Friday, January 30, 2004 

Don Henley is a god among men (what the...)

Downloading a lot of Eagles tracks right now. Dunno why, kinda in an esay listeing mood right now. Little to 'easy' at times but damn, the songs are well written. Currently listening to Desperado....the lyrics sound eerily familiar : )

Got my computer back today. For a busted latch and cosmetic repairs, I got a hellava deal. Since, they couldn't just replace the latch, they installed a brand new LCD display! For the other thing, I got a new titanium casing. Parts costing upward of $1200. Love Apple's warrenty policy!

Hmm, I've recently noticed bright blonde highlights in my chestnut-coloured hair. Not of any handy work of mine I should add. Not a lot of them but in very cool strategically placed areas. I wonder where they're from. Prolly from the pool and the ocean and the sun in the Dominican. God forbid I turn into a natural blonde!!

Had dinner at Fellini Koolini's with Sarah last night. Have I mentioned that this chick is awesome?! We proceeded to the frog for copius amounts of alcohol thereafter. We were joined by Alain and Ryan from the dept. Wayne Parsons was also there....not too sure what that chocolate drink was though. Wicked time. Her mom's visiting for the weekend to remedy the problem of her non-existent sofa. Word to the wise, measure it! Anyway, good luck with that baby ; )

In other (brief) news,

Holly's turning 28 today. Happy b-day Mrs Davidson : )

Kat's smitten by hot pizza guy.

Ted's carless. Theivery in the suburbs.....who would've thought?

Anyway, I'm out.

"Meh. Meh, I say" - Pat

Thursday, January 29, 2004 


Its cold.....I'm talking Simon from Amercian Idol cold. This country's as wierd as a bottle of fries man. Its really sunny out there but god forbid you walk out without 4 layers of clothes.
Worked out today.......spent half the time working on my bum rotator cuff. It'll be nice to get it fixed.
I dunno what else to say......think I'm just going to go home and listen to music.

Sorry....little short, not in a real talkative mood. Boon out.

"Woman begins by resisting a man's advances and ends by blocking his retreat."
-Oscar Wilde

I love this guy!! ; )

Wednesday, January 28, 2004 

How about push ups for breakfast?

Had my first session at the studio. Damn man, I feel quite gay about this personal trainer business. Meh, I'll try anything, its fitness related, how bad can it be? So I get up at six bloody thirty in the morning (after 5 hours of sleep), its pitch black outside, all sorts of cold, kicking myself thinking what a bad bloddy idea this was. My only motivation was, I've paid for this, and there's a huge guy over there who looks like Bluto from Popeye waiting for me. Really now, there's no reason to piss off huge guys. Lest you forget, fist on wall? Girly pain threshold? It was pretty much I expected, I got to all the excercizes I hate doing at a time where I should still be in bed. But as usual, felt pretty good and energized after the fact. But today it feels like my limbs are having a field day ripping themselves from my joints. Whoopeeee!!

Didn't do much of anything yesterday.....did what I had to do at school. Had lunch with D at the Wave. Went over to C's place to chill....well, actually it was more like sprawling out on the carpet while her brother stole my fries. I left for home, she went to school. Long story short, she missed the bus, twice, got to school, and class was cancelled. So she came over and we watched copius amounts of TV. Sucker.... her parents don't believe in cable. Like I said, didn't do much of anything.

K, back to work.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Monday, January 26, 2004 

Good ole' Jack.

Not the whisky......Johnson. It was definately a good way to start the day though I'm pretty sure that my neighbours didn't appreciate my singing. It was also kickass music for the trip down south.....I would even say that its perfect for when you're physically (or mentally) in a chilled-out tropical place. The swelling on my fist has gone.....Pat, I don't think fist-in-wall therapy works very well for me considering my girly pain threshold.

Oh, and I've been away from blogger coz my comp is still in the shop. It should be ready by today......

On to the things that have happened since my last post!

