Friday, April 30, 2004 


Burried under piles of paper, styrofoam coffee cups, cigarettes, starring at a computer screen.....nuff said.


Wednesday, April 28, 2004 

Sweaty and Smelly

No no, not that you filthy sods. ; ) I just got back from the gym, the trainer decided to go to town on me today. You know its bad when the bar buckles under the weight. There should be lovely marks on my shoulders by now (*Boon checks*) Yeeap. Did a whole bunch wierd stuff in there today, jumping lunges with weights, bizarre balancing elastic movements, and others that I've run out of words to describe. Regardless, I was drenched by the time I walked out of there. Filled up on "roasted" chicken meat and falafels shortly after. Hey, if I have to stock up on protein, its going to be on my terms. Protein shakes and bars that resemble mud and dinosaur faeces respectively somehow fail to cut the mustard for moi.

Hmm, what did I do today? Went to campus and did some more research for my paper. I've got a pretty clear idea on how its going to look like. As you already know, hit the gym. And definately going to do some typing tonight.

Oh, here's a picture of a true cynic a la Pat (oddly enough I find some congruency and solace in this):

"Ah, l'amour.

I've come to a decision. Not a very good one i feel since cupid has a tendency to be bulletproof at the best and worst of times, but i think i'll give up on that great game in the interim. I have decided that there's no point to finding love, or being found by it, when i am constantly compounded by the multitude of environmental factors which are inherent in my life (particularly that of location - Armenia beckons) at the moment. Love cannot compete with reality i feel, nor do i yet find myself in the right frame of mind as yet to afflict myself on any such love interest(s). So there. Never was one for the 'quick fix' solution either (as many of you would know) so thats also out of the question - kindly do not bother asking. That and i don't seem to have that great of a libido i guess...

I seem to have become encompassed by my own cynicism these days. I've realised that i truly don't believe in anything anymore. Life, love, God, government, humanity, myself, etc. Is that such a bad thing? I don't really know. It does indeed seem that, to quote Wilde, i '...know the price of everything and the value of nothing.' I suppose that's the downside of always putting down and finding fault in even the greatest of things - it gets to you after a while. Depressing really.

Oh sure, there are those arguments that 'nothing's perfect' and that one should be an optimist seeking the beauty in all things, blah, blah, blah. But i've tried that. I really have. Or at least i consider myself having made an effort at it. And i don't really buy it. But, fact is, i still find myself at the unhappiest, yet most pensive, stage of life in which i've ever been. Its like i never went through that stage of questioning that is stereotypically placed as being in your teens. Does my mood show? I hope not. One does not try to place their misery on another. Its just bad taste. ;)

Or how did Alex describe me? "Evil and somewhat insane inside but too well mannered to affect his presentation."

Ah well... wish i believed in karma, because something outlandishly good should be happening soon enough.

No? Damn.

Life just gets that much more confusing everyday. *sigh*

I think i need sleep.

And where the fuck is my muse???"

there's that...and then there's the example of Don Giovanni who "associated" himself with hundreds of women for he was afraid that he would never be loved by one. Moral of the story, its a matter of a leap of faith-no matter how many times you plunge into a muddy pit of sharpened and poisoned bamboo spears, leaving you to die slowly, surely, and painfully. Don't forget the leeches in the pit. Hmm, think I've watched one too many Vietnam war movies. Ahh, ain't teenage angst grand?? : ) Actually its quite disconcerting in 23 yr olds like ourselves....blagh.

On that cheery note, tally ho!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2004 

The Madness

I'm currently firmly planted in a laptop station at Weldon library about to embark on the wonderful jouney of paper writing. As I'm making this blog entry, my mind is racing at the speed of a mile a minute pertaining to the structure of this paper. I equate it to those blurry/fuzzy pictures you get at novelty stores, y'know, the ones where if you stare at it long enough, a picture would appear resembling something you would find on the side a 1974 Chevy Econovan with shag interior. Vikings, a horse embracing an anchor, get the picture. But first, my daily rant.

I don't know how I've managed to avoid this topic of discussion on this forum....but hey, better late than never. Here it is: Tight Clothes on Fat People. Yes, yes, I AM a fatist. I prefer not to be hypocritical about it, this way I sleep at night. Not to discount the phenotype commonly known as "chubby", some of my best friends are chubby, some of the happiest and funniest I know are chubby, these guys are generally spendid people. But for those that seemed to have lost their minds, wear clothes that fit, well, please. Thank Buddha most people have the decency and sense to spare me the agony.

