Wednesday, March 31, 2004 

Alrighty then

Yeah, definitely feel like I'm comming down with something.....ahh balls to that. Its not exactly the best time to be ill what with oodles of crap to sort out and all. Buckle up and prepare for the ride mon ami!

The national rep from frat HQ was down from Indianapolis. I actually met him at the international convention in Cleveland 2 years ago. Good guy....though I'm always intrigued by American vocabulary. He actually used the expression "I'll holler at you in a bit". I don't know about you, but hollering at someone isn't a very nice thing last time I checked.
On more of a sombre note, the alumni of the chapter after earlier deliberations and last night's meeting have decided to temporarily suspend operations of the active chapter while we regroup and bring in a fresh crop of guys to take over. This process is prolly going to take a year if we're going to do a good job. There's also considerable red tape to overcome. So watch for the "new look" Sammies in the comming future. Onward and upward gents!

I think its official, I am the designated "shoulder to cry on". Methinks its part and parcel of the "curse of the Asian man".....check Pat's blog for full details of the curse in question.

Aiight, time to work.


Sunday, March 28, 2004 

Its the sabbath again.

Doing a whole lot of nothing today.....just some laundry and cleaning up. Going to put in some hours of work tonight I think. I'm currently chilling out at Ted and Holly's right now....and also with Clarence the basset hound. I miss the hush puppy.....especially being woken up by his incescent jumping on my bed every morning.

It pretty warm and REALLY sunny today. Everyone's out and about downtown. Hmmm, I guess that's why I've opted to get out of the centre of town. Dunno....just not feeling it. Might head to a patio later with Ted, we'll see. As you can tell, haven't been in th bes of moods lately, but on the flip side, haven't ben in the worst of them either....guess I'm just coasting. Feel like I need omething to get excited about. So hey, I'm open to suggestions!!

Meh, back to Clarence.


Saturday, March 27, 2004 

a whiter shade of pale

Feel like I'm turning in to a racist......I've been quite impatient with folks of the caucasian persuasian(well, not my close friends obviously) of late. Actually its those of North American's why:
It mostly stems from my disdane for a them having an extemely diluted culture....or more like a lack of culture.
Went to a Caribbean jam last night with some friends of mine. Had a blast, really connected with the people. Paradixically, I think its coz we share a very similar history with British imperialism and all. Funny thing is, people thought that I was from the islands as it was a setting in which I was comfortable busting out my pigeon English accent. As a side note, I beleive that the Chinese demographic I belong to in Malaysia share a lot of similarities with Caribbean islanders.....with most Malaysian Chinese being 3rd generation and up and all(4th meself) I said, colonialization does play a significant role.

I got together with Ciara around 9ish for a drink and after we were done, she decided to come along to this shindig. Met up with this Barbadian Ayesha(from the dept) and her Jamaican, well lets just say 'man friend', Matthew and then proceeded to the jam. When we got there, there was some remnants of an earlier formal before the event got under way. Long story short, the demographic changed drastically as the remaining 'pasties' were made to feel like minorities as reggae and soca replaced whatever was being played. As bad as this sounds, it was gloriously hilarious! Hence, vindicating the earlier statement of disdain towards diluted North American caucasian culture. Not to get into too much detail, I felt at home at the event. It might be an unfair statement to make but I think the reason why I didn't really enjoy myself tonight with Liisha and Darcy was because of the experiance last night.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day.


Friday, March 26, 2004 


Nothing, nothing at all......
-got an 86 on a paper. not to blow my own trumpet but writting 'A' papers is getting boring....well, rephrase, writting 'A' papers on theory is getting boring. challenge me damn it!
-chilled out with Ted and Holly over dinner and drinks yesterday at TJ's. Met up with Trev and Duane at the frog after.
-going to check out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Koolhaus is T.O. in a week. I dig that band. looks like I'm heading up there with Emile and Emma.
-watched Glory Days so here's a quote from the movie to end this post.

"angst for the memories"-Ben Afleck

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 

waka waka

Life has suddenly become quite different of late, especially with regard to my social calendar. Really now, the only thing I have to look forward to right now is a birthday bash for my buddy Daryl on Sat. Why he picked Molly Bloom's is beyond me...sketchy scene. Meh, it'll be good to see the kid again, we had some good times. Hmmm, I hope the 'tooth devil' doesn't show. Darcy tends to be ruthless with her preachiness. The last encounter consisted of her snide comments while Dave and I nodded as we held our hands to our mouths. Meh, oral perfection is overrated....hmmm, it depends on what exactly one is talking about ; P

After that, well, a slough weddings in the summer. Hmmm, borring.........well, the one's open bars won't be that bad.