Thursday: Hmmm, had class.....went well. Joined in the discussion without doing the readings. I love grad school! Sarah stopped by......went to Kool's for food and drink. Duane showed up later on. Proceeded to the frog.....that's when things got interesting. We almost cut things short coz initially the vibe was lacking (also I got a sense that D's presence wasn't the most comfortable for Sarah. Wait a minute, D creeps out all my female friends). Anyway, got a lot better as we drank more (surprise, surprise). Since it was Coyote Ugly nite too, there were lets just say, "contests". Not exactrly feats of strength but I walked out with a pair of frog boxers. Sarah got a thong. Duane got sick. : ) Dunno what else to say, it was a pretty crazy night. Good times were had by all.

Friday: C took it upon herself to stop by at 10am. Mind you, sleep the previous night didn't arrive til 5:30am. Anyway, got sorted out and went out for b-fast at Williams. This is funny. As we were about to sit, I noticed a bunch of high school kids (15 yr olds I would assume) on another table pointing in my direction and saying "nice jacket". With a rather confused look on my face, I turned to them and said: "me?". It was me they were referring to. I just smiled and took off my jacket to sit down. As the jacket went, another kid exclaimed "55 DSL. NICE sweater!" The scary part was, he knew the price and the label of everything I was wearing. Then he said, "Aren't you the TA at the university with the $200 belt buckle that flunked that freshmen?" At this time I thought to myself: this is too weird. So now apparently I'm an icon for high school kids. Very odd but hey, I'll take it as a compliment. C was falling off her chair.

Anyway, b-fast came and went. Went home, chilled out. Went out again that night. This time with Brock, Ciara, and Andrea.....Bobby stopped by too. Ran into Tanya. What can I say, the material girl strikes again : ) Bet you she'll make a fantastic trophy wife someday. Tanya, if you're reading this, you know its true! : ) Hmm, I just realised that it a little ironic for me to be talking about this considering the content of the previous praragraph. Hey, at least its others that do my bragging. Anyway, ran into Rhea later on.....good to see that she's out and trying to get back to normal. Seeing how it was the first time she had see me and Brock since Dave was alive, it was a little overwhelming for all of us. It was really good to see her. What I found to be absolutely disgusting is the fact that some of the guys that she knew at the bar were trying to hmmm, lets just say, take her home. I dunno man, guys, dispicable, can't trust them. I know, coz I'm of them. At least I pretend to be decent : )
On a brighter note, Brock wants to be a groomsman at his wedding.....thanks dude!

Sat: Watched footie in the morning. Liverpool won, I was happy. C'mon you reds! Kat came by, brought a latte, smoked, chatted. Awesome way to spend the afternoon. Brock called and invited me over to a dinner suare at his place so me and Kat decided to saunter down there. Bob, heather, Ted and Holly were also there. Elle's huge now and has said her first word. "Helloooo" it was. The down side is, she's taken after her dad and taken a liking to the Heineken bottle. : )

Kat went off to work after dinner and I got invited to chill out with the Gillespies over some drinks. Obviously C had told her dad about that incident at Williams and the whole evening was centered around the price of clothes and the $200 belt buckle (which I wasn't wearing thank god). At one point, they even added up the cumulative amount of the clothes on our backs. It was the hilarious! At 12:30, the "young ones" decided to check out this funk band at the Bacchus....Dr. Fly and the Foundations were their CD. Well worth it.

unday: Rested. Alone. Actually, D came by. He's got women problems, again. Meh, don't we all! Its all about perception man (which today's quote is based on). Watched LOTR: Fellowship of th Ring.....again. Then, Zzzzzzz......

"Anything that is perceived as real is real in its consequences" - W.I. Thomas

that's it!