I can understand the desire to wear nice clothes and feel good in nice clothes. HOWEVER, there is no bloody way in hell anyone can convince me that wearing clothes that are umpteen sizes too small constitutes comfort and feeling good. It literally looks painful, that what I looks like. Put me in a straight jacket anyday. AND if you think you actually look appealing (and dare I say s-s-sexy??), think again, because last time I checked, adipose tissue pertruding like bubble wrap miserably fails invoke any sense of politesse. Call it what you may, victims of fashion, consumer whores, JUST STOP. Trust me, just wear clothes that fit, you will look and feel better. My number's 519.701.0316, you will want to thank me in person. If not, get that lumbering prosthetic otherwise known as your brain checked out or return to the testicle from which you came from (wow, those are some harsh words, even for me...).

At this point, some of you are in agreement, and some of you would like to see me chastissed and left dangling on a metal spike. For the latter group, riddle me this: would you ever date a fat person? If the answer is "yes", my follow up is, HAVE you? I rest my case..... Harken back to my original statement: I prefer not to be hypocritical about it. The same applies to combovers, HUGE (augmented) breasts, oversized soles on the shoes vertically challenged folks (no one needs to look like members from KISS) and garden variety ginos. : ) The moral of the story is, despite my overly critical stance, over compensation is never a good thing. Look at what ultimately happened to Napoleon. Why do you think they coined a psychological condition after him? ; P

I only speak the truth, you know it : )

OK....back to work.


Sunday, April 25, 2004 

Cruel and unusual punishment

I've just returned from invigilating an exam....on a Sunday, at 7pm no less. Why would one schedule an exam on such a god forsaken time? Furthermore, it was 3 hours long which meant that I had to sit there and watch them write essays and get this, ensure that they don't cheat (eesh). What an utter waste of time. At least I managed to get some reading done.

This upcomming week constitutes some pretty heavy writing. Mainly on the ethics of discourse expounded by German and Russian philosophers. YAY! Think I'm going to need a big hug after its all said and done. Why oh why do I always choose the topic with a difficulty level of a zillion?? Hmm, guess there's a price to be paid for useless originality : )

Had a hell of a time at Lauren's b-day bash last night. She was my officemate last, was that ever a kickass office. Coincidentily, she has the same birthday as her huh? I could just imagine the scene whe they first found about a "we were meant to be" feeling. Oh, just as an interesting factoid, Stefan's (L's husband) from Transylvania....which is uber wicked (no pun intended). Kinda conjures images of you know what. "BLAUGH! AH AH AH....." (sorry, horrendous impression of Dracula there). On even more of a tangent, I really want to check out "Van Helsing". Looks like a good flick, about time they made a contemporary movie on the slaying of the prince of darkness.

Anyway....bed. Long and tedious day tomorrow.


Saturday, April 24, 2004 

Geekdom Eludes Me

I've been mucking around with html today trying to create a new template for my blog. Not going very well. I posted a new template for about 3 minutes and realised that the old one suited my needs much better. Gotta figure out a way to get rid of the damn ads. Maybe I should just use one of the templates that've already been created.....but of course, that's too easy. The obstinate ox in me refuses to comply...think its a Taurus thing. : )

Been listening to the Pixies today. Remember them? Some would argue that they were the second most important band during the grunge era....behind Nirvana (hmm, think that Cobain's suicide had some part to play in that) Read in GQ that they were getting back together. Whoot! Something about music from that era never fails to leave me in a state of angst. GOOD angst mind you....if there's such a thing.

Went to hit a patio with Ted and Holly yesterday. It was warm, the freaks were out. This is the one thing I've noticed about the dynamics of interaction among people when they hang out at "happening" spots. Especially when they switch to their spring wardrobes. For the most part, they are more concerned with how much cooler they look than the next guy than the company their with. Kinda defeats the purpose of hanging out don't you think? That being said, I'm quite guilty of that at times. What can I say, we live in impressionistic times. Another thing I've realised(which is kinda tied into the previous few statements) as well about myself is that I've become an incescent people watcher. On the one hand, it facinates me, but on the flip side, coupled with my other idiosyncracies(too many to list, ack!), it makes me horrible company at times. Sorry guys, I'm a "work in progress" ; )

Grabbed a late dinner with Duane at a Viet/Thai restraunt. Mmmmm, good grub....It was interesting, we chatted about the practice of blogging and comment on how one's personality online is slightly different from face to face interaction. Guess along with different forms of self expression comes with it different techniques of identity management.

