Tuesday, December 30, 2003 

.....and I'm clean again.

Geez its been a long day. I got into Singapore around 11:30am and didn't get out of the gym until 1pm. Got some shopping done......some clothes, AND the lastest Jack Johnson CD. Well its actually the soundtrack to one of his films: "Thicker Than Water". Going by the soundtrack to his previous film ("September Sessions" - highly recomended!), this one looks like it won't disappoint. Actually I just stuck it in......so far so good! The local HMV kicks ass.....its 4 storeys! I would've had to order this one back in Canada. I had to get the previous one from the internet (what can I say, not a radio fan). Back to my day, walked around unitl 5:30pm and met up with my mom for dinner.


Anyway, finally got home after an arduous journey. Somethings never change, border traffic is still shyte. On top of that, they're tearing up downtown JB for some sort of urban renewal project. The city's turning the old colonial shop houses into some trendy cobble stone bazaar. Its going to take a bloody miracle to beautify downtown JB. I guess we shall see.

So started to check my mail once I got it. Heard that Pat called so I called him back. Looks like I've got plans for new years. Going to the nation's capital.....so before I could settle down, I had to go to the train station with my dad to get a ticket to KL. And guess where the train station is?? That's right, downtown JB. Shafted! The dude in the booth said that tickets will only be available tomorrow morning. I felt like flipping him the bird.

But, all in all, pretty excited about this KL trip. I've always enjoyed the scene up there. Plus, haven't seen Pat in ages. Our holidays were always in the most conflicting times. You see, he goes/went (I think he JUST finished his undergrad) to uni in Melbourne. Which means that when he's home, I'm not, and vice versa coz their summer is my winter. Good thing I managed to swing a x-mas vacation or else it would be a few more years as the guy's gotta spend 2 years serving in the French military (dual citizenship I believe). Sucker..... Anyway it should be good time up there! I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I've got more to say (about quiting smoking, yoga - that's right!, etc...) but I'm getting the sleepies. So I'll leave that for next time. I chuckled at today's quote, you men decide on the validity of this statement:

"A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him" - Bredan Francis

; )

Sunday, December 28, 2003 


Goot Moaning (anyone remember the French officer in the WWII britcom "Alo Alo"?). This is very odd......I've been waking up ealier than my parents ever since I got back. The initial jet-lag is understandable but its been 3 weeks! Mind you, I've been going to bed arund 10ish and getting up around 6....so, there might be some lingering lag going on. It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out when I get back to Canada.

Remember when I said that I'd be in a world of pain today? Well I'm not. Very surprising I must add. What's this? Am I actually getting fit?!? I wish some of this flab would disappear though. I don't really want to look like the bowflex guy but something.....Man, this is HARD WORK. Spoke to a few ppl and apparently, with Asian DNA, it takes relatively longer for results to show (GOD DAMMIT!). There's got to be some sort of a short cut though I doubt it exists, bah.

I'm going to upgrade my blog site in the near future. I've got some ideas that I'd like to "appropriate" (heheh) from other blog sites. So...., watch out for updates! Well, once my buddy Pat (KL boy) gets back to me. I was referred to as "Johor boy" on his blog. I've never been referred to as Johor boy before. Must admit, its quite odd.....but true. Anyway, everyone say hi to Pat, a.k.a. Platypus! We gave ourselves nicknames back in college. I was the omelette. I think Albert was the nipple. Hopefully we'll hook up before I fly back....there's beers to be had.

K, gotta start my day. Here's your quote. I had a kick out of reading this:

"True friends stab you in the front." - Oscar Wilde



Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well not really that bloody. Just kinda scuffed my foot on a piece of glass. Watching some reruns of the boxing day matches.....glad that Liverpool kicked ass. They're having a not-so-spectacular season, hopefully the second half of the schedule provides more cheers.

Played some badminton with the boys today. It was good to hit around with a couple of former teamates from the various teams I've been on (school, state, club). I'm not as flexible as I used to be : ). Plus, I'm not as skinny too. Kinda lumbered a little but good fun in the end. Played for 3 hours.....I'm in for a world of pain tomorrow. I know what some of you are thinking.....badminton? Its weird, the game's pretty intense over here.

