Tuesday, June 29, 2004 

Beware: Human Chameleons (or Cephalopods)

On my way to the lab today I ran into and chit-chatted Melissa (an aquaintance of mine through Steph). As you might recall, she's the Chinese/Irish one. Midway into the conversation, I stumbled upon a startling realization. She coloured her hair! Its now this blondish brown mish-mash.You're prolly wondering why I'm making such a big deal of this....Here's why: you see, prior to the trip to the salon (I can only assume she did that), she had black hair. you know the type, boring as hell (but safe) straight and black. This time round, I hardly recognised her until closer inspection (read: boon checking out chicks). Now that she has hair more commonly seen on caucasians, her Irish features became helluva lot more prominant....almost surpassing the Chinese ones. Bizarre huh? Because the first time I met her, I could've sworn that she was just plain yellow : )


hmmm, what did I do since I last checked in?


finished the first draft of chapter 2 *a billion souls cheering in unison* now I'm on to the tedious task of constant revisions. speaking of which, I should be do that right NOW. no....pointless endeavours first.

returned home. following an msn conversation, Sarah sauntered over and we went to get some food. charming experience per usual....AND not to mention the "crazy homeless lady" who was having a wonderful conversation with her imaginary friends. NB: plural-that's when you know you've fallen off the deep end, if you have more than one : ) She DID mention that I looked good though. *sigh* I take what I can get.....

went home....lazed....tried to get more work done while trying to fight off some undefined illness rahter unsuccessfully mind you. sooo, decided to take up this option to go sip on some martinis with some people from the dept (Ayesha plus Gail). mmm, Cointreau.....the French make tasty intoxicants. Good times were all by all...well, almost all. On my way out, I ran into Brian (C's brother)...bad news.....he had a double shot of whiskey for me (eep!). home was most definately on the agenda after that.....

that's about it for now....


Monday, June 28, 2004 

To be or not to be (a prick)

I had originally started out this rant on passive aggression. More specifically, that although it should be viewed with bemusement, there's something to be said about a well executed passive aggressive "maneuver". Even more so than explicit violence as the act itself lacks that facet of covert complexity. Rather barbaric, but sometimes chivalrous notheless. Its just too bad chivalry is lost in postmodernity. Anyway, my point was, if done well, the "victim" should be left at sixes and sevens without any means for retaliation nor recourse because the agressor had already emasculated (Pincon et al, 2004: www.patsanitarium.blogspot.com) any possible avenue for vengence (add various tangible factors into the scheme when need be). If there was any need to, I'd much prefer implcit over explicit agression(plus, most people tend to look like retarded simpletons when they're noticeably cross). Now THAT'S symbolic violence baby! *MANIACLE LAUGHTER* (mind you, a Kalashnikov sure does the trick at times)

Well, this was supposed to be stretched over a few more paragraphs, but then I got a call to go bowling. Kinda broke my train of thought....funny how that happens : ) Damn, I was in such an interesting mood too!

Anyway bowling: I get reminded why I go bowling no more than twice a year. nuff said.

The rest of the night was forgetable. I should've stayed home.

As for today, I booked the ticket for NYC. Should be good....looking forward to leaving town for a bit. Feel I'm getting bogged down by mind numbing "little things". Guess this trip's kinda like a mental sorbe(sp?). y'know a palette cleanser to prepare you for the next course of the meal?

bah....I'm off.


P.S. Janice: pfft! Lotus root's disgusting.....but oyster omelette......mmmmm...... VENGENCE WILL BE MINE!! : )

Friday, June 25, 2004 

mom's log, supplemental

I also have this opportunity to visit New York City for the weekend for cheap.
I'll be going down with a friend and staying in her uncle's appartment. Its walking distance for Times Square.
The flight's about 100 return. Its a good deal, I want to go. (NB: I NEED to get out of dodge for awhile.)

mummy dearest:
ok, err.... who is her???
take the city tram for a no-limit city tour round NYC, very nice and go
Liberty Island. Lots of blacks, look like they're gonna shoot or kill you
anytime. (reaction: 1. not every female I come into contact with is a potential wife. 2. females I come into contact with generally don't conspire against me. meh, at least she's on my side : ) )

nuff said. oh and she's joking about the African American thing. Malaysians should be able to understand the crass humour.