As for today, I had breakfast with Liisha at Plantation. She makes me laugh, not to mention being a psuedo personal stylist. I don't have too many good things to say about Plantation but I do have to admit that they make a mean omelete. Their lattes aren't bad as well. Apart from that, the service is crap, and also the overall vibe from the other patrons tend to rub me the wrong way. Something about mediterranian/middle eastern types that don't really jive well with myself. Their arrogance and a general lack of smiling is most disconcerting. Mind you there ARE exceptions to the rule.
Hmm, as an aside, Plantation also reminds me a Valentine's Day date a few years ago with a certain someone that I would most definately prefer to forget : P

Oh yah, some of my behaviour pertaining to certain individuals over the past while haven't been the greatest....quite harsh even. I have my reasons for doing so but still, no excuses. Sooo, yah, my bad.

As for rest of the day, nothing too big. Work, a friends b-day thing at Joe Kool's, general bumming around.

Hmm, and that's that!


Watched the Liverpool vs Manchester United match.....all I have to say is TAKE THAT YOU BLOODY MANCS!!

Friday, April 23, 2004 

Goon Alert!

Contrary to better judgment, I sauntered into the Pheonix with a few people last night. I'm telling you guys, there's nothing like a room full of over-inflated egos to bring out the worst in you. Not to sound too utterly preachy, but I don't get what gives guys the right to treat women like they do at that place. Its a "don't hang that meat in the window if you're not gonna sell it" type of mentality. But of course, solipsism wasn't lost on the ladies as well ; ) To slightly misquote a compadre of mine, the intelligence quotient in the place was no more than total. Ran into a few people there, ex-students, ex-friends, ex-schoolmates, ex-everything.....full of dejavus. Oh, and to answer a question someone posed to me, I AM too cool for you guys (buahahaha) Hrmm, when in Rome, be an asshole....c'mon, had to follow the "theme" of the night. I mean, the anti-socialite in me was out in full force. "I'll talk to you if you make the effort" type of thing....if not, bugger off and leave me be. Rather disenchanting evening all in all. Then again, can't say I'm too surprised. Meh, when in doubt, drink heavily! : P

Just got back from the gym. Had an eight o'clock appointment.....there's nothing like a leg workout on a hangover and lacking much needed sleep. Contemplating going back to bed.

Muck, need to wash this stench off (in more ways than one).


"message received, zero distortion" -Donal Longue

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 

it be raining.....

hmmm, another day.....

Went to school to pick up some stuff....a DVD infact, that Dr Gardiner burned for me. Hmmm, it was supposed to be "Waking Life" but I guess he wanted to see if the recordable disc would work on my player to he gave me another one. I got Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket"....which is AWESOME coz its my fav Vietnam war movie, just edging "Apocalypse Now". Needless to say, I watched it this afternoon. Hmmm, picture this: scattered battle-weary marines marching towards a landing zone in the twilight with buildings engulfed in flames in the background while singing the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Club. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.... quite the image innit? A "must see" for Nam buffs.

Brock wanted me to accompany him to go check out Tuxedos for his wedding. Price was good, the selection was slim. Need to check out more places. Truth be told, I hate wearing tuxes.....meh, a groomsman's gotta do what a groomsman's gotta do.

C stopped by yesterday with some beer.....turned out to be a MARATHON TV watching session. much for doing work. This is what happens when you have over 300 channels. Pat man, you would not move for days in front of my TV.

Hmmm, so Leyuze's going to be gone for the summer in a few days. Thinking about it makes me kinda sad. Kinda wished I had gotten to know her a bit better way earlier...well, coz she's worth it y'know? Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles....ugh.

Wot else? Time to start cracking on another paper. The big one. So....bye.


Tuesday, April 20, 2004 

2 down, one to go

Whopee!!! I've got one more paper to complete fore the term ends.....then begins the drudgery of the thesis. No worries, I'm a natural born writer. ; ) Now if only I can effectively apply out Oscar Wilde!

Upon awaking from a thoroughly enjoyable nap, I felt the need for some food and a quick ciggy. To my dismay, I had none(fags that is) to the store I go. Lowe and behold, I ran into Sarah just footsteps from my front door by the park. She was just sitting there I guess. GASP! CORNERED! Nowhere to run! As she stepped forward and hugged me I thought to myself, "how bloody conveniant, a 'chance' encounter". There's this condition in most introdutory Psychology textboks which describes human response when faced with a confrontation. Most of you have prolly heard of the two reactionary responses of "flight or fight". Well I kinda did both. I left her sitting in the park while I got cigs and upon my return, I found her still sitting there. Well, it was wishful thinking on my part to think that I could dodge this and I was doing SO well.