Gonna get some shopping done tomorrow. There're some pieces that I've picked out from several places. Want to get a few CDs too. Should be a good day. : )

Meh....that's about it for now. Here's your quote, thought it was clever. Can really be applied in many scenarios:

"To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of of a single day" - Sir Winston Churchill

Going to watch TV. My shows are on.

Saturday, December 27, 2003 


Watching a Ja Rule video right now. This guy looks constipated. Hmmm, seems to be working with the girls though. Sweet at least something better's on now (Audioslave).

Its been a pretty drab day. Nothing too interesting going on. I don't think you guys want to hear about my allergies. Hopefully I'll have more to write tomorrow. So, we shall keep this short and sweet today....I bid the farewell my friends and foes (you decide where you fall on that spectrum)

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." Kahlil Gibran, in Sand and Foam.

Friday, December 26, 2003 

the real reason for having x-mas: boxing day!

It was kinda like a communist country out there today. People were lining up everywhere but not knowing what they were lining up for. I think the rationale was, "if people are lining up for it, its gotta be something I need. And if I get it, then I'll be happy." Balls to that! It was frustrating to watch.....Can't believe I share space with these cockroaches. There's just some things about local mentality that grinds on my nerves.

Went for lunch with my mom to the Penang food fair at the York Hotel. Yum, nuff said.

Watched the "LOTR: Return of the King" this afternoon. Enjoyable. It was quite bloody....well, bloody. I love epics man......the art of telling a good long story is lost on the heels of this fast food/wow me in 30 sec or I'm bored, "culture" that we find ourselves in.

Oh, there's one more thing (sorry, I'm in a venting mood today). I don't think people should be able to acquire cell phones if they don't have the proper manners to use them. Its pretty simple, turn off the blasted thing in the theater! Worst still, don't have a jolly old time chatting away while the movie's going on. Secondly, refrain from sending bloody text messages in the company of others! I've actually seen everyone at a dinner table brandishing their "devices" not paying any attention to one another. I don't see the point of meeting someone in person if you're just going to be an ignorant retard. Please you guys......running the risk of sounding like Anton Allahar: lets not validate their preconcieved notions about us being uncultured nincumpoops. Its not a local identity man.....just plain lack of manners. (....and exhale. I'm done. : ) )

Hmmm.....on the subject of idiots, here's the quote of the day:

"Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress; but I repeat myself." -Mark Twain

: )

Thursday, December 25, 2003 

Moi again.

This is turning out to be an excellent way to fill those pockets of time too miniscule to be doing anything substantial. Just came back from the mamak stall, had teh tarik (literally translated: "pulled tea". Don't ask, its a Malaysian thing) and fags with my cousin Leonard. Len's a sales manager at the Shangrila Hotel in KL. He's down visiting for x-mas. Oh, he celebrates x-mas, he's catholic.....my uncle, my dad's bro, his dad, decided to marry a catholic Caucasian lady (I think Auntie Jenny's Portugese - I've always found it kinda cool that Melaka still has a Portugese population from British Colonial days) eons ago. Its jokes, no one believes we're related. Hell, no one believes we've got Chinese blood in us. He gets Malay while I get Jap/Korean (Actually, there was this one time at Barakat with Sarah where the owner thought that I was white! I was amused : ) What can I say, we're an atypical "Chinese" family). We were pretty close as kids, he was the cool older cousin while me the snot-nosed kid that tagged along. Think for a short period there (approx. around age 8), I lived vicariously through him. Anyway, it was good to catch up with him.....its been awhile. The last time we spoke was when we got pissed while on the night shift guarding the incense at my grandfather's funeral (what can I say, we were celebrating his life!). Kneeling in the morning still drunk while buddhist nuns chanted the mantra was a challenge to say the least : ). It was a very sureal experiance all in all.
Whoa, kinda got sidetracked....ANYWAY, he's down with his female counterpart (yet another one) til the 31st - did I mention that he's a smooth operator?. If anyone of you has seen the "Tao of Steve", he's kinda like Dex - same physical frame too (hah! sorry Len). We're gonna light it up this weekend in Singapore. Can't wait.


