chatted with the group, fuddled with his DJ equipment for a bit, I inevitably became bored. gave C a call, she popped by. we caught up. (what's up with these sticato sentenses!?!?). at any rate, she's in the process of moving to Toronto and we haven't really had much of any opportunity to hang.

called it a night shortly after.

previous evenings (u guys know what I do during the day):

nothing too too interesting. just hung out with Caglar and Ted the one night and then with Brock, Ted, and some people from Brock's office with more money than sense on the other. relatively enjoyable.

hmmm, I've received more feedback from my last post than the number of comments would suggest. consensus? I'm a harsh, vindictive, bastard. I like to think that I'm somewhat of a generous guy and I take a lot of crap most of the time though as I explained to someone yesterday, "my generosity is inversely proportionate to the amount of whoop-ass you will receive if you cross me". that being said, methinks I have to work on not being such a vindictive dickwad at times. ; )

anyway. time to start my day.


p.s. watching the Arsenal/Norwich game right now. how good is this Arsenal team?!?

Thursday, August 26, 2004 

to be, or not to be an asshole (part II)

today's discussion will manifest itself in the realm of malevolent rancor. mainly whether people deserve to be treated that way. or conversely, do all people deserve to be treated with respect....."deserve" being the operative word as it presupposes a certain earning of respect. clearly, this is said under the assumption that we aren't as magnanimous nor benevolent as the buddha or gandhi, or hell, jesus. ponder this, isn't it duplicitous to exude behaviour which reflects buddha-esque positions but not really "feeling" it? methinks there's a difference between following doctorine and understanding or figuring it out for yourself. I digress.

back to rancor. regarding litigious/contentious human exchanges and interaction on how people should be treated, my main mental hurdle as it stands right now is whether we should subscribe to an ideology of "eye for an eye" OR one of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" OR "...turning the other cheek" OR none of the above. cause upon further contemplation, there is (or should be) a considerable amount of overlap within those viewpoints. given more so within certain content domains than others but the point is, the form of those statements aren't mutually exclusive.

debated it with Liish this morning over ham and eggs, once we got over the whole issue of making your bed and jolly well sleeping in it facet, things became complicated. especially when remorse and regret is thrown into the equation. can there be a middle ground? I seem to think so. as it stand right now, I say bring on the vindication of malevolent rancor, but ALSO showing empathy or even sympathy. I don't think its as dichotomous as oil and water. methinks one should have to be able to look for the tranquility in calamity. fuck black and white....embrace the grey.
for a more articulate discussion, refer to the last chapter in Erik Erikson's (1964) "Insight and Responsibility".

back to regularly scheduled programming:


uni, errands. hung with Caglar and Ted. talked about cars, and fake $200 wallets (Caglar's now sporting a new "LV" wallet). there's something inherently ridiculous with the distinction between authentic and fake merchandise. think about it, there's no such thing as a fake good. its all real, they're all tangible items. hmm, what's my point? oh yah. the point is then, why all the credence behind what a label(and just the label) could possibly represent? I mean, LV does make some cool suits and shoes, but why are those, truth be told, gawdy and tasteless bags that are covered with labels, so popular that there's an entire market for fake versions of it? so that's it folks, human essense is manifested in labels. think about it, how stupid would I look if I(or you!) wore a shirt covered in "BOON". I rest my case.

the day before:

uni, errands. spent some time talking to Sarah (now that's a name that hasn't featured on the "head space" lately) over pints. it was interesting....let's just leave it at that.

k, time to start work.


p.s. want something interesting to read? go to Pat's blog and read the latest post which features his conversation with Al over Heinekens and milo ais, titled "fear and loathing in taman desa". thought provoking yet fucking funny. you will know you're a geek if you can follow their analogies of alien invasions, Napoleon, and super powers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004 

the meaning of life

       Life is all about ass; you're either covering it, laughing it off,
       kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it,
       or behaving like one.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004 

"God damn you half Japanese girls"

hello again fair ladies and fine germs,

this day has been utterly (with a capital UTTER) unproductive day. not to say that no work was done but in proportion to the amount of time spent on campus, watching fingernails grow would've been more fruitful. apart from miniscule amounts of work and by my standards, the brothers in Delta Tau Chi (animal house) would've done more, I spent most of the day rediscovering Weezer. I remember having their first album being a permanant fixture in the discman for most of 1994/1995.

Weezer RAWKS. do they ever RAWK!