So we chatted over coffee and smokes. The conversation was....nice. Borderline enjoyable even. But it kinda felt like there was glass between us....prolly erected by yours truly. I kinda left it with a "to be revisited" sticker. So that was my cheap thrill of the day. While I was taking a break from writting later on in the night, I thought about the encounter again. On the one hand, I thought to myself,"meh, it wasn't that bad" but on the other hand, this strained pissed-off voice blarred, "what sort of a fucking dumbass are you???"(oh btw, I love this guy!!) Truth be told, I'm still siding with the later voice....(wait, did I just say that I listen to voices in my head? : 0 ) Something about staying true to yourself I guess. My problem is, I find it inextricably hard to be an asshole in least not for very long that is. But damn it, I can hold a grudge forever (its a zonal thing) ; ) .

So Calgary won!! Not a hockey person myself but I followed that series quite religiously. I feel for Steve.....poor guy. Such a diehard. Think the Leafs are playing tonight in a game 7.

"as the wheels turn, so do the days of our lives" (I'm so fucking cheezy)....later all

haven't done my daily quotes recently so here's one.

"do I listen to pop music because I'm depressed, or does listening to pop music make me depressed?" -John Cusack (High Fidelity)

Monday, April 19, 2004 

The truth is out.

25 %

My weblog owns 25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Hmmm, that's pretty much right. : )

Sunday, April 18, 2004 

Hello Motto....

Currently listening music from to a playlist on my ipod I called "cleanup mix". It was originally a compilation of tunes that I put together for the purposes of breaking the monotony of spring cleaning. Over the past few days, I've added a whole slough of newly downloaded tunes. I can confidently say that its now my fav playlist. Kind of a wierd mix that ranges from Jimi Hendrix, to Maroon 5, to the Hawksley Workmen, to Marvin Gaye, to Stevie Ray Vaungh....oh yah, not to mention Joe Cocker and Fefe Dobson (yah I know WTF right? they opened for Ian Thornly from Big Wreck and I thought they rocked a good show). The 'Zepher Song' by the Chili Peppers is currently playing.

Yeah....I'm one of those archaic dinosaurs who considers music to be music only when its played by instruments. I don't really care what instrument(you should check out my African and Latin American listings!), just as long as they're not bloody turn tables. What can I say, I'm a nostalgic freak who lives in the past. Though I've been warming up to synthesized(ugh*cringe*) stuff lately. All thanks to this French dude in the dept. I mean, I don't mind it when its used to compliment a song. Some of the stuff he brings back from Europe are kinda rad (mostly the chilled out ambient jams)....some of which are also fucking horrible. Oh, on that note, anyone want a copy of "Harry the Bastard" that he got me? Plegh...... I've checked some DJs in Toronto and elsewhere and can't really say its for me. Found most of it tedious and boring....guess I didn't think that it captured human emotion well. Some of my friends on the other hand, tend to be really into it. That being said, it seemed like substances had a role to play as well. Not everything from Europe's good and cultured folks. Hook me up with a live band anyday! : )

Well, I've been working away on some school stuff today. As it was brilliant outside, I also spent sometime on my stoop reading. Kinda brings back memories of last summer....ahh memories (there's that nostalgic freak in me again). *sigh* How things have changed......onward and upward laddy!

Anyway.....nothing left to say. I'm out.


Saturday, April 17, 2004 


I was on the Jack Johnson (if you don't know who this cat is, you should be ashamed) site looking to see if he's going to be stopping by on tour. To my dismay, Jack's not touring this summer, and Ben's (Harper that is) doing Europe. Bummer, coz last summer's show was nothing less of amazing.

Consolation was around the corner though. Donavon Frankenreiter was mentioned on the site and so I decided to check it out. This dude is kicks a mean vibe man. Really laid back sound, guitar rythms very similar to Jack but a lot more soulful and less reggae. Kinda blown away myself. Check him out, see if you can download "Everytime". His album's comming out next month and its already on my "to buy" list.



On and On....

Hmm, what can I say, nothing too exciting going on.

Got a haircut....well, actually I've given my Jagoda free reign. What can I say, I trust her. After all, she was one of the stylists at the Miss Canada pageant. At least I won't have boring hair. Wait til the bright red highlights come in.

Hung out with Ted, Mule and Holly last night.....wasn't too bad. Getting bored of the same old routine, same old places......think it might have to do with some general dissatisfaction. Can't seem to place my finger on it.