So its Christmas Day (its approx. 33 degrees outside, so much for a white x-mas).....

Not to sound utterly glum and un-festive, this is just another day for me. I've always kinda felt indifferent about this time of the year. Although it should be noted that I did go for midnight mass last year at St. Peter's (I think it was St. Peter's, well, the Catholic one anyway). I'd never been to midnight mass (ever) so I thought it would've been an enlightening experiance (I have C to thank for dragging me along). Not really, it was just like any other mass I had attended (Catholic boy's school), but with a packed church (people prolly feel extra special repentful this time of the year) ....think we went to Call the Office for beers after. Yes, I am a poo-head, ye shalt call me the grinch : ) Sociology has drained all mysticism and faith I had in organized (and unorganized for that fact) religion and replaced it with Durkheim, Weber, Marx, and to a much less extent, Cote and Levine : ). Oddly enough though, I AM still a staunch believer in fate and destiny.

There were some amazing programs on the telly today. The first was this documentary. Like my secondary school buddy Jarod, I love documentaries, solid ones, not crap about plains animals in Africa...or birds for that fact. This one was mainly on tarantulas, scorpions and praying manti (I think "manti" is plural for the singular "mantis"). It was really good.....gosh, I never get sick of these. I really like the ones on marine life as well. Gotta say though, I do feel sorry for crickets. It seems as though everything under the sun eats crickets (even humans!-I shouldn't seem surprised, I'm Chinese, we eat everything). Think its safe to say that crickets are the chickens of the animal world.

The other thing I watched was Forest Gump. What can I say, its my all time favourite movie. Ironically enough, this was only the 2nd time I've watched it. I think its the honesty and innocence that really strikes a chord with me. Plus, there were some great lines! Like this one:
Lt Dan: "Forest, have you found Jesus?"
Forest: "I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him."
Some people may knock the efficacy of actors playing retards in films for one reason or another but I think Tom Hanks did a fantastic job.

Its getting to the point of my stay where its begining to feel tedious. I don't like JB....it feels like Tijuana (I can actually say that I've been to Tijuana). I guess its kinda like Ted and Mule saying how they despise Sarnia. Plus, I miss my own place.....my own rules....my own schedule. This really doesn't feel like home anymore. The ironic thing is, these things are afforded to me through the grace of my folks. I really need to be self sufficient in bloody hurry. Soon enough.....good thing I'm a patient person.

Hmm, on a related tangent, the time where I have to decide what I'll be doing after my M.A. is fast approaching. In other words, what I'd like to be when I grow up. Its a tough one......We shall see, my life has never failed to be interesting! : )

Alright, gotta go now but here's your quote of the day, think we'll just go with a plain virtue today, "truth":

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple" - Oscar Wilde


Wednesday, December 24, 2003 

Quote of the Day

Yah its me again......still goofing off.
Thought I'd add something to my daily rants. Since its the first time I'm adding quotes, I'll post 2.

Ted (and all us other left-wing pinkos) will appreciate these:
"Anyone that wants the presidency so much that he'll spend two years organizing and campaining for it is not to be trusted in office" - David Broder

"I believe everybody in the world should have guns. Citizens should have bazookas and rocket launchers too. I believe that all citizens should have their weapons of choice. However, I also believe that only I should have the ammunition. Because frankly, I wouldn't trust the rest of you goobers with anything more dangerous than string" - Scott Adams

Cheers! : )


Hmm, it is the zenith of Malaysian afternoon heat. You can literally see heatwaves eminating from the roads (I'm exaggerating but you get the point). Good thing for marble flooring and fans (my parents don't believe in air-conditioning in the living room - I'm on my laptop). Nothing much happening today, just some general goofing off; I've been watching way too much TV today.