I also spent a whole bunch of time listening to Jeff Foxworthy (til a Southern drawl could be detected in my voice) and George Carlin....no one says "fuck you" with more gumption and conviction than George.

yeap....fingernails grow.

went to see my brother for a bit yesterday. he's back with updates from the homefront, not to mention some pineapple tarts and kueh lapis. mmmm, kueh lapis. apparently the economy is on the upswing and the job market is booming, which is good news for me. buh bye baby boomers. hmm, good to know that there 're other viable options apart from a PhD. middle management here I come ? (meh, gotta start somewhere). the world is in my hands, muahahahahaha!!! well, at least a fraction of the world. here's a pic of the "brothers Tng" (circa 1983):

Originally uploaded by hammy1.

hmm other people that are comming back. Cenk!! haven't seen that goof in a year. pretty stoked about him comming back to do a PhD. he's hilarious! also hailing from Turkey, Leyuze. pretty stoked about her comming back as well. actually, just got off IM with her. she asked if I wanted anything from Turkey....what a darling. will post a pic of Cenk when I get one but in the meantime, here's one of Leyuze (pondering exactly what I'm not too sure ; ) ):

Originally uploaded by hammy1.

righto....I'm out.


p.s. a very, VERY belated happy b-day to Duane on the "head space" (he's the brown one).

Duane battles the green monster
Originally uploaded by hammy1.

Monday, August 23, 2004 

monday bloody monday

feeling a little under the weather. methinks its due to the fact that its begining to cool down. Soon, it will all resemble this *head in hands followed by silent scream*.

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

*gasp, choke, wheeze* if I'm lucky, this will be the last winter for me in Canada. unless of course something terrificly drastic happens. like marriage (OUT! OUT! DAMN SPOT!) or somesuch. odder things have happened. otherwise, the plan is to regroup and leave on a jetplane to where the food looks like this:

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

and this:

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

and this:

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

and last but not least, this:

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

for the past 2 weeks or so, I 've been getting pictures from various people who think that its knee-slappingly hilarious to taunt me by such means (I rather you lot prod me with white-hot metal rods). It sucks because I can't possibly make these things. gah! *shakes fist*

at any rate, Chuck brought it to my attention that there's someone in the University of Tokyo who's doing research in my field. I met her once at a conference in Vancouver....her name's Yuki something (talk about a Jap name eh?). So Tokyo might be a phD destination. funky fashion sense and crooked (yet not ugly) teeth here I come! NUS is another one. I don't know if they're still bitter about me rejecting their M.A. offer. as a matter of fact, I can still hear the echoes of people yelling "YOU DUMB %$#@!". methinks Kate's encountering that as she makes her way to York...instead of the other Toronto university (which will remain anonymous ; ) ) regardless, I will make my decision when the time comes, the cool part is that I won't know where I'll end up.

speaking of Kate, today was her last day in the dept (I think). you know what? I think I will miss her quite a bit. which is weird because I only got to know her better (or if I may be so bold as to say "well") in the recent past depsite going through much of undergrad and grad together (hmm, the social spawning ground that is the grad lab does wonders). guess she left a bigger impression than I thought *single tear falling down cheek*. btw Miss Pendakis, I found the "secret note"....very ingenius ; )

other than that, today has been....well, routine. gym, uni, and copious amounts of coffee. going to go home soon, will prolly find MORE pics of food. what next?!?!? laksa!??! (hmm, I don't think I have that one in the "collection" yet).

Boon out.

p.s. oh yah...Calgar's back from Turkey.

Sunday, August 22, 2004 

barking spiders and other stupid things

came back a few hours from visiting Jim and Sandy at their "new" holiday home situated at the Lake Whittaker conservation area. its pretty much a campground by a lake with a "trailer park" on its premises. Brock, Ted, and myself drove up yesterday half curious and half apprehensive about this deal. bought some booze enroute and thought that it would be a bloody brilliant idea to get him a champagne bottle of Labatt Blue as a house warming gift. aka, trailer park champagne : )

when we arrived, some things became very obvious. the trailers were fashioned like mini cottages what with wooden decks and other additions made. everyone was a NASCAR fan, really friendly people but NASCAR fans nonetheless. and last but not at all least, they're quite proud of the subculture they've created. I have redneck friends. here's a thumbnail of Jim on his throne this past weekend.