Did laundry at Myra's place today. Gonna clean up my apartment. Something calming about a clean pad.

Meh, and I'm off.


Thursday, April 15, 2004 

its me again

So I did my taxes this afternoon. Turns out that I'm getting a return of over $1200 for this past year. Whoot!! Now all I need to do is locate my previous landlords and get rent receipts from themand take that amount and multiply it by 5. God bless this tax system. Hmm, on the other hand, while I was finger counting the years, I realised how many bloody years I've already spent away from home. Its been, I owe my parents HUGE!!! Seriously, if I had a son like me, he would've been disowned a long time ago. Lesson to all, go tell your parents you love them you ungrateful sods! : )

On a more sombre note, my brother is having a hard time getting into his university of choice for his M.A. Poor guy, he's been working so hard over the past 2 years and things just aren't falling his way. Furthermore, I can't help but feel that unlike him, I've been wasting my time on mindless, well lets just say, "things". He should be getting the breaks and I should get kicked in the nuts instead. Well at least he's already in a masters program.

Anyway.......the poor excuse for a graduate student/son signing off ; )


Wednesday, April 14, 2004 

the warmth cometh

Joy. We're getting another bout of better weather again. Hmm, I never used to say such things in Malaysia. Guess you don't really miss what you have til its gone. Anyway, the climate is one of many things that causes my mood to fluctuate (albeit in a sorta bipolar manner mind you). See, that's one of the boons of being with Boon (ahhh, I crack myself up!)....things are NEVER boring. Strap on and enjoy the ride that is the emotional roller coaster that is I.

Didn't do too much yesterday. Finally made it back to the gym after a week long hiatus. It felt great. Something about the release of natural endorphines.

Met up with C for a bit earlier on in the evening. Chatted etc.... And then chilled out with Leyuze, Maral, and some guy (can't seem to remember his name for the life of me. Chances are, he prolly forgot mine too. Meh, no harm, no foul). I should've listened to myself and just stayed in. Felt rather anti-social and I think it showed. Just one of those days I guess. You know when you've given your time to all and sundry, and by the end of the day you're just mentally drained? yeaap......

Gonna do my taxes today....hopefully I get a good chunk of change back. Thinking about getting my nose pierced as well. *Ominous music playing in the background*


Monday, April 12, 2004 

"they love people like you in vegas"- Dr Walters

Funny story. Another TA's student had her first term essay grade erroneously entered as 20% higher than it actually was (81% instead of 61%). Of course, she didn't say anything....hmm, I wonder why. This semester she got a 55% and had the tenacity to contest it based on the improbability that her grade could've dropped so "drastically"! Of course, she got busted(the electronic copy indicated that it was no way an 'A' paper) and when asked to produced the original copy, she (whilst shedding crocodile tears) said that her parents were so pleased that they pinned it to the fridge. Cry me a friggin river! Hmm, I've noticed that especially with sociology TAs under Carroll/Walters, we've been taught to be quite militant in our quest for people trying to cheat the system.... yes, you can even call us cold-hearted. Hmmm, seige mentality anyone? Its necessary, these kids will say just about anything! Hey, takes one to know one ; )

Moral of the story, she got greedy.....y'gotta know when to fold'em man.

Anyway, off to invigilate (or as they call it here: proctor, bah....)


Sunday, April 11, 2004 


My disorganized self has returned to haunt me. You see, I thought that I was done with grading at 5pm today until I went to school and discovered that I had 6 more to complete! GAsp! So I polished those buggers off with speedy haste and as I was compiling their grades, I found another 3 unmarked! Double GAsp!! Plus, I have a sneaking suspiscion that I've misplaced one....but that actually might turn out to be a delinquent student with an outstanding paper. *fingers crossed man*

Today's been rather uneventful......occupied my time with the trial's and tribulations of a T.A. Ran into Leyuze and her friend Maral (sp?) at the coffee shop while on a latte run. Chin up girl, you're gonna kill the exam! ; )

Yesterday on the other hand was a different bag of marbles altogether! : )