My mom's making sushi right now. Well, only if she can finish making it as I'm chomping on the ingrediants like its popcorn. I know what you guys are thinking: raw fish? like pop corn? Grotesque. Not really......its all cooked stuff. The things I can't seem to get my hands off are the pieces of BBQ pork (mmm, scrumptious morsels I tell you).

Had the "so what're you going to do with your degree?" talk with the parentals. I had to correct them....degrees (plural). They brought up how neo-Freudian, Eriksonian, ego-psychoanalytic theory is going to make me money. All I could provide as a rebuttle was "its the stuff of life man!" Well, to all you nay-sayers, it is! : ) If all else fails, its a good thing I've got advanced quantitative methodology and SPSS under my belt so I can be a data monkey at least.

Got the annual nagging from my dad also. It ranged from my spending habits to my messy open baggage (I AM living out of my suitcase!), to my time management skills, time spent in front of the computer, and finally, to my clothes and hair. I used to be irked to all hell by it but not anymore. I just can't be bothered, not really in secondary school anymore.....maybe my indifference is something he's got a real problem with. But as the saying goes, "the more you force something down my throat, the more I'm just gonna spit it back at you". I dunno, its prolly just a character thing. You know they say, "Character is Destiny". We shall reopen the discussion of "Looking for Boon" later.

Chatted with C today (Hey C!). Its bizzare man. Its like we never stopped talking. Did I mention it was bizarre? ANYWAY, I think its a good thing. C, Holly's not gonna like this when she finds out : )

I have to get off this computer. Too much, like I said, goofing off......ta for now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003 

pretty boring day......it was and is still REALLY hot (its almost 10 in the evening and I'm sweating in my seat).

The highlight of my day was watching the Karate Kid - one and two. It was just nostaligic, that's all. Movies in the 80s were pretty bad. That was a bad decade in general.

Going to bed.....nite.

Monday, December 22, 2003 

Today's been the most painful day yet. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to sneeze.....and with this defective nose of mine, there's a lot of sneezing. The ironic thing is, I don't think I see any results. Mind you, its only been about 2 weeks. Oh well, as the song goes, keep on trucking.....oww.

Got bugged by some mormons on the train. This guy's name was Brother George from Dayton, Ohio (pronounced "a-hi-a" if you're American : ) ). I can respect what these guys do but y'know, there's just some days where discussing the Book of Mormon isn't on the agenda. Today was one of those days. I told him to get notted and wisked him away in the most polite fashion. Maybe I should wear an orange robe and ask people if they've read the Book of Buddha lately.

Discovered the wonderful world of Zara today. From the store front, it looks like they only sell women's dresses and men's suits. But there's this entire section in the back about half the size of a soccer field (OK maybe I'm exaggerating) filled the coolest shit I've ever seen. It was literally like a huge walk-in closet with clothes ranging from PJs, jeans, to tuxedos. It kicks ass.....I dunno how else to explain it.

My Malay isn't as proficient as I thought it was. Long story short, the cab driver decided to tell me this epic story on the way home while periodically pausing to ask for my insight. I can tell you were I want to go, and what I want to eat (and maybe tell you how I'm feeling that day)......such discussions are out of my league. I was left red-faced by the end of the ride..... : )

Dinner time......time to get out of this chair.....ouch.

p.s. Sarah, if you're reading this, sorry about the abrupt end to the conversation this morning (or evening to you)....there was a sudden need to get dressed and to be out the door in less than 5 min. I took about 6. : )

Sunday, December 21, 2003 

Ever since I went to the club with my cousin this morning I've got the theme song from the O.C. stuck in my head. It was playing in the car. Here's the the weird part, he's never heard of the show (as in, its not on TV here). Anyway, guess there's worse songs to be lodged in one's psyche. Kinda like that day I had Hilary Duff's "so yesterday" on continuous replay. Plaagh, good thing that's gone.

The area's been blessed (or cursed) with torrential downpour for a few days now. I personally enjoy it....except such a climate exponentially increases the mosquito population. Take the rain, with the Chirstmas shopping season, the school holidays, AND it being a Saturday, lets just say that the underground walkways in town were impossible.