Thursday, January 22, 2004 


Ok, now I think its pretty evident that I'm really not a violent person. I can be a real asshole sometimes when certain things (the vast majority of issues don't) rub me the wrong way but to turn around and get physically violent? Not my style. The reason why I'm bringing this up is coz as I'm typing this, my knuckles are throbbing in pain. You see, I was presented with a situation last night that for some reason filled me with an acute sense of rage (and I stress, acute) and the next thing I knew, fist and wall collide. This on its own is odd as I don't normally hit walls. Long story short, the wall won and I was left pondering my actions. Upon some simple reflection and perspective taking, the conclusion I came up with was: " What was the point of that!?!?" Feel like somewhat of mucktard, especially considering what the initial irritant was. *Looking at hand* I assure you, this is not going to repeat itself. Oww....

Speaking of methods of dealing with stress. I've joined a gym! Well, actually its a personal training studio. Yah, I've hired a personal trainer! Just want to avoid meatheads at the gym, plus, I'm all about getting healthy and results. Its also 30 seconds away from home : ) Looking forward to it man......

Sat in Chuck's undergrad lecture on Erikson. It was alright. Some of his students were mine last year. Though I wonder why I was introduced as "Boon, my 35 year old grad student". Odd....

Anyway, hungry, going to get lunch.

Here's your quote, good old Stalin:

"One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."
-Josef Stalin

Wednesday, January 21, 2004 

Back in the loop.

Things are gradually normalizing, which is great. Getting back into the groove of things as far as school and interpersonal life in general. I was a little concerned about it yesterday as demonstrated by me laying on my rug staring at the ceiling while entertaining some pretty morbid thoughts. Good thing an opportunity to get out of there presented itself....pints and human interaction helped immensely (Thanks Rowey!). I should go to Joe Kools more.......good food and good music (I dunno any other place in town that plays Dylan after B.B. King).

Went to the "toy store" with Chuck this morning. My powerbook needs some tender loving care. All this traveling has taken its toll on the structural integrity of the casing. Thank god for warranties. The store was so cool. Chuck was seriously considering trading in his powerbook for a new 12''. We'll see how the bank account's feeling......I might get a remote for the old ipod when I pick up my laptop.

Had lunch with Walters, Zarifa, and Gail today, mmm, big harv.......In the lunch room, P.C. Whitehead, one of the profs from Boston, had a thousand and one questions about my hair. Some of it was expected, he IS a conservative from white-collar America afterall. But "is that your're real hair colour?" Come on..... : )

Had a thesis meeting with Chuck. Feel like I'm back on track now. Chapter 2 here I come!

Going for pints with Ferg at Red's this evening at Reds. Things didn't work out yesterday. Looking forward to it.

Life is good.

"Believe your truth is not my truth and God can exist in many places at one time" - Devil by my Side, David Usher

Tuesday, January 20, 2004 

Winter wonderland my ass.

I feel drained.....prolly has something to do with the weather.
Had my first tutorial of the semester just now.....twas good to seethe kids again. Mind you, I still can't remember some of their names for the life of me, but still.
Had dinner with Sarah last night. She was in a venting mood. She needs hugs (and maybe less assholes in her life). Cheer up girl! Everything is going to be OK.
Hmm, might see if Ferg wants to go for pints today. Man I've got issues, its 10:30am and I'm already thinking of alcohol : )
Like I said, kinda drained, kinda muddled, kinda pensive, need more clarity, need more direction, need a larger purpose.

"Lager cures everything" -anon

Cheers! : )

Monday, January 19, 2004 

Back to the Books

Wow, that was a trip and a half......its beautiful down there. Where do I start? Ummm, same old paradise shit: blue skies, white sand, palm trees, decadent food, unlimited alchohol, good scenery : ) I'm not going to go through it in major detail but here are some of the highlights.

1. Learnt some Spanish. Always good when you're trying to talk to the locals, especially how to get what you want, and how to get to the washroom.

2. Got somewhat of a tan. Didn't get burnt which is good......considering how I refused to apply sun block for the most part. I just hate the feeling of the shit on my skin.