Went over to George and Trixie/Double Down for a private grand opening party. The store is pretty fucking cool man. To think that Tom and Kim got it all done in 3 weeks! Talk about efficient. Anyway, the crowd was uber cool. Funny thing though, everyone was unique in their style and vibe, whislt maintaining some sorta creepy commonality to their look and character. Talk about a target demographic. Regardless, the drinks were flowing, food was good(Cafe One catered the function) and the music kicked ass. Ahh yess, the fab five from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" would've been happy. At some point during the night, some sorta wierd fashion show ensued as the clothes flew off the racks while some of us began to "strut our stuff". The psuedo catsuits from Diesel were my personal fav. : ) All this with curious onlookers peering in mind you. Though I have to say, there was a wierd "we're cooler than you" mentality about the whole function with respect to the ppl inside and the way we reacted to the pedestrians outside. Admittedly, it did feel kinda good. Take that townies! The artsy fartsy contingent has arrived ; P
We then proceeded to Old City Hall for the afterparty. Cool place. I think Cointreau on ice is now my new fav sipping drink. I wasn't too impressed with the drug scene though.
Oh, and I don't know what Steph had been telling her friends but they wanted to get to know me in a pensive giggling sorta ego boost to say the least. But alas, my shyness prevailed....though I think I came across as self-indulgent and disinterested. Hmmm, maybe I was, maybe I wasn't....its hard to tell. (aww heck, where are my schizo pills?? :) ) Meh, like I don't have enough on my plate to contend with. Focus Keong! Where is all this attention comming from!?? I liked it better when I was just a freakishly huge Chinese guy.

Anyway, I'm going to wind down now.


Saturday, April 10, 2004 

Sometimes you win, "dim sum" you lose

Its Saturday morning which means only one guessed it, DIM SUM!! Ahh yess, routine is good. Love those delecteble morsels....who would've thought, h'or doervs for breakfast? Then again, we Chinese eat anything with a circulatory system. : )

Hrmm, what's been happening lately? On the academic front, I've still oodles and oodles of freshmen papers to grade. And then 2 papers to write meself after that. Fun times ahead.

On the personal/social front, its been well lets just say, eventful. Went out for dinner with Leyuze at the Tasting Room....mmm, lobster and crab stuffed chicken. Great eats man. Oh, and if you ever get a chance, sample Wolf Blass's Premium Edition Chiraz, helluva good I say. As an aside, I've noticed something perculiar about my conversation habits. Contingent upon who I'm conversing with, my language skills/idiosyncracies gradually adapt to suit theirs. Quite bizarre if I do say so myself. You should be around when I speak to Americans! Hence, with yesterday's company, lets just say that I caught myself "speaking funny" a few times. In retrospect, it would be better if the results were flipped over. Poor lass could use my language expertise ; )

Cruised on down to the Red's Lounge for drinks after but the joint was dead. So back to old faithful. I believe everyone's got one....Pat's got Bar Savanh, I've got the Barking Frog, Fraser and Norm have Cheers. "You wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came..." (k, I'll resume the song in my head). Anyway, Leyuze was delightful company, I must say, we get along quite it never hurts being seen in public with an attractive woman. ; )

As for today, grading!! And then later on in the evening, I'm going to the grand opening party for Double Down (those good people make me look like less of a loser). Popped in for a bit yesterday, and damn, the store looks good. As if busniess wasn't good enough!?

Anyway, I'm off.


Thursday, April 08, 2004 

That was the best seminar ever!

Had our last class for contemporary theory this afternoon....otherwise known as "graduate level postmodernism". We had a brief discussion on the the philosophy of theory and THEN it followed by watching the "Tao of Steve". Who would've thought?!? Guess, the philosophical comentary in the movie was pertinent and funny enough for a relaxing end of the year class. The Tao is by far one of my fav independant films. Y'all check it out now y'hear? And then you'll prolly figure out why its one of my favs. : ) And when you do, realize that I've NEVER used the Tao ; )

Went over to the grad club for pints after. Dr Gardiner was in a generous pint drinking mood. Yay for us! Yeah, drinking's always fun......

Hmmm, I have food in me fridge again. About friggin time!! Coincidently, Leyuze (damn, Turks have bizarre names!) had to do a grocery run too so we went together. Hmmm, what's for dinner?? As a side note, she left a head of cabbage with me. Like I know how to prepare cabbage.....ummm, food sculptures anyone?