I had to dick around for a few hours after the gym to meet up with someone for dinner and drinks. I was in no mood for carousing and soaking in the sites. Put it this way, the 100 yard underground walkway from the subway station to the GNC (hah! thought it was time to get some supplements) at Wisma Atrium took me a good 20 minutes to navigate. Hate the crowds, remind to stay far away from such places on days like that Good thing I found a book - Erikson's "Identity and the Life Cycle" - at Border's (imagine that!) and sat at the cafe and read for a few hours. Good read I tell you......I think everyone should indulge in some Erikson at some point in their education.

On to dinner and drinks......it was one of those situations where in order to avoid awkward confrontations and future nights out with a certain someone, I had to bite the bullet and succumb this time round. The problem is, she's really a nice person and I don't want to be sophomoric about the whole thing and give her the runaround. Maybe I should just flat out tell her to ease up (but no, I'm a roundabout, beat around the bush kinda person : ) ). I dunno, life's got a funny way of teaching you lessons. Meh, its impossible to please everyone, and I'm going to be out of here in 2 weeks anyway. I think the Sex Pistols said it best: "Nevermind the Bollicks" hah!! : )

Hmm, once again, I've eaten too much for dinner. Can't help it man.....gotta eat my fill before I return to food that tastes like, well...you know. Put it this way, I could have various forms tofu, bean sprouts, and rice for months and it wouldn't bother me.

For some odd reason, I've gotten the urge to draw again. I used to be quite into abstract design. Think I'll pick up a canvas and some paint when I'm back in London and see what pops up. Hmmm, new (or recurring) hobby maybe. : )

Anyway....time to injest grotesque protein shakes. My body hates me. Need to speed up this muscle repair process. This is what happens when you don't work out for a year and go onto a heavy daily routine.

Ciao for the time being....

Friday, December 19, 2003 

Just got back from lunch with my mom. Had mee rebus, Indian rojak and squid sambal. It was good......it was very good. And after that, we went to the confectionary. Have to admit, I went a bit nuts. We got a box of Chinese New Year pineapple tarts, Portugese egg tarts, and a pandan cake. Here's the real kicker, I wasn't even having the munchies. Good thing I'm going for a run this evening. : )

Oh before I forget, I want to say "hey" to one of my favourite people......HI SARAH (Rowe that is) : ) Sarah keeps me smiling on a regular basis. I guess its coz she's a very real person......real people are hard to come by these days. Of all the Soc tutorials in the world, she had to walk into mine.....hah! : )

I think I'm going to Singapore tomorrow for a night out. A few of you might wonder why I'm always crossing the border to go out. The answer is simple, us English speakers in this part of Malaysia are limited to Eurasian English teachers and Indian lawyers (or vice versa). None of whom are my choice crowd to "get down with". Plus, can you really see me in a club grooving to hong kong techno? Welcome to JB folks!! The tacky chinese capital of Malaysia. Since KL is a few hours away.....its off to Singapore for me.
I'll let you guys know how my night goest......

Well, I'm off. I'll talk to cats later (sorry, I've recently watched the "Ladies Man" on HBO)

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 

Think I've found heaven......it can be found in the basement of Takashimaya. *Gasp* This is the best food court I've ever seen. Not only that, it never ends, I'm telling you guys, its like a friggin maze in there! Here's the best part, there's not a burger or pizza to be found! Its some kinda wonderful......

Meh, didn't do much since the last posting.....gym, eats..... Oh, I have a confession to make. The reason why I'm so adament about this whole working out thing is due to a bet with Duane (hah, I seem to be turning into a betting man of late). He's also going to Dominican and we have this wager on who's going to be in better shape for the trip. Well, put it this way, before I came home, he was winning......so I've got some catching up to do : ) There's no way I'm losing to D...... (Sorry D)

So......off to my run.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 

My dad's wailing away on his Fender; some improv Shadow's tune I think. Sounds good so far. Today's been kinda boring so this is going to be short. Its been really mild all day, overcast skies, raining sporadically.....temp hovering around 28 degrees. Sorry to all you cats in Canada.....