2. The wedding of course. It went really well. What can I say. Ted's my boy. He's happy, Holly's happy, I'm happy. Actually the coolest thing about the wedding wasn't the ceremony itself but the night before. We were hanging out in the lobby bar and Ted's dad (who is good shit) was showing me footage of Ted and his mom dancing. He turned to me and said in the most content fashion: "Look, that my baby and his mommy". I just thought to myself: that's the coolest shit I've seen in my life. Here's a man, looking at the woman he loves, the child that he's so proud of, being so absolutely content and satified with life. Such things don't usually get to me but damn, that's something......I can honestly say that I'm envious.

3. Went fishing! It was wicked........the boat guys were shocked when all seven rods went off and the fish leaped out of the water in the distance. We got lucky and found a school of mahi mahi. Got about 23 fish, 4 myself. But damn, it was a chore reeling them took approx 15min of hard work per fish. Dunae's got some awesome footage. Especially of the first one I realed in......the fish broke free right when we were going to haul it in. I turned to the camera and jokingly said (drenched in sweat mind you): " the one that got away, what can I say, its the story of my life." It was classic! Perfect TV moment! Think the quote of the day was "my hands smell like fish, you might say I got lucky." : )

4. Off-roading in quads. What can I say, 4 hours of intense off-roading. We were covered in mud but it kicked ass.

There were other moments too......usually drinking related. Met some really interesting individuals, young and old. Good people, good times. Oh and one more thing, the locals constantly called me Jackie Chan the entire week! Absolute hilarity!

Umm, got held up at the airport....again. I've come to accept such things. But got back fine nonetheless. Made a few phone calls when I got back, went to Kat and Ona's to chill with them and Sarah. Printed some stuff for Ona, now I'm here doing this. (Hmmm, my shoulders have begun to peel.....)

Anyway.....I want to see what tomorrow brings so I'm off to bed.

Ciao all!

Saturday, January 10, 2004 

Going away.....again.

Heading down to TO shortly. Ugh....gotta bad headache right now......feeling pretty muddled. Met up with Ted, Sean, and Ken for a pint last night at Kool's. And then moved over to the Bacchus to hang out with Brock, Sarah and Ona. Good times.

Got back after some confusion at the door and C came by to chill. What can I say? Stayed up til about 5:30 chatting. Same old, same old....... The worst part is, got a phone call at 10 from Leesha , she was downstairs with the bag. Man, did I ever not feel like going outside! But thanks Leesha! This bag's awesome, tonnes of compartments. Gravis makes the coolest stuff!

Anyway, Sarah came by just now to chill for a bit b4 I leave. She wasn't feeling too good either. Went to get a tea, picked up a drill, now I'm back writting this blog. I know I just came back but for some odd reason, I'm really looking forward to this trip.

Anyway, gonna wait for Duane now.
More Oscar today.....this guy kicks ass.

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891


Friday, January 09, 2004 


That's the sound of my skin when I move my face. It was minus 18 this morning......stoopid Canada. Went to school to get some work done today. Finally entered my student's grades into the system, I bet you they were squirming : ) Muahahahaha!! Stopped into George and Trixie on the way home to pick up a bag that Leesha was supposed to lend me. But alas, that muctard forgot it. No worries, she's gonna bring it by tonight. She better, or I'm stuck with my mother-huge Samsonite for the Dominican. Speaking of which, fucking right on! No frost bite on me ears. Heading off to T.O. with Duane and Mule sometime tomorrow. Prolly gonna have pints with the Mule tonight.

Speaking of pints, met up with C for pints last night. Twas hella good.....caught up on gossip (what else?). Man, our relationship is based on gossip. Sarah, Ona, and Sid came by later on. More good times. Life is good.

K, on that note, I'm going to makan. Think pasta is on the menu.

"The basis of optimism is sheer terror" -Oscar Wilde

: 0

Thursday, January 08, 2004 

Yup, still up.

Haven't slept since I got back. I'm on some warped timing right now. I'm going to try to stay up for as long as I can to get back to normal but we'll see what happens. So exhausted right now. Well, I went to school today as I had a class. Good thing it was short.....Dr. Gardiner just went through the outline and we signed up for seminars. Went to the bank after to get a whole bunch of bills paid. Did somemore errands after that. Prolly going to do groceries soon.