OK.....dinner time


"We pursue that which retreats from us" -Dex

Wednesday, April 07, 2004 

An Insomniac's Hell

Mood: So. Very. Tired.
Currently listening to: Bathwater (Invincible Remix) - No Doubt

*NOTE: This is the second time i'm typing this (again). Had this whole thing about my assignment but am too lazy to reiterate. Fucking computer.*

Hey all, Pat here - writing in Boon's blog for today because i owe him... ;)

Who? Time for a quick recap methinks... Known Boonie boy here ever since we went to college together in Hamilton way back in... erm... '96? I remember my first meeting with Boon best from the fact that he was the only other Malaysian who couldn't speak Chinese in our Cantonese and Mandarin stronghold of a hostel - something which we got ribbed for pretty often which probably explains why we got along so well! ;)

Ah, those were the days eh? Boon, more affectionately known as 'Omelette' after one drunken affair, and i shared our formative years mainly with a group of locals who we hung around with doing a lot of underaged drinking, smoking and... er... 'smoking' (hey, remember those fake IDs which we'd get from Toronto?) ;p

Anyhow back to your normal programming... ;)

Long story short i've spent the last three days in the grip of extreme insomnia (6 hours of sleep in three days and nights) brought about by mucho smoking, extreme quantities of coffee, my mother and the sheer desperation in trying to complete my (late) assignment. Of course there was more to it than that (such as my freaking out the neighbours with my late night balcony singing, falling asleep at the wheel, depressing thoughts, nagging mother, etc, etc.) but after having typed out half a page on this only to see it disappear when the computer crashed i really can't be bothered to write about it in detail again. That and its depressing. ;p

Managed to relax a little today with some C&C with Leonard and mamak with Joa who is leaving for Singapore tommorow morning to spend the long weekend with Jules...

Anyhow, one more assignment to do this weekend and i'll be able to enjoy my Easter break. Most of the guys are busy so i have no idea as to what i'll be doing... :(

Seeing that the Curse of the Asian Man article i linked brought out a lot of interest in you guys recently i think that you should know that the same author has another entitled The Truth About Asian Women which presents a... erm... 'scientific analysis' of said truth. ;)

Here's the money shot:

"Truly, there are no average looking Asian Women. Every time you see an Asian girl walking by, you always say "Oh my God!" This could be good as in "Oh my God! I've never seen anything so beautiful!" or bad, as in "Oh my God, it's time for me to blow chunks all over the place!" Yeah, that would be bad."


"Halfies are people who are racially mixed, having some Asian blood, but also finding heritage with white people. Every time I see an Asian girl dating a white guy, I freak out and scream "Traitor!" and punch them both in their stupid faces - lousy fetish-driven bastard monkeys. Then I realize that their children will probably be super hot." (Evidently not in my case though ;p)

In other news - and this one is for Anime fans - Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is FINALLY coming out! Loved the first one and, judging by the trailer, the second installment is looking pretty damn good! Oh yeah, if you don't happen to read Japanese the trailers can be found here. Dontcha love cyberpunk? :)

Oh, and while we're on the subject of new highly anticipated movies, i think you'll all be glad to know that Kill Bill - Volume 2 is out as well! Trailers can be found here while a review of the movie can be found here (*WARNING!* Spoiler Alert!). Apparently its better than the first one so i'll wait in eager anticipation... :)

In other news i'm still single and Iraq has gone down the shitter.

Oh yeah, just wanted to highlight one of the funniest (in a very morbid, pornographic and necrophiliac sorta way) online comics which i currently read - Sexy Losers! And may i just point out that THIS RIGHT HERE is THE funniest comic strip which i have seen in ages!!! Enjoy! ;)))

Ok, time to catch some (VERY badly needed) sleep.

Pat out.

Todays Links

The latest fashion must-have: eyeball jewellery - "In my view it is a little more subtle than (body) piercing. It is a bit of a fun thing and a very personal thing for people," said Gerrit Melles, director of the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery ( The piece of jewellery is inserted in the conjunctiva -- the mucous membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelids and front of the eyeball -- in sterile conditions using an operating microscope in a procedure taking about 15 minutes. "Without doing any harm to the eye we can implant a jewel in the conjunctiva," Melles said. "So far we have not seen any side effects or complications and we don't expect any in the future.""

Office Workers to go Ape - "Scientists hope to convince workers to adopt an ape-like approach to arguments to assist a major new study into the similarities between chimpanzees and humans. Problems should be flagged up with a short, high-pitched "oo" rather than a shout and benevolent bosses rewarded with a primate back groom. In place of a polite "hello" and handshake, volunteers will greet guests with a soft "huh, huh", an arm extended with an open fist and an averted gaze." OO!!! OO!!! ;p

Surgeons Who Play Video Games Err Less - "All those years on the couch playing Nintendo and PlayStation appear to be paying off for surgeons. Researchers found that doctors who spent at least three hours a week playing video games made about 37 percent fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery and performed the task 27 percent faster than their counterparts who did not play video games." Mario saves lives?