Thursday, June 24, 2004 

This is why I have fucked up relationships with people

email correspondence with my mom:

subject: your Malay gf (reaction: uh oh....I don't remember a Malay gf)

mother: The fat little girl you dated at Clark Hatch has been sacked! (reaction: whew!! and I thought it was something serious. what the? I never dated her. not that I can remember, well, at least not in my mind. something fishy is going on...)

keong: what happened? oh, and she wished she could date me : ) (NB: Boon being cocky. its true. no seriously, she was pushing the envelope pretty hard. to the extent that when one day I went in and didn't day hello, she refused to talk to me for the rest of the week. Malay/Muslim women man...I've heard the rumours man but whoa....)

mother: well, reasons given: too fat (to be a role model in a gym) and too lazy....
I'm sure there's more to that. (reaction: mother wouldn't be satisfied even if I brought home a Danish Princess. methinks there's some projection onto my attitudes)

I love my mother : )

didn't do much of anything yesterday, had some grub with Liisha at the Runt Club. mmmm, portabello mushrooms..... decided to go check out "Dodgeball" thereafter. Can't believe they made a movie about a preschool recess game. Moreover, here's the cast: Ben Stiller, his wife (can't remember her name but she was the blonde in Zoolander), Vince Vaughn, Chuck Norris (NICE!), William Shatner, and get this, Lance Armstrong (what, le tour de france not good enough??). Anyway, go check it out....laughed my ass off.

K, time to grab some food.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004 

...and the "spaghettis" are OUT.

The Italians are out of Euro '04. Can't say I'm too gutted. Word to the wise, arrogance and greasy hair aren't going to get you very far.

To give you guys a run down on things, I'll begin with the day before yesterday coz I was encapsulated in the "Fortress of Solitude" (aka my flat) for the whole of Sunday. That's right folks, not one step out my door. Hermitage Rules!

Went to gym early in the morning. same old, same old. had a good laugh throughout the session, this muscle bound freak's got a sense of humour...better yet, MY sense of humour. But the name calling's brutal.....apart from the staple "Boss" and "Chief", "Chief Rakka" is the newest thing he calls me. I'm just glad he isn't using "Beast" as much anymore, not to mention my all time fav, "Big Bad Boon".

Got some work done on campus. I'm reaching the halfway point.....hopefully I'll still have my hair when its all said and done. Had lunch with the prof I worked for this past year. I'm getting him hooked on eBay. sucker.....oh, and Davey boy's a new father! Good form, good show (what??).

Came home exhausted as usual and plunked down on my sofa for a nap (this sometimes turns into a full blown sleep). Good thing D called. Decided to head out to "Little Korea"(its this strip of about 5 shops that sell groceries to karaoke) for a spot of dinner, not after being seated at another place and changing our minds in the last minute (love it, I told the waitress that something came up). Anyway, we gorged ourselves. bah, still not chilli crab.

Got some MORE work done. Went to East Side Mario's for a spot of lunch with Gail. Went back to campus....work. G stopped by in the evening and we watched "movies" among other things. In a nutshell, it was about economic models and the road to globalization. It was pretty interesting but 4 hours later (with one more disc to go) and us spralled out on the sofa, we called it quits.

well, I just got up and I'm sitting in front of the computer in my birthday suit. hey, my flat, my rules. gonna hit the gym fairly shortly. got a squash game this afternoon. hmm, that about it so far.


Sunday, June 20, 2004 

O how much I long for you

Dearest family, friends, foes, and blurry "in betweens", I currently have this painful yearning for chili crab....AND nasi lemak, beef rendang, prawn curry with brinjals, and not to mention everything that yields from Penang. awww....murtabak for breakfast. hah! who needs Pavlov's dog when you have "Maniam's (or pick any local name- Abdullah, Ali, Gopal, Ah Kow, Ah Pui, Salleh, Fatimah, Siti......) Human". DAMN YOU Frenchy! You just HAD to bring back the painful memories. passive aggression ain't gonna get you anywhere boy. : )

Hmmm, so what's been going on the "Life of Boon" (apart from mad salivation)?

Euro 2004: First and foremost, how time flies eh? The next championship always seems to far away what with it being 4 years away. I could remember during holland/belgium 2000 thinking "man, I'll be 24 by the time this rolls around again". and now I'm 24.....*sigh*. Anyway, good matches so far. Same old teams underachieving(ahem, Spain), same old minnows overachieving. for more info check out www.soccernet.com There IS this one thing though. I need mates to watch the games with....I don't even care if you're greasy Italians : )

Thesis: Had a bad week. a good chunck of my work went missing...and you KNOW how long it takes me to write. I went into "fuck it" mode for awhile. must.....trudge.....on.......oh and btw, please....no more "hey, when are you done?", "are you done?", "how's the thesis going?" it enrages me to no extent....a "come on lad" will suffice.