Didn't do much, went to the gym in the morning......had a good work-out. Think I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and just go for an extended run.
Came home, did some long overdue emailing (Sorry Sarah...-Meyanathan that is). I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that my American-Malaysian friend (who's in Australia right now) Sarah Mey. is an awesome e-mailer (if there's such a thing). Thanks for the notes and keep them comming, your adventures have been fun to read....someone should write a book about your life. We should meet up the next time we're both in the same continent. : )

I was under strict instructions from mom to finish the leftovers in the fridge for lunch.....so I did. If anyone of you guys know what my fridge in London looks like, you'll understand why I've got got no problems with leftovers : ) Hmmm, I wonder what's for dinner?

Oh shit, I found the most awesome outfit for Ted's beach wedding in the Dominican. Its from this store called British East India (or East India Company) that specializes in colonial garb with a touch of local Malayan designs. Its very 1900s colonial Malaysian. Its fucking cool. Man, is this wedding ever going to rule! I have a funny feeling every other wedding I attend after this will be compared to this one.

Anyway.....until tomorrow....

Monday, December 15, 2003 

I'm covered in mosquito bites. I made the grave mistake of going to bed with my window open without spraying the room with Sheltox. It looks like I've got chicken pox. So today was kinda interesting: Saddam's in custody. I think its a good thing,.....just too bad it gives W a chance to gloat. These next few days will be very intruiging.
Chatted with Sarah when I got up.....hadn't talked to her in awhile, twas good to hear from the old girl. Shortly after, we went for a really early breakfast before everyone went to work. Mom, dad, my aunt, my cousin and I went out for some mamak. Gotta tell you, nothing like dosai, roti and 3 different types of curry to start your engine boy.

Got a ride to Singapore with my mom. This is an awesome way to make sure I'm in the gym everyday. Its been a few days.......I'm a hurting unit. Hopefully the pain will go away the same time the flab does.
Got asked out today......well no that's a big lie......she asked me to ask her out. It kinda felt like a form of entrapment. Didn't say yes or no, just smiled......I'll eventually have to call her as she gave me her number. Why? Coz I'm a nice guy!! (and I see her on a regular basis, it'll be awkward if I didn't) Aww man, she's such a sweet girl, why did she have to spoil it like that? I hope I'm blowing this out of proportion.....hah! Sure feels like Male Insanity Syndrome (check out the movie "Tao of Steve", you'll understand).

ANYWAY......met up with Annette (my cousin) and we went back to JB together. Got picked up by her mom and we went for lunch (2nd lunch for me). Had mee siam and oodles of kuih (mmm, brown sugar, coconut milk and various forms of starch). Its dinner time.....I'm still full......nuff said.

Chatted with Kat (and a little bit with Ona) after lunch. She had just returned home from the bar after a night out with the girls (Canadian time)....... they sounded absolutely littered! There's something inherently hilarious with hammered instant messaging. : ) Aww, I miss Kat......its been too long.

Barry and Lesley are supposed to come over to JB tomorrow. Don't know what I'm going to do with them. Prolly take them to City Square.

Oh, going to KL this Thursday! Oh its going to be good......

K, I'm rambling........ta for now.

Sunday, December 14, 2003 

oh.....learnt a new phrase. "Retail Therapy". Thought it was clever. : )

Saturday, December 13, 2003 

Ugh.....got me one of those hangovers. I'm currently in my buddy's residence room (apparently its not uncommon for students to stay in rez for the 4 years) at the Nanyang Technological Uni. We went a bit too hard last night (at the Hard Rock Cafe of all places). Met up with Barry around 5ish and the lot of us (there were 2 other ppl, his gf, and this Norwegian chick who looked exactly like Emily Orchard but with the personality of a park bench) went down to the Paragon at Orchard road for some eats. I've come to the conclusion that Taiwanese food is extrmemly bland.....needless to say, wasn't too impressed. Chilled out at Starbucks for a bit and then proceeded to the bar. Cover to get into the Hard Rock was an astronomical $23 (you get a drink with that, whoop di fucking do)! Meh, it was their party and I wanted to have a good time so I didn't really complain.