Its good to see the crew again. Loads of stories/gossip to catch up on. Some of it pretty the Elle's excersaucer and the mysterious're gonna have to talk to Brock about that one! Got into a J last night with Sarah. Whao....after a month, it was pretty good.

Hmmm, not much right now. Here's your quote...kinda geeky computer talk:

"Earth is 98% full. Please delete anyone you can." -anon



Crap, still up......what else could it be?
Hopefully it doesn't take me as long to get over the lag this time.




God damn its cold. This is some seriously frigid shit.
The flight was usual. Usual delays, usual bad food, usual crap.
Dunno what else to say......I'm tired. Got loads of errands to run tomorrow, dunno if I'll get it all done.
Hmmm, not too much to say at this point.....

Tuesday, January 06, 2004 

Sniff Sniff...

I'm having a pretty bad case of allergies. Someone on the plane had decided to douce themself with Chanel no.5. Oh man....that shit makes me flare up like it going out of style. I'm currently on the longest layover of my life. 12 hours in South Korea!! I swear, there's some invisible hand that's prolonging my return to Canada. On the bright side, I've been here long enough that the stores and bars are open (I got in at 5am). Right now, I'm sitting on the floor at some internet plaza in the airport wasting time while catching up on some CNN World....I know, not the best source of news but considering the options, wait, what options?

Said goodbye to my folks today. Pretty sad but hey, gotta degree to finish. Plus, there's ppl in Canada that I'd love to see again. The trip home was pretty damn good.....did lots of stuff, caught up with a few choice ppl, it was better than I expected. On the down side, I was so busy enjoying myself that my work got put on the back burner....crums, time to start mugging.

Oh wait, on a little, side note. I kinda caused a scene at the airport yesterday concerning the visa I had to get, not to mention being less than amicable with one of the bigshots at the consulate. Hmmm, so this is what being Jamie Matthews is like.....except its not customer service at Telus. : )
Anyway, the guys recognized me today and shit were they ever friendly. They placed me in one of those 5-seater rows with no one else. Needless to say, I flipped over the armrests and stretched out! Cool huh? Flight was good cept for the damn perfume. *sniff*

K, I think I'm gonna walk around and try to find somewhere to pass out for a bit.
This is one of my favourite quotes:

"The trouble with being an individual is, everyone wants to be the same individual" -anon.

Boon out.


Sniff Sniff...

Monday, January 05, 2004 

Dum dee dum.

Guess what? I'm still here! This is know when you're all psyched to get something done, and this shit happens? It screws you up. Well, shit happened. Apparently there is some new visa requirement (that everyone at the consulate neglected to tell me!) that needs to fulfilled. When will people realise that not everyone from a Muslim country is going to blow shit up.....I'm Buddhist for crying out loud! We wear orange togas and meditate. Trust fundamentalists to take the fun out of things : ) Meh no worries, all things considering, I managed to get the best alternative.....leaving same time tomorrow. The funny thing is, I had sense that something was wrong on the way to the airport. Weird huh?

I'm currently watching Fear Factor. Its the grossest thing I've seen in a long time. They're eating bull and water buffalo penises. Definately barfing material, yuck! I don't think their significant other is going to kiss them for awhile, or anymorel. Ugh!!

Oh hey, I found this thing on another blog. Its one of those zodiac/personality things. Its pretty damn interesting, it might/might not be true or better/worse yet, a self-fulfilling prophecy! Problem is, its written with English with Chinese grammar. So.....some, or a lot of it might sound kinda funny.


A quiet simple man who can do something unexpected to shock you. Taurus man mostly medium tall, strong with good health, good strong body. When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction. His body will be quite straight, facial structure tend to be square shape more than other shape. His eyes sparkle with liveliness.

Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird. He is a sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, it will slip out. If you stand and hold it still, it will stay that way. Don't set the rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay.

When you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mind. He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself. His world always turning and it will not stop just because he loves you. If he up sets, he will show it right away. If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people.

He sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dress in a nice suit and jump in the pool. He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never want to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living by yourself.

He does not care what people think when he behave weird. He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow minded. He does not likes to follow conformity, but always want to search for new ventures, new mystery. He will interest in a life of a millionaire as much as a life of an old man selling newspaper on a sidewalk vendor.

He like to search and analyze people and things. He will analyze his friends or his girl friend, and once the mystery is gone, he will search for new puzzle to solve. He can not easily understand thing, so he will gradually learning about you till he fills up all his questions.

He knows so many people ,but he has a few friends. He looks for quality friends than quantity friends. He will be close with some friends shortly and move on. He always feel lonely even surround by many people. He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him. He looks only for future and he thinks he lives for the future. He may wonder how many people think like he does, but he does not want to be like the others.

A man with a conflict personality. He is a cool, understanding, able to work well, and very artistic. Taurus man could be an artist. He could shock you as much as he is able to clam you down when you up set. He is a free spirit who likes venture, but when he wants to be alone, do not touch him but to let him be. He won't disappear from the crowds too long, he will be back.

He will give you straight forward opinion or comments, but will never advice what he thinks you should do. He does not like people to tell him what he should do too. He thinks each individual dreams and thoughts should be very private. He will use his brain not his body strength, so he will let other guys compete. He has a certain satisfactory in life and hate to force himself in competition. He may seems careless, but actually he is a thinker and a stubborn one.

He sees anythings in details and not easily trusted people till he thinks he knows them well. You can just smile and he will think why and what are you smiling about, and if you are pretending. Once he trust you and accept you as a friend, no one can says other wise to change that for he will not listen to gossip. He will be honest and sincere to his friends.

He hates lies, so he will not tell you lies. If he finds it is necessary to lie, he will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything. If he really has to lie, you will never be able to tell that he is lying. He can really keep secrets, so you will hardly know that he is a lonely soul.

If you want this kind of guy, you have to be an interesting person. He has to be curious about you. Hell for him is "No Freedom", so if he marry you then you should know it is the biggest decision in his life. Always be interesting, then you could have him beside you.

God this is so poorly written.....but kinda interesting to read nonetheless. Lemme know what you think!

Anyway, kinda tired.....gotta lots to do at the consulate.
In the spirit of this insane day, here's you're quote:

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe."
-Johann von Goethe

Sunday, January 04, 2004 

"Hey you, get your damn hands off her!" - George McFly

Back to the Future was on today. It prolly ranks as one of my top 5 movies. It'll be pretty sweet to travel back in time....*Boon is daydreaming* Yeah, all the embarrassments I could avoid : )

So tonight is my last night in sunny Malaysia. Well, not so sunny, it was raining half the time. As usual, I'm going to leave the packing to the very last minute. Which means, tomorrow is going to be somewhat of a mad scramble. Hey, life needs to be interesting!

Played badminton this morning. Decent form. We played about 4 sets of doubles. Good time was had by all. Found out that my mom was cooking up a storm......I was happy coz my belly was making some fierce sounds.

Oh Weng Keong (or K.K.) dropped by today. Man, I've known this guy since I was 9 and have been awesome friends since then. Well, I think he made me cry once : ). Went to the Coffee Bean by my place and caught up for gosh, 4 hours. Man, there's a lot of fact he's the reason why I went to Canada in the first place. After a college, he left (damn, I would've 86ed uni. of Saskatchewan too!) for Manchester to complete his engineering degree. Came back and did a masters.....he's now working with Keppel Marine. He also mentioned that he's doing another part time masters at the National Uni of Singapore. Hmmm, smart guy. Plans to get married in 2 years (yikes!) : 0 ....hmm, I hope his girlfriend doesn't see this : ). Anyway, it was pretty damn good to see the guy.

Gotta check out now.....there's some stuff to be done. I'll talk to you from Canada!

So long Malaysia.....

Saturday, January 03, 2004 

that's the life!