Social life: chilled out with Brock, Ted, and the "Mule" at Reds last night. traded witty banter, gossip, car talk and what have you. went over to meet up with Amanda and Jamie at the lizard lounge for some b-day thing. don't think I'm going back there. yuuccckkk! I felt uber dirty.
hmmm, apart from that, some porch drinking with the Travers-Gillespie's. oh....here's a new-found pastime of mine: sipping on something on the patio at Plantations while watching people spill out of the bars. there's WAY too much hyper masculinity out there.....its too funny.

anyway. food(the inferior type) time.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004 

The Chronicles of Boon

rant #1: "the empty vessel makes the most noise"

we all have loudmouths in our lives but ever so often, an extra special one comes along. you know, the one with the nasal voice that breaks the 2000db mark with mind numbing self promotion. their only reason to speak to you is to expound how bloody fantastic of a waste of flesh one is. with my luck, I share life-space with more than one of these fine specimens. its espcially awesome when the group of them get together to have a jamboree. I liken it to the sqwaking of aquatic avians as they jostle to outdo each other during mating season. hmmm, I think we've broken the world record for the number of times "I", "Me", and "My" were said today at glass-shattering volume.pleagh, I find more solace in ripping out my nose hairs.

rant #2: "the one that got away"

why is that we as a species are so prone of not being appreciative of what we have in the constant search of elusive anomalies? not that there's anything wrong with exploration but there's definately something to be said about inculcating the present. it is only when the object in question caeses to exist that one is left with the sinking feeling of emptiness and longing. I'm reminded of this as I listened to John Mayer's rundition of "why did you mess with forever?". mind you, its a song about love lost and all that jazz but the same logic can be be applied to various other domains: ideology, employment, inanimate objects, animate objects, and so on.... how many times have you found yourself lamenting while mumbling the words "what a waste"? so I say, be careful of what you take for granted for you never know the value of what you've lost til its gone. things are never as resilient/permanant as they appear to be. carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero folks.

rant #3: "flip flop"

slippers.....I have a love/hate relationship with slippers.they are by far my favorite form of footwear. however, I find Haitian bankers to be more reliable. these blasted things (even the leather ones) don't last me past 2 months. "Boon tested" sticker for quality control anyone?

that's that for now.

boon out.

Monday, June 14, 2004 

feeling very oliptical today.

once again, due to some scheduling fuck up....the workout was postponed (hah, got a free session out of it). nonetheless, I made use of their equipment for a spot of cardio. tried the oliptical machine. all I have to say is, whoa. talk about odd movements. all in all, it WAS a good full body sweatout. oh yah, and walking was quite the chore after the machine what with the totally bass ackwards movements and all.

what happened this weekend?

thurday(c'mon, its the weekend!): my brother graduated! woot! the Tng boys have a 100% graduate record (pics to follow). what else, helped Duane move into his apartment. very....interesting...building....in a haunted, restless spirits kinda way. meh, rent's cheap and its all inclusive. who cares about the ghosties : )
had a wedding rehersal for Brock's big day (pics to follow). y'know, just so we don't fuck up. the groomsmen had an easy job though. lots of standing around and showing people to their seats.

friday: the big day. the boys played a quick 9 holes in the morning which I decided to sit out. figure, why pay money for me to suck at something and have people laugh at me when I suck at something. see you on my court punks. : ) anyway, I accompanied C (yah after a long drawn out mess of a situation, I was lucky it worked out. talk about a "foot in mouth" scenario. sorry Gail...AND Rhea) to help pick out her outfit. the way I see it, if I'm stuck in a tux, she might as well be my accessory....and thanks to Liisha, what a fine accessory she made ; )

met up with the boys after golf at Blue Ginger for burgers. yah you heard it, "Blue Ginger for BURGERS". we're talking about a $15 burger here, preceded with tempura encrusted sushi. man, this thing was so bloody big, I could not for the life of me finish it. talk about needless opulance....pfft.....blue ginger for burgers. boy it sure sucks to be poor-and I mean this in the most "left wing" way.

time check: 1.5 hrs til I had to be there. I decide to go home for a brief siesta but alas, technical difficulties. C had a footwear crisis that required some remedy. long story short, she picks me up, we go to the mall, I bring my shoes for some badly needed buffing (free. bonus!), solved her (pricey!) shoe problem, she got her makeup done at Este Lauder (another freebie!) and got out of there. by now, its 15 minutes til I have to be there and I'm unshaven, unshowered, unclean. FACK! no worries......everything took me half an hour. people weren't even there yet.

ahh, the wedding at the Windamere Manor.....what can I say, it was amazing. straight out of a movie. black and white theme (which worked really well), outdoor(perfect day and setting), very, very classy...right down to the cocunut prawns. no long drawn out dinner (instead, servers tending to your every need), no long drawn out speaches (hate those), and OPEN BAR! it was an evening to remember.