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

meh, when in Rome, you set up your lawn furniture and drink beer over a campfire ; ) another one of the guys, Dave (who btw is minivan shopping for an impending family), popped by from London for the day as well. apart from the kick ass dinner Jim and Sandy prepared over the fire, didn't really do much but sit, drink, and chat. at one point I think the beer and corn started to do werd things to our gastrointestinal systems, which lead to a symphony of flatulance, or as Ted put it "barking spiders". seeing how we were huddled pretty close to the flame as it got quite cold, I'm glad no gas fires went off. whew!*wipes brow* : )

anyway, we camped out for the night....in the tent: Brock stewed in flatulance in his closed sleeping bag, I spoke in my sleep (apparently for the various characters in the dream *opens eyes widely*), and Ted, refusing to relieve himself due to the cold, thinks that he's damaged his kidneys. methinks something is fundamentally wrong with us lot.

morning came, we left....thinking, "now that was interesting". especially the convoy of modified golf carts which toured the site at night.

the day before:

spent the day at uni....had meetings with Chuck. they went well.....my mensa moment from the previous day was validated. I'm happy. as the day winded down, the group of us went over to the grad club to "send off" some of the leaving students. you could call it a celebration.

met up at Barney's shortly after and things got embarrassing.....for me at least. lets just say I got up the next morning thinking to myself (forehead slapping and all) "good god, what on earth possessed me to do/say that!??!" anyway, whatever I did/said, I'm desperately sorry.....(c'mon repression mechanisms, don't fail me now).

all in all, I guess it was a good night. here's a thumbnail of Rena and Kate (two of the leaving students) with yours truly. you will be missed....if you're lucky ; )

Originally uploaded by boonaroo.


Friday, August 20, 2004 

a lesson in histrionics

hello good people....well, most of you at any rate ; )

today's been, well, normal, ordinary, all round pleasant I guess. didn't really do anything out of the blue. the day actually started out odd in the sense that something didn't feel right. facied it to the sensation you get when there's a thorn lodged under your skin or having an unreachable itch. you could even call it "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" syndrome (which is wierd because I fell asleep on my sofa). things got better though.

let's see, went to uni, worked on ye olde thesis. I had a bloody epiphany as to the organization and logic of of my argument. felt quite brilliant, bordering on a mensa moment actually.
had a gym session in the evening, Marty (he's a new trainer) was hell bent on making sure I crawled out of there. he introduced me to this new term called "histrionics". I liken it to the "me me me", or "world revolves arounds me" syndrome that I spoke about a few posts ago. I like "histrionics" better....the conversation actually began with him speaking about music and then his band (who btw occasionally tour with Jack Black and the Intergalactic All Stars-what a riot!). as his gf is the singer of the band, he talked about her for a bit before exclaiming his disdain for "girly girls" who giggle, whine, play the victim when things don't go their way, and true to form, engage in "histrionics". where do I begin with examples?? I DO go to Western : ) pretty lively conversation though he seems more like a drummer in a band than a trainer. sounds like the music thing is going to bloody take off too. don't be fooled though, the boy knows his stuff.....ouch.
came back, ate dinner....wait, rephrase, overate dinner. Ted rung, we went for pints. oh before I forget to mention, Ted got a new truck! its a Nissan Frontier.....its sweet.....very Tedesque. Holly seems to be elated with it as well. Duane joined us later on in the evening as we became engrossed in Olympic gymnastics.


went to uni. I put in a long day yesterday. gosh. by the time the day was done, I was hurting for a drink. conveniantly enough, the lot of us got invites to the grand opening of the Alex P Keaten. by "lot" I mean Emil, Emma, Steph, and her bevy of female friends(OK, it was just Melissa and Lauren but I wanted to use the word "bevy"). a few other people were there too that we knew. good crowd. got served bits of scrumptious morsels throughout the night.....oh, not to forget coupious amounts of shooters as well. at some point Steph and I went over to meet Liisha and Tom as they placed orders for the spring line at the store.....good fun. the reps were hilarious, the gear was hype. we went back shortly after to resume with the festivities. oh yah, and Gail decided to pop by as well. good night all in all. quote of the evening "hey man, I think you dropped some gay on the floor"....mostly between myself and Emil. its funny because the both of us could be percived as being gay, what with the whole metro(god I hate that categorization) thing and all. note, do not say this to an actual homosexual....could very well be bloody offensive : )


uni. took Liish out for dinner for a belated b-day gift. overate again.....what can I say, it was Vietnamese grub.don't reallt remember anything else that stood out about that day.

hmmm, that's about it for now.