It blows being a male T.A. in an introductory sociology really does. No other time in my life will I ever have the attention and (even if I say so myself) admiration of so many impressionable, late pubescent females. Thank god for self control (well, its actually more like quivering shyness).....coz in the past few tutorials, I led discussions on sexuality, body image(and augmentation!), contraceptives, and promiscuity (as the camera pans to a grinning Boon, head down, shaking his head in class). Haven't gotten into trouble this year yet and I don't intend to. Man, I suck.

Its payday today! Methinks a celebration is at hand.


Monday, March 22, 2004 

What a day.....

Feel like a bag of shit.....think I might be falling sick. *koff koff, sniffle*

That's the bad news, well most of it. This is not exactly the best medium to be talking about the other thing. crappy dirty laundry stuff y'know? (as Pat sighs and nods his head)

Good news:
-handed in an outstanding in late, not great paper.
-one of my profs burned me a copy of a beatnik(sp?) album. yah remember those guys from the 60s? Its called "Poitier(as in Sydney) does Plato". cool eh?
-gym assesment was a thumbs up. chest and arms both grew an inch(now to whopping 39" and 13" respectively), wasit went down. body fat down to 13.5% from 15.5%, which is good considering the average guy my age is at 15.5%. And weight down 11 pounds. all this in less than 2 months. I dig this hobby.

anyway, not very talkative right now.


"my happy place is being violated" -Cooper from the O.C.

Saturday, March 20, 2004 

Boon's log: supplementary

I find this ironically hilarious.......I was getting dressed for this protest and the only clean boxers(laundry time!) I have are ones that look like they're made from the American flag that my parents picked up at a Gap outlet in the states.

talk about a walking contradiction!!



this is the first day of spring??

Hah! Laughable. It looks and feels more like London, England than anything else. In fact, the match is on right now and its sunny and windy in jolly old London. So much for me slippers.....ack.

Hmmm, what's been new and exciting.....a few things come to think of it.

Let's see.....gym sessions. Its assessment time on Monday(was supposed to be done last week but a hangover got in the way). A little apprehensive as I've noticed that since I've begun (not more than 2 months ago), I've shed approximately 15 pounds. Its more or less the weight I'd like to maintain, but if ever I dip below it, it would be some cause for concern....stupid diet. Its this crummy canadian cuisine I tell you. Bring back the hawkers!! Someone please do something!! On the flip side, The charts indicate that I AM getting stronger with considerable weight increments and whaat have you. All the signs point to a loss of body fat instead of muscle mass (not that I had a lot to lose in the first place!) but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Hmm, got a confession, I've been unfaithful.....but "she gives me something else that you don't". Alright, I've switched hair stylists. But think about it, the vernacular and situational awkwardness in quite similar. I feel like I've broken up with someone without telling them.....which of course leaves them languishing in darkness wondering why they've not recieved a phonecall. Its always, always, an uncomfortable situation when you run into them....depending on the frequency of your visits. Therein lies the difference between this and the real maccoy.......there isn't any rhyme or reason to inform them that you've moved on to another salon....but the guilt is still there nevertheless. Whereas on the other hand, if it were a relationship, it permits liscence for some nasty name-calling methinks (I'm sure our vocabulary can be quite colourful).

St Patricks day came and went. Over indulged on the alchohol....good thing I didn't heave whilst walking home as that would be a horrendous example of multi-tasking. Pretty clumsy end to the night in more ways than one.....I'm just going to leave it at that. Though I'll say this much, "you make your bed, you jolly-well sleep in it". In my case, I tend to fall asleep in the weirdest of places and positions....not the best connotations for the quote at hand I assure you. All in all, a regrettable night.

ANYWAY......shower time. I've got an anti-war protest to be at.

CUBA LIBRE!!(whoops, wrong cause.....its Iraq actually)

B out

Wednesday, March 17, 2004 

Eat my shorts(or in my case, snowpants)

This winter thing is taking its toll on me. March is always a bummer coz there's signs of spring with psuedo warm days and some such, which always brings out shorts and slippers....... then the freak snow storm dumps 15cm of snow on the city. So for those of you that haven't seen winter and really want to....don't bloody bother coz its overrated. March....plegh.

Thinking about taking up an offer to go to the Hamptons in upstate New York for a week in the summer. For those of you that don't know what its like, its kinda like the town the O.C. is shot in. Shouldn't be that bad eh?

Anyway, I'm in the library right now......doing what else but procrastinate.

Boon out.