1 wedding down, 2 to go.

didn't do much of anything for the rest of the weekend.

meh, I'm off...for now.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004 

"my imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems"

some guy on campus was wearing a t-shirt with that printed on it. I had a good chuckle over it....so did pedro (my imaginary friend) : )

watched the NHL finals last night on a terrace with the usual suspects, plus Alain (young prof at the uni). it was a good game...pretty intense. think its most involved I've ever been regarding an ice-hockey game. being the last Canadian team in the competition, the patrons naturally rooted for Calgary (I thought the red dye in the beer was a novel touch) but alas, Tampa Bay prevailed. doesn't it seem odd that a team from Florida would win?? its like a Jamaican bobsled team (oh wait...). oh, as an aside, I currently have a streak of bright red highlights that meander from the front to the back of my head and I thought that it was interesting when people pointed my out as a "die-hard" fan. pfft....I couldn't care less.

after the game, Alain and I went over to Barney's for a spot of scotch. mmm, scotch..... chatted about a whole bunch of things. good times were had my all.

ran into sharon (a research assistant) outside while having a ciggie. she seemed to be in fine spirits...not. guess it was so bad that she didn't even want to talk about it. hmm, from the sounds of things, she was on her way to the grad club for whiskey. ahh yess, alcohol's quite the mood elixor.

meh, I'm off for now.....engrossed in an msn conversation.


Monday, June 07, 2004 

crisis in technicolor ; )

well, in all honesty today's not that bad. I've been preoccupying myself with a decent amount writing and a whole bunch of sidetracking. I managed to get my hands on this classical IQ test. hell, the psych department is merely a few floors up. the silver lining in this mess of meaninglessness(I think) is that I've got an IQ of approx. 140. can anyone confirm if that's good or bad? *fingers crossed*

hmm, wonder if I can get my meathooks on tests for EQ....watch me crash and burn. hah!

meh, I really shouldn't dwell on this too much. funny thing, I can harken back to a time when a few people were accusing me of being overly optimistic (hmm, I wonder when the "ESPN turning-point" occurred). I think on certain levels, I still am. however, I DO find some solace in wallowing in this ever-deepening pool of cynicism and self-loathing (if one can call it that). in an ironic twist, it reminds me that I'm alive. consider the alternatives...I refuse to be a drone that pushes things away in the excuse that one shouldn't "think so much". its rather irresponsible don't you think? is ignorance really that blissful?

As an interesting sidenote: I've realized that the audience to this blog has recently grown as people have been wanting to discuss these daily rants. truth be told, I find it a little difficult to carry-on such a discussion as my outward behaviour generally doesn't reflect these inner conflicts ("generally" being the operative word). perhaps its better if such conflicts remained "inner". in retrospect, its quite contradictory considering the medium I'm using to convey these thoughts (argh! so confused). REGARDLESS, with those who do not explicitly voice their opinions, its pretty easy to tell from their behavioural changes during conversations. I find the most interesting ones are those who ever so often drop lines from earlier posts consciously (subconsciously) without explicitly engaging the issue at hand.
anyone fancy a little mental fornication? : )

on a COMPLETELY different topic, I'm just thinking about last night's dinner with Myra's family (and Dennis). Which reminds me, I wonder if I thanked her for the dinner(doh!). Nice enough people I gather....though a few things need to be said. 1) mother and daughter are so very similar! 2)they are archetypically Singaporean (nuff said). how can two countries (Malaysia and Singapore) be so similar but yet so different. Hmm, anyone care to start a debate?

on that note. so long.....




Myra's mother and grandmother were up from SIngapore to attend her convocation. the lot of us went to the Keg for dinner/drinks/etc....local content in my life is good after quite the hiatus.

on a different note, I find myself in quite the passive-aggressive mood lately. think its a reflection, or more specifically, a projection of some extended discontent with the state of things. hmm, wonder if I'll ever be fully content with life. hmm, don't really know why nothing seems to excite me. cynicism is running rampant.