Originally uploaded by boonaroo.

speaking of overeating, this is a fat darrell. voted the best sandwich in the US. its made up of chicken fingers, mozarella sticks, french fries, and marinara sauce. and Americans wonder why they have an obesity problem.

Thursday, August 19, 2004 

what I yearn

prawn mee
Originally uploaded by boonaroo.
I can literally taste it.

on a separate note, I figured how to post pics!!

NB: that's the photo of the actual meal my mum prepared.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 


I've discovered a new and utterly pointless hobby (yes because I need more of those). Blogger has added this function at the top of whereby if you click the link which says "next blog" it randomly picks a blog in their d-base and takes you there.

it initially felt like a new, yet bizarre type of voyuerism though after awhile (OK, 2 HOURS)of galavanting through the this new "realm", I came to conclusion that 1) a lot of people are as lost as I am and 2)as if bound by some cosmic web (think "parallel evolution" in Star Trek terms- explains why all the aliens are humanoids)we're put through the gauntlet of very similar yet vastly different life experiances. humanity is facinating.

here's an excerpt from a blog I stumbled upon by "Greg" from NYC:

"It always strikes me as odd how sex, at the moment, can be this purely lustful act, especially when drunk, involving nothing more than just the fulfillment of carnal desires, then, much much later, that same moment, when talked, and discussed with someone else, can bring you to the brink of madness.

Even innocent things, like people talking about former lovers, ones you know they now hate, and even though you can relate with experiences of your own past, can make you so insanely jealous, and you just want to scream at your lover about what a slut they are.

I remember dating a girl, and I quote this often, and I asked her if she had ever had a threesome, and she said, "No, there were always more than 3 people involved," and I couldn't help thinking this girl, this girlfriend, laying in my bed next to me, was a complete fucking tramp.

Its funny how when we think of ourselves, we can realize that that one night didn't mean anything, that it was just sex. That we were lonely, we were drunk, we were horny, we needed validation, that it was just that moment, and it passed and now means nothing. Yet, when our partner admits to those same things, we forget all that. We forget how we felt in that same situation, and we don't understand how it could just be that moment, and that they betrayed everything they have ever felt to us, and we can never look them in the eye again. Not the same way.

And I think about this last weekend, where I blatantly took another girl home in front of the girl I have been casually dating.

I mean, I didn't mean to do it, but I ran into her on the way home with this other girl, and in an attempt to just avoid the awkwardness, just rushed home with the other girl, ignoring this girl's attempts at a confrontation.

But, its casual, and we both know that, but its not until she tells me her plan to fuck someone else that I understand.

That I realize how emotionally tied I am emotionally to this stupid act of sex. And I feel like shit.

And so I suggest that maybe we should stop the sex and stop fucking with each other's heads.

And she gets mad. Or maybe not mad, but something. Something that says no, stopping is not the answer. Its still too much for us to give up.

All those things that are supposed to contradict each other, like love and hate, holding on and letting go, they all seem as one.

Its like thinking you are drinking both gin and tonic separately, and then realizing they are forever mixed in some potent cocktail that will undoubtably fuck you up."


I starkly remember thinking the exact same thing a long time ago. exact.

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent."
-John Donne


Monday, August 16, 2004 

three girls, a guy, a Saturn, and miles of open road.

disclaimer: I'm in a rather mellow mood right now. and by rather mellow I mean extremely placid. so forgive me if I my explications don't do justice to the actual events. prolly due to the fact that I'm still relatively tired from the trip up and beyond the long day at uni I had today. Damien Rice being played in the background sure as hell doesn't help : )

so here it is: the adventures of Kate, Rena, Tina and Boon.

this all began as an off the cuff suggestion to go on a roadtrip before we go our separate ways when september rolls around. the destinations included camping somewhere between Toronto and Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, and then back to London. the initial plan was NYC but decided otherwise due to a few factors. no big disappointment on my part as I had recent been there.