Today was a good day. Hmmm, I think in general this trip has been one of the better trips home. Started out this morning completely exhausted as I didn't have enough sleep. It was cuz I decided to stay up late to chat with Sarah. Sounded like her new years was generally good with a few, hmmm, "road bumps" here and there. Some of the stuff was.....mind boggling!

Anyway, arrived at Clarke Hatch after some b-fast (mmm, fish soup) with my mom. Lets just say dad had a bit too much fun last night : ). Walked into the gym, and decided that working out was not gonna happen today. A sloth would've beaten me in a foot race. Seeing how mom had booked a facial appointment for noon with at the spa, I had 2 hours to kill. So....I booted down to Toni and Guy for a haircut (hmm, I wonder if there's a Vidal Sasoon in town too). It was a good thing one of the senior stylist had a cancelled appointment at 10, so I slipped right in! Best experience at a hair salon yet! Two thumbs up. The scalp massage was worth the money by itself!

The facial came and went. Skin feels good. Not much to say about it.......just the thousand and one things they do to one's face is VERY bizarre. At one point in time, there was even this electronically charged tube that zapped bacteria and dirt. Don't remember much, kinda slept through most of it.

Decided to do some last minute shopping. Got some boardshorts for the Dominican at Quiksilver......some shoes at Adidas. Good times. Argh! I really don't need anymore shoes!

Came aunt was chatting with my uncle at my grandfather's place across the street. I decided to go over to say hi. Went out for mamak with my uncle. Got back, my other aunt was chatting with another uncle in pretty much the same place. Odd! They offered to crack open a durian. How could I refuse?!? Sweet mother of god, they don't call it the fruit of the gods for nothing. It was a good one too. Shortly after, yet another uncle and my cousin came back from coaching (we congregate at my late grandfather's house frequently)....then my dad. So the whole bunch of us (2 uncles, dad, and 2 aunts, and two cousins) decided to go out for dinner at a night market. THEN, over there, we ran into my grandfather's brother and some of his family! The whole clan was out! It was awesome to have everyone together for a meal before I leave. Man I miss that.

After dinner, I went over to my uncle's place (a lot of us live on the same street) to teach him and my cousin how to use their new digital camera. My cousin won it at his company luncheon.....lucky bastard, its the same model as mine and mine was, lets just say, pricey. After that was done, we watched the FA Cup match between Chelsea and Watford.

I went through the pictures and the videos from the KL trip when I got back. Wow, I was more intoxicated than I had initially thought! : )
Now I know where to get a good laugh whenever I'm bored.

Well, gonna hit the sack.....this is one of the most intelligent quotes I've seen so far:

"Critics are lunatics, but he who can analyse his own delusion is called a philosopher" - Kurt Wasselhosen

yore bud,

Friday, January 02, 2004 

I'm back.

So long 2003, hello 2004!! The KL trip went well. Have I mentioned that I LOVE trains? The world just seem to look that much different from inside a train but that landfill I could've done without : ). Also, rural Malaysia's utterly quaint and unique though I think that I would've shot myself before I turned 18. Think its one of those "cool to check out" places. picked up at the station by Pat's mom. It was good to see the guy (damn its been awhile). Nice to see somethings never change! After dropping some stuff off, we made our way to the Jaya Jusco to go get beer. That was easy enough.....but while we were there, there was a request put in to pick up some ziplock bags. Holy crap, was that ever a chore! Lets just say that our grasp of local languages needs major improvement. After walking around the building and even through the stationary dept., we just surrendered with a not-so-triumphant "fuck it". Man, it was the stuff sitcoms are made of. I think it'll be hard to prove that we're actually Malaysian. Not to mention also that we're literal giants among Malaysians with Pat being 6'4'' and me 6'1''.