Sunday, June 06, 2004 

beside myself

this is the epitamy of laziness....I've not done anything today but slouch while watching an "Iron Chef" marathon. get this, I'm not even home. I'm too lazy to go home and laze.

well I DID go out for breakfast with some of the guys. Kat was working....hey twice in two days, imagine that! oh lordy...I'm in a fine mood this day.

oh yah, Sarah popped by a few days ago. we went to Bertoldi's for some grub....then to a coffee shop thereafter. she seems to be in good spirits (nice to see some people are). anyway, twas good.

Ronald Reagan passed away today at age 93. kinda feel sad in the sense that it marks the end of an era.

not in a talkative mood. to put it bluntly.....to hell with all this (for now).



evening of utter idiocy

it was brock's bachelor parrty tonight. he put up a brave front but nonetheless capitualted to making nothing short of a fool of himself.

saw a few peole I've not seen in awhile.....
kat: good to see her after awhile.
sean: good to see him after awhile. he now by the way has quite the phoney bristish accent.....like how I now have quite the phoney "canadian" accent. I find it quite creepy.

superego kicking in:
made quite the fool of myself. contemplating life as a hermit.

I'm off before I incriminate myself even more....


Thursday, June 03, 2004 

bring the funk

yesterday was pretty eventful.

Workout: as usual, pretty hard. my trainer took it upon himself to put me through a full body workout. some highlights include one-legged squats with 200 pounds of weight immediately followed by jumping lunges (with added ballast no less). oh yah, anf lest we forget half an hour of abdominal exercises. that sneezing fit later in the day was a whole bag of goodness.

Haircut: I find solace in my visits to the salon. Jagoda (the hairdresser) and I have this symbiotic understanding. its a good thing. how many times have you found yourself in quiet but utter anger as you smile and nod while the stylist (or indian barber) decides to completely butcher your hair (a la "mad max from thunderdome"). Oh...and apparently rat-tails are going to be in vogue soon. yeap, the 80's are definately back.

Work: put in a few productive hours yesterday. ALRIGHT....I lie through me teeth : ) but I DID get some writing done.

Drinks!: Rena (who by the way, is Glasgow bound for her phD - good on ya!) Tina and myself decided to hit the "office" for mo gravy (aka funk night). twas an evening of merry-making I must confess. ran into a few choice people there too. the video guy from my fav independent film shop (flixx), who's alway cool to chat with (ebert and roper eat your heart out). apparently there's this film out called "cigarettes and coffee" which is a whole movie on conversations over wot else? cigs and coffee! oh yah, also ran into Steph's friends, Jess and Melissa (she's so purrty-something about the chinese/irish mix). from the sounds of things Steph's been feeding them with visions of glory pertaining to your's truly (point: boon). wait til they find out how much of a loser/geek/neurotic I really am. *nyuck nyuck* (*sigh*)
capped off the night with some diner delights. its not the same without mamak. I WANT MAMAK!

ok, I'm out.....


Wednesday, June 02, 2004 

Waking life.

Here's Pat's intepretation of my dream:

"Muahahaha! Welcome to my world!

Hrm... but if i were to psychoanalyse said dream, perhaps it is an interpretation of your desire to escape from said mild acquaintances from the burning crashing plane that is your life.

Erm, not sure about the post-apocalyptic Florida thing but Chinatown might be a reminder of home?

However, your discussions with the people who were on the plane, in a very relaxed manner, seems to indicate some sense of denial (in more ways than one i suppose since they DID survive the crash) or disguising your thoughts about your current situation. That, and your preoccupation with your material belongings (or memories) which were left on the downed plane...

I dunno. What do you think?"

...in which I replied, "shaddap" : )

y'see, I thought about it once I got up yesterday and came to an eerily similar read of it.

hmm, to respond to your analysis Pat, I AM having a hell of time trying to differentiate between meaningful friends and mild acquaintances. Those who I thought were solid mates (well, in an Aus, not Animal Planet sorta way) seem to always disappoint as I get the sense that they've been using me to get what they want...e.g. constant and only affirmation in the form of "no you're not fat, no you're not ugly, you've got a lot going on for you, she/he's an idiot, etc", someone to have in social situations coz they think I raise their profile (this I don't get but its quite obvious. I'm a goofy yellow guy who spends too much money, ooh...), I could go on but I won't. Now in the spirit of honesty, I have to admit that I've maintained friendships for not so altruistic and selfish reasons as well. This is what makes ethical discourse so bloody confusing. Also harken back to the May 28th discussion on "masks". Anyway, I find my circle of meaningful companions (aka those who put up with my bouts of insanity and keep comming back and vice versa) shrinking. A fair-weathered friend? hardly. I call it "weeding"....look at what your left with. : ) Geez, I'm turning into my auntie Soo Eng. Going to wind up miserable, alone, with a lot of money (hopefully, hah!).

visions of home? check.