Day 1: Sandbanks Provincial Park.

after taking an extended period of time to get out of town (surprise surprise), we hopped onto the 401 and took off. a quick pit stop in Toronto was made as Kate needed to drop off some forms. the decision as to which campground was made on the day of as well....Sandbanks Provincial Park it was. pretty good choice at that. after making a grocery/booze run in Whitby, we arrived just before nightfall. (oh, must not forget that to num the painful car ride, we listened to the CD version of "death of a salesman" among other things. good play that-review to ensue. another thing that kinda intruiged me was the ability to tune into the audio feed from Global though when the accelerator was pressed, it bacame quite staticy. odd huh?) this was quite conveniant as attempting to set up the tent and starting a fire in pitch darkness would've been poor form.

so the great outdoors. the park was quite scenic being located on a huge sandbank (duh) by the Bay of Quinte. hence, being very close to a beach yada, yada, yada. one thing though, I quite enjoyed driving through the quaint little towns enroute. people there must lead a simple, relaxing and worry-free life...relatively speaking of course. so the tent was pitched, fire started, and camping ensued. here's a clear indicator that I'm a "city slicker" (apart from suffering from the thousand and one mossie bites on me feet) : I used up half a pad of graph paper while attempting to build a fire in vain. meanwhile, Rena being the nature-loving hippie that she is : ) used the few scraps that was left to build a roaring flame. doh, and I wanted so bad to recreate the scene from "Castaway" in which Tom Hank's character triumphantly exclaimed "LOOK AT WHAT I'VE CREATED!" point Rena.

my only salvation was the utter success that was "chicken on a stick a la Boon". so we ate, we drank, gazed at stars, told stories around the campfire. quite typical. note: Rena is barred from telling ghost stories....it had more comedic value that anything else.

Day 2: Montreal

we packed up the gear and stuffed everything into the Saturn. real estate in the car was sparse throughout the trip to say the least. think comments were made by Rena and Tina about how myself and Kate weren't exactly the outdoors type. we weren't about to argue : ) particulary exemplified by Kate going "Eewww! that's disgusting but I'm sure its wonderful in its own special way" when we came across a web/caterpillar infested branch during an impromtu morning stroll. the cuteness factor in the statement was high but it did little to mask the look of stomach churning disgust on her face. hilarious!

the ride to Montreal was fairly uneventful (Tina and Rena occupied themselves with the occasional joint or three) except for the realization that we were getting peircing glares from other drivers as we approached the city what with being the only car with Ontario plates in an ocean of Quebec ones. Not to mention the very patriotic/separatist statement of "Je me souviens" (I remember) on the plates. there were even these two guys who waved/brandished the provincial flag as they zoomed by. though once they realised that the car was occupied by females (I was hidden behind a cooler), highway flirting commenced with bilingual signs no less. impressive. it ended once they could not understand our English signs. not so impressive.

we checked into this hotel after driving around for a bit. an old three storey Victorian terrace apartment building downtowon called Hotel Pierre if I'm not mistaken. the hotel was quite eclectic what with every wall and sometimes ceilings being virtual murals. it was also filled with furniture and decor from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. tres cool. twas easy on the wallet to boot.

as it was almost dinner time after we had settled down, we ventured onto one of the "trendy" streets (Rue St Laurant) to get some grub. oh, I ran into one of my students who was there with family there which was quite the pleasant surprise for both of us...Tanya Kaminsky was her name I believe. anyway, we settled on this Greek restraunt along the way and get this, not only was the food superb, you could opt to bring your own wine. so we went to the liquor store next door and got two bottles : ) deinately one of the better dinner outings in recent memory. being aptly filled and tipsy, we headed back to the hotel for a few more drinks.

we sauntered back onto St Laurant to hit the bars. the strip was FILLED with them. started out at the one relatively dungy one which translated, was called "Beef Steak"(WTF?), that was suggested to us. had a few there were I introduced Tina to the wonderful world of text messenging. shortly after, we decided to up the class factor and went to this other place (Blizzard) with an "edgier" feel to it. the DJ played some pretty good electronica. but alas, it grew old. hmm, I seem to remember Rena being hit on by some dude. she always seem to attract attention for more reasons that one : ) good for her.

as we were walking trying to find another place, we were drawn by the sound of a live band...needless to say, we gravitated towards it. it was called the Buddha Bar and apparently it was another location of the original one in Paris. very cool decor...mainly a fusion of east meets west design. this place kicked ass mainly because of the band though. music always seems to make or break the venue. the lot of us grooved to soul and funk for the rest of the night. chatted with band after they finished the set...the guys turned out to be cool as shit. get this, they perform with another bassist and drummer on other nights who play for Stephanwolf (of "Born to be Wild" fame). Tina had other ideas though....mainly concerning the guitarist ; )

all in all, Montreal has a wicked party scene. I had a ball of a time.