"Playing football in the morning is like eating cabbage for breakfast"- anon

Tuesday, March 16, 2004 

If Jesus was a Texan

With the bombings in Spain and all, Bush doesn't seem entirely impressed with the withdrawal of the Spanish "Armada" from Iraq. Hmmm, can't imagine that he's too thrilled with the Socialist party being in power too via al qaeda intervention (well, this point is debatable but its what the American media is reporting....methinks some dots are missing).
Here's some food for thought: what if the bombings happened in the US? especially considering that elections are comming up, wouldn't it put Bush in an advantageous position to win again? Not to mention putting Morocco on his "to bomb and bring democracy" list?

K, that's my political rant for the day......

Watched the Jesus show (The Passion of the Christ) on Sunday. I dunno how I feel about it. I can't help but to think that it was a tad bid (gross understatement) gruesome. Not being Christian (but a product of the Catholic school system), I don't see what all the hype's about. Especially the part about it making you a better Chirstian. Truth be told, it was well produced and the music and imagery was moving but I can't help to think that it was based on a similar formula at the Lord of the Rings(on a much larger scale). A la taking an international best-seller(the bible), making big budget movie on it, and watching the dollars roll in.
Furthermore, there's this Jewish backlash concerning the negative portrayal of semites in the movie as the murderers of the Christ. I have to admit, I was skeptical of the "artistic liscence" used and the portrayal of Jews but think about it, who else was there? It was a Jewish city!! So should we chastise(not the best of terms) Indians for killing Ghandi? Realise that the groups really only split after the fact. Oh wait, there were Romans involved too. I guess we should throw rocks at Italians now as well. I love these flaws in logic.

K, that's my religious rant for the day......

Hmm, in reference to my previous post, I'm still mentally mangled. At least I now know what's mucking me up. Something tells me it has to do with getting my way as a child and not experiancing the same degree of "pampering" as an adult. "Spoilt brat syndrome" I call it. Some other psychosomatic spin offs comprise addiction, illusions of grandeur and OCD methinks. Oh damn, need to see a shrink. Or better still, a hypnotist!

Meh, got to go teach a class now......


Monday, March 15, 2004 


OH MAN! Going nuts! Don't know why, but I'm absolutely certain that something's(s) driving me insane!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 

air guitar anyone?

So its the first warm day on campus.......right f-ing on! Its whole lotta good. I was walking through the main courtyard and lowe and behold, there was a live band having a jam session, they sounded good(well, the levels were a little off but meh, couldn't care less) so I stayed......looked closer, and the lead guitarist was my student from last year. The dude was wearing some fuzzy pink jacket and tight, I mean tight white pants. Never figured him to be a flamboyant glam rocker. Hrmmm, people are multi-faceted I guess.

I'm just in the library right now wasting time before I meet up with Duane for lunch. Finding it very hard to type right now with all the skin walking around and what have you.

Meh, speaking of which....gotta jet. I hunger.

"Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety: other women cloy
The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry
Where most she satisfies."
-William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

In retrospect, Bill's pretty gay

Monday, March 08, 2004 

now that's messed up.

Had the weirdest dream last night. I wasn't in it...(what the? I don't even figure in my own dreams? man I'm a sad case) Anyway, it was this interview on this politician who was also pimping out his wife in the yellow pages. It was one of those dreams where you wake up going "what the fuck? let's try that dream again"

Ted had his London wedding reception this past weekend.....solid time! It was good to see the folks from the trip again. Speaches were short and sweet, the video of the trip was a trip down memory lane, and I made a roast beef sandwich from the entre. Bah, white people food....laughable. Dangerous thing this open-bar business....especially when you get the old boys in one room with no pressing commitments the following day. Holy crap......a little over zealous we were. It was purrrfect. Oh and one more thing, I recall 16 year olds didn't look that foxy when I was in secondary school. Eeek!

Oh and another thing too.....where is this supposed harem my mates say I have? You know its odd when they take upon theselves to advise me of who to keep and who to let let go(in a hurry mind you). Hmm, really now....where IS this harem?? Ahem, guys? C'mon......guess I'm more oblivious that I thought.

Alright, back to this show on Judas......


"vote yes for gay marriage to have a fabulous economy" -anon

Thursday, March 04, 2004 

Dr. Love is in.....What the crap?!

How do I get off giving relationship/dating advice to a plethora my associates? Don't you guys think that I'm not exactly the best qualified person for the job? My track record isn't exactly the best guys. Hey if it helps, guess it can't be all too bad. Man, the scary thing is, I should actually listen to some of my own prophetic words. Might save me some unnecessary anguish. Well, like the saying goes "do what I say, not what I do" huh? Guess what they say is true, the best shrinks are nuts themselves.