Florida? yah I dunno about that one....think its coz the Tampa Bay Lightning are plaing in the Stanley Cup finals with the Calgary Flames (flames? hmm...)

disguising thoughts and engaing in frivilous conversation? check. I think its more of a fear of dealing with reality and the bluntness that comes with it. I dunno why I've become so adverse to dealing with the inherent rejection in reality. I don't deal with rejection very well. Hence, an expert in putting things off and procrastination I've become : )
closely related: repression of various urges, impulses, and also negative experiences? check.

Preoccupation with material goods? check. its a sign of the times. everyone's a consumer whore at some level. everyone except my buddy Cenk, who lives and breathes Marxism. I bet you it kills him that he's never met the man. Cenk's good stuff man, never met a more sincere (yet naive) guy.

Preoccupation with nostalgia? check. I live in, and sometimes gloriously relive the past : ) (Its so much better when you put your own twist to it. hah!) Think its a sign once again of the apprehension I have of the impending future, hence reveling in days gone by.

Phew! Now what do I conclude??
1. The obvious. Why am I having a bloody identity crisis at age 24!??! : )
2. At least I have a good sense of what's wrong with me. That's a good thing right? I think so....its always easier to address the things you can "see". onward and upward!!
3. Why am I having a bloody identity crisis at age 24!??! : )

Be afraid, the Boon walks among you.....muahahahaha!!

back to work...


p.s. Pat, read up on Erik H. Erikson. "Identity: youth and crisis", and "Insight and Responsibility". it'll change your life...for the better? I don't know.....you might end up like me : )

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 


Forgot to mention, my buddy John from my secondary school days is hopping over the pond from England to visit in a few weeks. He's currently doing a masters in aeronautical engineering at Imperial Collge in London. Nice to see that some people are doing productive things with their second degree : )


differently the same

same routine....get up, weather TV, sports TV, news TV (if I watch another show after this, my day tends to be a write-off), shower, bus while engrossed in ipod, school, work, return from school, TV. Throw in a few gym sessions within the week, drinks and that's my life. Oh, and since its the summer, throw in a few weddings and wedding related events.

Except that now I'm not sleeping well at all. Been having these bizarre dreams as well. Last night's was exceptionally vivid. I was on my way to an undisclosed destination via airplane in the company of only very mild acquaintances (red flags!) when all of a sudden the engines blow. The plane was destined for a collision course with the not too distant landscape. In an odd twist of fate, the plane decended over straight and wide river (how conveniant) as I decided to strap on a life-jacket and headed for the emergency exit. For some odd reason, I was the only one doing it. The door busts open and the next thing I know, I'm plumetting towards the murky waters below (emphasis added on the actual sensation of falling). Turned out to be a fairly painless affair. Hmm, I figure in real life, I would've died a most unpleasant death either by slamming into the fuesal lodge/or more likely sucked into the engines a la jet-streams or skipping for hundreds of yards on the surface of the water due to inertia(and in the process breaking several bones). oh and don't forget the drastic change in pressure while the door opens that will ultimately cause you to bleed from your orfaces.

Anyway, I find myself in a now meandering river flanked by mangrove trees. note: explosion and small mushroom cloud in the distance. I realise that I'm in the vacinity of some post apocalyptic Florida city (what??). Hmm, remember from the dream that I walked past some fishermen by a jetty and factories and ultimately found myself in an underground tour of chinatown with some deformed Taiwanese tourists. Oh yah, and I would periodically run into people from the plane, not bothering to ask them how they survived the crash but merely engaing in small talk about the weather. Furthermore, there was this nagging preoccupation with the stuff I had left on then plane. Remember that I had a couple of conversations with Sarah (or was it Kat?) as well (speaking of which, it just hit me that she's turning 24 soon, I should extend her some b-day wishes. wonder how she's doing...)

*sigh* Freud will have a field day with me....*sniff* someone help me : )

anyway, time to work.