Day 3: Ottawa

after running around trying to get some banking done, we cruised the old city for a bit and got some lunch. damn it really feels like Europe...the surroundings, people, attitudes, etc.... afterwards, we walked up and down St Catherine which as some of you might know, is the main shopping strip. fancy it to a mini version of Broadway in NY.

sooo....back on the road. not after a harrowing 2 hour experiance trying to navigate our way through Friday evening rush hour traffic. islands with vaious bridges are bad for that. meh, the silver lining was that it allowed us to stock up some supplies at a supermarket. got into Ottawa around 8pm and met up at Rena's brother's condo. nice guy. name's Uri. went to grab some sushi for dinner. mmm, delicious sushi. though one thing did freak me out during dinner. you know how you get a dolllop of wasabe in proportion to the size your meal and most of the time you don't even finish it? Uri took wasabe consumption to stupid levels. we're talking about finishing a clump of it bigger than a golf ball with a 24 pc meal. ouch.

pretty much called it a night after dinner. Uri, Rena and Tina went off for a drink while Kate and I followed her friend and ex-roomie Chantal back to her place to sleep. me soooo exhausted. oh, and poor Chantal has a hoof print on the side of her head as she got kicked by a horse. the black eye was worse. ahhh, the perils of living in the country.

Day 4: Still in Ottawa

lots of walking around during the day. LOTS. had lunch at the Hard Rock, cruised around the market, Parliment hill, visited friends (and baby of friend) etc. another one of Kate's ex-roomie Tobin (sp?) joined us for the most part. Ottawa is so much more scenic that I remembered it to be. of course the few times that I was there was either for varsity tourneys or frat parties. one's an indoor sport and the other well, I don't remember much : ) oh here's an interesting factoid: the parliment building is right next to the US embassy. while tourists can cruise the grounds within the compoud of Parliment hill, the US embassy was a literal fortress. interpret it anyway you want to.

the night out. started out with dinner and a few bottles of vino.....pretty much bar hopped after that. went to a pub, then a club I only describe as a mirror image of the Ridout (why?), and then to this other place I didn't really care for as it was jammed. the evening wasn't without incident however. due to the black eye, Chatal was mistaken for an abused woman more than once : ) what a trooper. Rena got sloppy.....funny sloppy at first, then maggoty sloppy thereafter. I'll refrain from getting into the details....only because there's too many of them. some hilarious, some hair-raising. good thing she got home safely.

Day 5: homeward bound

had breakfast at some diner in Ottawa. twas good. just drove home after that. had to make a short detour in Hamilton to drop Kate off. it felt kinda good being in Hamilton again. jeez its been years. lots of good memories....eh Pat?

AND....I'm done.

thoroughly enjoyable time I must say.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004 

gaya, mutu, keungulan....

I was just thinking of those cheesy Alfred Dunhill of London advertisments from home. heh heh. there's nothing like Malaysians pretending to be Europeans. imagine if the ads truly reflect the target market of the product? you'd find a group of old malay men sitting by a roadside kampong(village) mamak stall drinking coffee and eating kueh. either that or others in an open air coffee shop drinking big bottles of ABC stout while a tiny TV blares some irritating Cantonese drama. "gaya, mutu, keungulan" my ass : )

hmmm, looks like Jan and Pat aren't the only ones tormenting me with local food. my mother sent me pictures of some of my fav dishes that she had cooked this past weekend. in high definition no less! god is dead.....

I'm taking off for a few days on a road trip to Quebec with Kate, Rena, and Tina today so I won't be making any posts for a bit. its going to be a camping/backpacking thing....should be fun.


Monday, August 09, 2004 

I'm turning into a redneck

the Kings of Leon is still on heavy rotation on my ipod....it been the case for over a week now. you know you're dialed into the music when you begin to do research on the band and find commonality with the lyrics....even when you're father's not a travelling pentacostal preacher from Tennesee : ) wait, it is wierd that I'm now wearing tinted avaiator glasses and thinking of growing a moustach? there's something about the simplicity of the lyrics coupled with raw rifts. here's a sample of one of my favs:

little mona lisa laying by my side
crimson and clover pulling overtime
I feel too close to be losing touch
like giving in when I'm giving up
now I losing way too much
-California Waiting

the song's generally about getting hung up about wanting life to be perfect and have this obsession cause a spiralling emotional downfall. then there's this other one about a crooked preacher who uses religion to take advantage of lonely housewives. oh the humanity! ; ) its a nice break from my other music which is heavily laden with either hidden meanings or political commentary.