Today was a good chunk of work done though. Had to endure a throbbing headache all day due to this kink in my neck. Gosh, no more sleeping on the sofa. Oh, I must have been sleep walking or something coz I think I pulled a muscle in my groin. Not the best feeling in the world I assure you.

I'm tired....bed.

"This is Dr. Fraser Crane....I'm listening"- Fraser

p.s. Sarah Mey, what gave you the impression that I was 2 years older than you??

Tuesday, March 02, 2004 

I'm afraid

Again with the metrosexual thing not 2 seconds ago.
Gail asked me to take her boyfriend clothes shopping. She equated to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", then rephrased it to "Metro Eye for the White Guy". Good thing she envisioned an awkward situation (well no shit Sherlock). Strange guy dressing you up while your girlfriend watches? Gastly! G, you better stop complaining about him before I start having some real suspicions. ; )
I'm OK with girls asking me to go shopping, in fact I kinda enjoy it. Hell its the only action I get..... : ) But this is scary. Wait, I colour coordinate my clothes, I'm attached to my mother, decent dancer, interested in interior design.....uh oh. Nah, I can't cook well enough (ask about my onion omeletes), and I still like female body parts : P

Boon out


its called bedhead

I had a tutorial to do at 9am today and true to form, I passed out on my sofa last night and got up at 8:30am. So needless to say, I arose this morn with a triumphant "fuck, fuck, fuck, etc!" Seeing how I showered just before I went to bed, my bedhead was quite fantastic. I damped my hair, put on some wax, grabbed whatever clothes I could reach and cabbed it to school. The hair turned out pretty funny looking..... To my astonishment, it was a hit(yeah, Western's full of budding fashionistas if you've not noticed). So got a whole bunch of compliments with a brown country/western shirt, ripped jeans, and bedhead. Someone even mentioned that I was such a metrosexual(not the first time I should add). Gosh, I could just picture a bunch of disgruntled homosexuals huddled together scoffing, "tsk, if it weren't for us, you metrosexuals would never exist. You're just doing it for the chicks....dispicable!". I dunno about you, but I see no women banging on my door....not anytime soon that is : ) (Moi? Clueless fool? Oh most definately) Metrosexuality, what's that anyway? There needs to be a be all and end all definition of it. I'm confused.....

Had a good day at the office. I gave the kids a question from their upcomming exam....heheh, this should boost my chances for getting that teaching award. : P

Just read Pat's lastest posting.....fucking hilarious. Seem's like he's got the same problems I have pertaining to working out. Getting stronger and skinnier but the toned and sculpted body seems to be eluding us. Hell, I just bought a size S shirt the other day. This is not what I had in mind....nevertheless, onward and upward. He's also going to do some speed dating thing(sounds like he's employing a rather farcical attitude towards it). Hmm, Malaysian speed dating, knowing Malaysians and being one, it should be interesting. Pat, give it up, we're meant to be perenial bachelors. The world needs people like us : ) "No, I'm not gay, there's just something wrong with me", that's what I'm going to have to start saying soon. Bah, bring on the homosexual finger pointing I say! (as Barry Manilow plays in the background, hah!)

Apparently Sarah's mom's more aggitated with me than her over the debacle at the cottage....given, there's elements of my personality that could use some tweaking and I take full responsibility for my actions, but really now.... me? a trouble maker who warrants scorn from mothers? confusing I say. I had a good laugh over it. Most of you are prolly still doubled over in stiches. The funny thing is, one of my favourite t-shits as a kid was the one that said on the back "I'm the one your mother warned you about". Poetic justice maybe?

Anyway, gonna go nap.

"Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy."
-Nora Ephron

Monday, March 01, 2004 

Back to Life

ok ok, so I've been slacking on the blog......sue me. : )

Got back from spring break. Went to Muskoka for some cottage life. Twas an interesting experiance....Hey at least I've got stories to tell.