China Executed 726 People in 2003 - "China carried out nearly two-thirds of the world's known court-ordered executions last year, and violated its own law by killing at least one man for a crime committed at age 16, according to Amnesty International. China executed at least 726 people last year, out of 1,146 reported put to death worldwide, the London-based human rights group said in its 2003 report on the death penalty. Following China, are Iran with at least 108 executions, the United States with 65, Vietnam with 64 and Saudi Arabia with 50."

Woman performs own caesarean to save baby - "A pregnant woman in Mexico gave birth to a healthy baby boy after performing a caesarean section on herself with a kitchen knife, doctors said on Tuesday. It is thought to be the first known case of a self-inflicted caesarean in which both the mother and baby survived. The unidentified 40-year-old, who lived in a rural area without electricity, running water or sanitation that was an eight-hour drive from the nearest hospital, performed the operation when she could not deliver the baby naturally." Now THAT's hardcore! Maximum respect! :o

Sicilian Blazes Put Science to the Test - "A series of spontaneous fires started in mid-January in the town of Canneto di Caronia in about 20 houses. After a brief respite last month, the almost daily fires have flared up again -- even though electricity to the village was cut off. An endless flow of scientists, engineers, police and even a few self-styled "ghostbusters" have descended on the town searching for clues to the recent spontaneous combustion of everything from fuse boxes to microwave ovens to a car. The blazes, originally blamed on the devil, have not hurt anyone." Creepy and a Reuters article no less...


What the??

Since when did Malaysian installments become targets for international terrorism?? Case in point, the embassy in Myanmar and an earlier attack in Australia. Odd, very odd indeed. With leaders such as Mahathir Mohammed("Jews indirectly rule the world"), Anwar Ibrahim(sodomizer of chauffeurs), and of course, Samivelu(all round funny Indian guy), who could take us seriously!?!? However, we do know how to eat well, let loose, light it up, and sip on RM10 blended mochas at the Coffee Bean. Don't hate us coz we're beautiful : )

Anyway, Pat is going to leave a post on my blog, its gonna be up might be incriminating


Tuesday, April 06, 2004 

"Beef Jerky Time!!"

This quote by Eddie Murphy in Trading Places has no bearing on my day but I felt like saying it coz its funny. I'm just taking a break from grading.....damn, this is one long and tedious process. I'd rather take my finger, stick it in my eye, and swril it around.

Nothing much happened today.....did work s'all. Oh, one of my female students walked into my office in tears (shaddap! I had nothing to do with it). Boy issues, wot else?? The poor lass...I must admit, guys are despicable creatures (admittledly, myself included at times). Where's the chivalry gents!?? I must walk around with a sign on my forehead that says "this is my shoulder, cry on it" coz this has been happening quite frequently in recent weeks. In a sort of twisted way, I kinda enjoy it.

Oh, and I welcome Duane to the world of blogs! His link is on my site.

Meh, back to work.


Monday, April 05, 2004 

Oh......the drudgery

Monday.....its Monday. Had a whole lotta running around to do today.
Started out with an unwelcomed lower body workout at 9am. Yeauch! I'm having a hard time with stairs. Lowe and behold, there were tonnes to climb today. Hurray for chores and errands!!

Oh good news! The last lecture for the intro sociology course I TA for went down today and apparently the prof (who incidently runs the class like a pro wrestling event), asked students to make signs. I recieved word that signs with my name went up. Woot!

K, back to grading.


Sunday, April 04, 2004 

What a weekend., lotta work....its crunch time......I've got "ants on a frying pan" syndrome. Hence, one last blowout before I become a hermit.

For those of you in blog land in the dark, Sarah and myself have ceased to communicate due to irreconcilable differences (read: stoopid Boon). Though I recieved a phonecall from her friend Kat this weekend inquiring if I was serious about staying away. Some 'talk' is in the works in the forseeable future I think. Dang, seems like drama follows me around like a bad recurring dream.

Went out last night for a buddy's birthday. Caglar the Turk turned 25. After some debacle at Bertoldi's which involved them giving away our reservation and left us waiting for about an hour, we jetted to the Mogolian grill. As a side note, there was a whole lotta non-English going on what with me being the only non Turkish fellow. It was cool though.....had a great time. Oh and got plastered at the frog.

Got accquainted with one of Caglar's friends, Leyuze....well I've known her for as long as I've known him but the conversation had never gone past 5 min. She's quite alright.....really enjoyed talking to her. Really dig her vibe. Hmm, wondering how she's feeling this morning what with all those shots. Think I'll give her a call later. Hah, I got digits, that's cool right? : )

Now I'm just chilling out at home. Gonna watch Hellboy with Duane later.

B out.