I digress.

back to your regularly scheduled programming.

what did Boon get up to this weekend?

before I begin, lets just assume that during the day I'm at uni shall we?

fri: hung out with Brock, Ted, and Holly for most of the evening. had beers, nuff said.

sat: hung out with Ciara for most of the evening. had beers, nuff said. oh wait, must add that she's moving to Toronto with Art. tis good to see her making viable long term life commitments. good for her! actually Daryl, you might run into her as she's moving to young and egg.

sun: had dim sum with Duane. and oddly enough, I stayed home during the evning as I caught the writting bug. decided to take full advantage of it as it doesn't come along frequently. its usually forced.

like how I'm going to force myself now.


Friday, August 06, 2004 

Kings of Leon

been listening to a lot of their music lately. they're a bunch of brothers from the southern US who look like cutouts from the early 70s(remember what the guys from CCR looked like? very similar). they describe themselves as a country-punk-garage-family band. confused? how 'bout this: Uriah Heep meets The Band. hmm, you know its southern rock when they pronounce "get" as "git"....heheh. nevertherless, its splendid stuff...raw, but splendid. check out their website.

apart from those guys....you might also want to check out mason jennings (he's a little folky but pretty good) and the beautiful girls (chilled out, soulful, acoutic, melodies).

on a separate note....I took another shot at prawn curry . aside from the prawns, okra, tomatos, crab, onions, garlic, shalots, coconut milk...I diluted it, added Knorr seasoning (aka MSG), sugar, and eggs. I tell you what, it tasted bloody good. the downside is that my place smells like Raju Vicknesh Subramaniam's (add your favourite Indian here) house now. methinks the smell is going to linger for a bit.

righto...time for academics.


Thursday, August 05, 2004 


my prawn curry needs some serious tweeking. it looked like it would taste good when I prepared it yesterday but boy was I ever mistaken. well actually it wasn't too bad. twas a tad bit too dry and oh yes, HOT!! we're talking incessant inhalations with my mouth partially closed so as to cool my tongue down hot.....not to mention, the requisite waterfall of sweat(have you ever wondered why is it that when you sweat from hot food, its only from your face? or am I a freak?). methinks a few more attempts and it'll be somewhat delicious. moreover, there were some ingredients that don't particularly exist in close proximity.....like tamarind juice, and halda seeds. even if they did, I wouldn't know what they look like. hmmm, you know what would be a great thing have around the corner? a 24 hr mamak stall. : ) it would save me from all this wretched rubbish.

spent some time in uni during the day....fettling with some of my work. unsuccessfully I might add. hopefully today will be better.

chilled out with Kat in the evening over a few pints. chatted, gossiped, and all the rest of it. she's off to Montreal with Brad on some romantic getaway....have fun kids ; )


boon out.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

post no.134 (I'm void of clever smart-ass titles today)

Kate defended her thesis yesterday. good on ya! had some dinner at TJ's with her and Rena. we were going to indulge in a spot of sushi but alas, plans changes. methinks my mistimed shower had somthing to do with it...narf! not to mention people glarring from the road pondering "who's that naked man yelling from the balconey?" as I tried (successfully) to alert Rena to the fact that I WAS home just after she rang my buzzer in vain.

after dinner, we went over to Kool's for a drink or three. Erin, Jeremy, and Tina came by also. Erin is in the department, Jeremy is husband of Erin, and Tina well, Tina's just Tina ; ) Kool's got boring so we sauntered over to the martini bar for a few more....and that's that. pretty good evening all in all...*ahem* rowdiness and all ; )

so another one from the lot who's done.....*sniff* must...trudge...on... ahh, speaking of which, yesterday was pretty productive. I'm quite pleased. looks like I could be back into the groove of things.

on a separate topic: nocturnal creatures.
had some fairly intriguing correspondence with Leyuze for a bit after I got back from uni....it was almost dinner time in Canada but its 7 hours ahead in Turkey. she said that she had been up all night and a bit of the morning struggling to entertain herself so she would be asleep during the day. apparently its unbearably hot and humid over there. but to go to such measures to avoid the day? the only others I know who subscribe to such a mindset are vampires : ) *slaps forehead* I'll never understand the female of the species.....but hey, whatever makes you happy I guess : )

think I'm going to go watch "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" tonight with Duane. go figure, a chinese guy and an indian guy going to watch a stoner movie about a chinese guy and an indian guy. its cool to be coloured : )

alright....work time.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004 

bosh's log....supplemental.

once again, Daryl's words of wisdom.