Day one: The Journey
So after a few slight delays, we piled into a 93 civic with her friend Lindsay and Lindsay's cousin on the way to base camp a la Barrie. Got our bellies filled along the way at the rest stop (I'll refrain from the logistics of some food related misunderstandings but I'll mention that I was left redfaced as per usual). Back on the road, along the Drumbo/Innerkip exit on the 401, traffic halted to a dead stop. Crap, accident. 5 minutes later, response vehicles zoomed by. 30 mins later, we ventured forth to investigate. 2 rigs had collided head-on.....apparently a pretty gruesome site. Back to the car. More response vehicles whizzed by. Decided to investegate somemore. The firemen said that there were fatalities and that it wouldn't be til midnight when they'd clear it up and 6am til traffic would resume. Apparently were missed the accident by seconds. Whew!Time check: 8:30pm.
So Sarah, Sean and I decided to walk back to the rest stop for refreshments and such leaving Lindsay to hold down the fort. Half hour of walking later, we ran into some police men who scoffed at our idea to walk to the rest stop. Hmmm, it then donned on us that we underestimated the distance....FACK! Long story short, we hitched a ride with some kind hicks back to a truck stop in Woodstock were we proceeded to have the hugest meals of all time. Felt like hobbits with the size of the serving. You wonder why truckers are such giants among men. Oh, and we should've gotten those authentic trucker's hats, not those from American Eagle : ) Time check: 10:30pm.
Crap, Sarah's cats haven't relieved themselves in hours! And Lindsay's not an animal person! Thank goodness Lindsay managed to turn the car around despite the mass of cars and rendezvous'ed with us at Nick's Truck Stop. Time check: 11ish. We took the long way back.
Got into Barrie just after 1am. And to think that we were planning to make it in time for dinner. Hell, we even got taunted by Sarah's mom with wine and shrimp cocktail whilst in the middle of the mess.

Day 2: Cottage trip number 1.
Pretty uneventful. The cottage was quaint and rustic. Got acquainted with Sarah's mom and her boyfriend. I must add, it hard to associate such a vernacular with middle-aged individuals. Rob's hardly a boy. Got to meet her aunt also.....Gail I believe. Learnt the rules of back gammon, had stew for dinner. Couldn't help but feel like I was being treated like an immigrant fresh off the boat with comments such as "this is a typical Canadian dish, so what's a typical Malaysian dinner like?". Guess they didn't fully realise that I'd been here since 97. We went to check out some waterfall the following morning.....great stuff.

Day 3: Back to Barrie
Had a scrumptious dinner. Chatted. Watched a movie......the end.

Day 4: Still in Barrie
Nuff said. She had to get some school work done. Met up with Derek, my mate from the frat from ye old days. Oh, got into a tiff with her over sleeping arrangements as she needed to get up early to get more work done before we could go due to the lack of an internet connection at the cottage. She didn' fault. She was pissed to say the least. Redfaced, again. Offered to make it up to her by taking her shoe shopping....apology accepted. So this is what a psuedo relationship entails. ; )

Day 5: Cottage trip number 2 without parentals.
After some minor hickups, we made it up there around midnight. And also coz I got an internet connection for us. Truth be told, it felt good to get out of Barrie.

Day 6: At the cottage
We did school work. So this is cottage life, no hot water(which meant baths or "dry cleaning" for us), no flushing toilets but DVDs and internet no less! Oh, and heated blankets rule!

Day 7: At the cottage
Finished work. Went into town to do some groceries, wine run, and movies. Made a huge seafood dinner consisting of gouper, tiger prawns, scallops, and asparagous.....yum. Sarah wasn't feel too hot, violent, em, lets just say "girl pains" were causing her some discomfort. Despite that, she made an awesome meal! A few factoids: Creemore Springs gives me violent headaches and this chardonnay from Aus (Yellow Tail-which we were told was very good and considered ourselves lucky as we got the last bottle) sucked ass. I passed out on the armchair shortly after. That being said, I can pass out anywhere!

Day 8: At the cottage
Went into town for some shopping. Huntsville's a great little town for shopping I must add. Must be to cater to the rich gentries who frequent Muskoka. Apparently there's property that belongs to Hollywood "royalty" over there. Fun the latest Hawksley Workman album (they're from Huntsville!), some clothes (well, she got the bulk of it), and after a short snack, some booze. This was going to be a good night......not quite. As we pulled into the driveway, her mom's car stood in our parking spot. GASP! I'm going to leave it at that. Lets just say that I quickly felt that I had moved from esteemed associate to persona nongrata in a blink of an eye. But really, I felt bad for Sarah, who bore the brunt of the wrath of mom.

Day 8: Back in Barrie
Didn't get back til dinner time as there were chores to do. Didn't feel too comfortable going back to "mom's place". Good thing they had I managed to hide in the basement without much contact. The folks left for a night out on the town shortly after and so hey, we did the same. Went to this blues rocked.

Day 9: Homeward bound
After some last minute hickups, I met up with Brock in Toronto and made it home. Sarah had to stay to sort a few things out.

That's that. All in all, it was enjoyable.

"What Jesus can't fix tonight, the whiskey certainly might" - Hawksley Workman

p.s. I'm so going to overplay this CD and kill it