K, so the plan was to proceed to Pat's friend Kwok Heng's apartment by some polo grounds, fire up the steamboat, have dinner, and start drinking. Here's the part that raised some eyebrows: there were plans to go hiking the following morning and have champagne at the summit of this hill.....odd right? But we'll get to that. The evening went well with a smaller party of approx. 10 ppl. Met a fellow "Johorian" who travelled from Batu Pahat, Janice. Hey Janice! Though I was initially confused when I found out that she had read my blog prior to that day....there's a link on Pat's apparently. The others were friends of friends etc.....they're names are in Pat's blog, I'm drawing a blank....again. Dinner came and went (and came again as breakfast), and the drinnking proceeded. Had to say that I felt a little bit like an alcoholic among his friends, what with ppl drinking soft drinks and shandy. Good thing Pat was also determined to finish the 2 slabs. So this is what going overseas does to your alcoholic tolerance. Don't remember much but I'm sure the pictures and video footage on my camera would unleash some demons. But I do recall the fireworks at midnight! The view from the appartment's balconey was awesome. Hmmm, speaking of balconeys, I also recall yelling at some children from the balconey.....I'd like to forget that.

Got hungry at 3ish. Got picked up by another dude, Zamil I think, and we (Pat and Janice) made our way to Bangsa for some mamak. The car ride was awesome! It was one of those executive sedans with extended leg room, window curtains and an LCD screen at the back....the driver was having an off day I think. Mamak came and went....had the dosai which was kinda soggy. Tried my best to stay awake while the others reminised about uni in Aus. Didn't get back til approx 6am. Yikes! The dudes in the mosques had started morning prayer before we went to bed. Needed all the prayer I could get for when I got up the following day...... : )

5 hours and a sore back later (let's just say that the couch had a bar in the most unstategic of places). Not to mention a headache. Yum....nothing like leftover steamboat for breakfast. Pat, note to self: chicken necks are for flavour. After cleaning up, we decided to go watch a movie at the Mid Valley mall...apparently its the largest mall in Asia or something like that. Didn't really make it in, the traffic was ridiculous (stupid public holidays). I think it was also partly because it was sweltering in the Pajero's as the airconditioning needed movement to really kick in. The reading was over 40 degrees in the truck if I'm not mistaken. Twice in 2 days, we said "fuck it" and went to Bukit Kiara for ice cream and ice blended coffee. Ice was key. Chilled out at Hagan Das and the Coffee Bean. Also checked out Pat's old private school as we were in the area.....pretty cool. Reminded me of schools in Singapore.....minus the guard at the gate (that was kinda wierd). Napped for a bit at Pat's place....though not intentionally. Oh did I mention that the view of the skyline is pretty damn cool from 36 floors up? I need to get me one of those penthouses.

Dinner time. Got dressed and went to Souled Out in Sri Hartamas. Note to self: Don't get the lamb shank there again. The replacement chicken kiev was much better..... Oh, it was happy hour too. How could we pass that up?!? We ARE deranged alcoholics after all. So its 11pm. After driving (hmm, maybe I shoudn't have said that) around aimlessly on a somewhat empty tank, we decided to hit the coffee bean again. Then we get a phonecall, its some Leonard dude from Pat's high school....we're going clubbing in the city. Ended up at the Beach Club after a failed attempt at Bar Savanh. Note to self: bring shoes to KL. Beer in the city is EXPENSIVE! Paid 18 bucks (cdn 8) for a bottle of Carlsberg! Actually Singapore's pretty bad for that too. The scene was, lets just say interesting. Felt like there were hookers in the bar coz it felt like Thailand in there. was alright and the shark tanks were cool. Gotta check out Bar Savanh next time, it looked wicked in there. Hit the sack around 4.

Interesting factoid: when Linkin Park were in town, apparently the group of people that went the fanatically ape-shit were the Muslim girls that wore headscarves. So much for conservative!

Rounded off the trip with some McDonalds at the train station. In sum, a good time was had by all. Great to see Pat, cool to have met some new ppl, glad that hiking and champagne fell though (considering it was scheduled for 10am!) : ). Slept all the way back to JB.

In the spirit of head-banging, headscarf-wearing Malay girls, here's your quote:

"Religion is the idol of the mob, it adores everything it does not understand" - Frederick the Great