"Sorry to back-track a little, but I've been out of commish for a while. I find Booner's thoughts on 'cool' to be on the right track. Why do we strive for cool? I think a personal development step often requires leaving cool behind for a while and doing your own thing, which oddly enough can often require following the footsteps of people who aren't considered cool.

Which brings me to point 2: why is being an autonomous individual so important? Obviously, being a follower and being run by the trends isn't the most rewarding lifestyle. But why must everything be new, exciting, and different? I read Buddhist text once with a chapter entitled 'Progress and Novelty'. This monk was trying to say that we forsake so much rich culture and wisdom in the search of continually attempting to be awestruck by the novel. He argued that these values make it difficult to fully 'live in the moment' and be content. It was an interesting point, and made me think about our culture's continual pursuit of the 'new'.

So the search for individuality can, from this point of view, SOMETIMES be a bane on the world and oneself. On the flip side, what is wrong with accepting your limited role on the earth, accepting your own flawed nature, accepting your need for other people to survive, being humble, and having humility? After all, if we all constantly searched for individuality, the environmental, social, and psychological costs of this ego-tripping would be incredible.

In sum, being a humble follower can sometimes lead a self-improvement that can't be found elsewhere (although it doesn't sound all that cool).

And one more thing: I'd rather be funky than cool. When you think about it, 'cool' can sometimes imply that you're brooding (James Dean), tortured (Marlon Brando), or just plain unhappy (Thom Yorke). But if you have the funk, nothing can stop you, baby. Nothing is bringing the funk down. Funk is the happy side of cool. And it can dance, too."


bring the funk ; )


Monday, August 02, 2004 

a fate worse than asbestos...in the short term

its the long weekend. while people are sunbathing on the "beaches" (phah! what a farce, Malaysian construction sites are better. beach "culture" in Canada is pathetic and tacky.), and doing holiday-related stuff, life trudges on in a psuedo mundane yet stable manner for me.

Friday: went to uni during the day to get some semblance of work done......productivity was low. damn, its been low for over a week now. the only thing quasi memorable was engaging in conversation with Kate. I must say its quite enjoyable, she's good business. back to work...methinks its kick-in-the-arse time.

went home, had some dinner and then proceeded to have one of the most unfruitful slouching sessions in recent history. I mean the highlight were these series of programs on the sport of polo and one called "pimp my ride" ; ) oh...and I have to apologise to all the people that called and caught my answering machine; didn't feel in very social mood. figured that it would be best to stay home than to go out risk having "anti-socialite Boon" run rampant.

Sat: sorted out my apartment for most of the day. it was high time too as it had deteriorated into sty-like conditions. get this, I even vacuumed. that's right, I OWN a vacuum. shortly after, I got invited to some pool party at Gail's. it was this reunion thing for the girls in the group. twas a decent time. it was clear that the group had a lot of history and so I assumed the role of "spectator" for the most part.

Sun: cleaned up the pad even more. what can I say, obsessive compulsion works in mysterious ways. : ) went for a grocery run with Duane. its been awhile since I did groceries. some of you can attest to this, when you don't do it for an extended period of time, you end up wih the most obscure purchases....like ocra (lady's fingers). what the hell am I going to do with ocra!?? hmm, at least I didn't end up with a head of cabbage, eh Leyuze? ; )

went over to Brock's with Ted to help finish his basement. my job mainly consisted of insulating and putting up dry-wall (plaster wall). back breaking work I assure you....or more the fact that 've lived a sheltered life : ) I would've just hired Indonesians ; ) all in all, it was fun. though I must add that the combination of fiberglass insulation and dry-wall did a number on my nose. I was a mucous factory. we called it a day around 10pm and went over to the Alex P. Keaten for a few pints to wind down....still looking like construction workers mind you.

Mon (today) : got a wake up call from Liisha at 9am (hate when she does that!). she wanted to do breakfast. good thing we always have breakfast at Plantations (its just downstairs). Jamie and Amanda stopped by. we ate, we talked, we laughed and because it was Plantations....we tried to look cool ; ) quite unsuccessfully I must add.....duh. : )

going to do some work now.