And a good time it was. After the band finished their set (which totally rocked except for the odd Ricki Martin tunes every now and then), they jammed the dance floor with old school hip hop. Kinda wierd....I know. Oh, before I forget, a few ppl joined us during the course of the night. One of which was this Chinese girl from Penang tht I swear weighs no more than 70 lbs. Get this, she had never drunk before. So the mean bastards that we were decided to get her fucked up. 2 jack and cokes later, Barry was carrying her out of the washroom (Mission Accomplished!). She ended up being fine......
There were a couple of Brits at the table too. Not the most intereting ppl in the world but I got a kick out of watching them "get down". They were your typical white guy dancers....and then some! Hey they tried, its the spirit that counts : )
All in all....a blast was had by all.

Now I get to go back to Malaysia. Ugh, not looking for to this jam at the causeway. Its the school holidays and all these Singaporeans are going to be clammoring to get into JB for what else.......cheap groceries and pirated software. Good thing my ipod still has some juice in it.

Til we meet again.

Friday, December 12, 2003 

Whew, glad that ordeal is over. You see, I went a bit nuts with the hair 2 days ago. I had wanted to get some different but didn't realize that something "different" entailed walking out with gino-curls and hair the colour of carboard boxes. Needless to say, I was unimpressed. My folks were mortified. Though for awhile there I tried to convince meself that that was the new "me" (why I needed a new "me" wasn't quite clear). So while I was in Singapore yesterday, I popped into a salon on Orchard Road to get it fixed. Much better. : )

I also picked up a cell phone for the month (I couldn't get my FIDO unlocked, bah) or as they call it over here: a handphone (which is wierd because as far as I know, all phones are handphones). The selection is amazing! Imagine an entire culture (not to mention individual identities) structured around cell phones.....someone should write a paper on this. Facinating!

Went to the Sheraton Towers on Scotts Road for a facial appointment and also to sign up at the Clarke Hatch Fitness Centre (considering the fact that ppl are feeding me at an alarming rate, this was a good idea) . No its not a typo.....a facial appointment. Mom took it upon herself to get my pores cleaned and eyebrows trimmed by Auntie Doreen. It was quite the experience....I actually felt surprisingly refreshed after it was done! Oh, I have to mention, Doreen was late, so I hung out at the waiting area for the gym while she made her way to the hotel. Made a new friend while waiting.....her name's Aida, she's one of the trainers there. She's the cutest thing you've ever seen, well, in a cartoon kinda way. Get this, she offered to update me on the social/clubbing scene on the island (things change at an alarming rate over here) ....in person! Last time I checked, you didn't say no to such offers (ugh, I've gotta soft spot for Malay chicks....its the vibe/attitude I think).

Speaking of which, going to hook up with an Ex-Josephian, Barry, and a few of his uni friends tonight. Apparently, we're going to this new place in town called Centro. Methinks a drink or ten would be in order....it promises to be a silly affair.

Think I'm going to boot up to KL for a weekend. Have a few ppl to say Hi to. Plus, I always have a good time in KL.

All this being said, I have to mention that I kinda miss London. Thanks Duane for keeping my pad in check! Also, Sarah for keeping my plants alive : ) . I'm a little gutted that I'm going to miss Ted's bachelor party.....I wanted to be there when my boy embarasses himself in public. I'm sure he'll make a fine ass of himself!
Hey Kat....hey Ona. Its going to be a month til I "relax" again.....really looking forward to it.

Thursday, December 11, 2003 

So welcome all to my very first blog posting. A few things have instigated this airring of my psychological laundry.
(In no specific order)
Jet-lag: I've been home (the tropical one) for about four days now and with the 13 hour time difference, I find myself going to bed when I usually have my afternoon nap, and getting up around the time I usually come stumbling back from the bar. This leaves me in somewhat of a predicament. I could turn on the tube and swtich between B-movies (its not exactly prime time), MTV Asia (which is no different from MTV proper), reruns of previously played football matches (I hate to see my team lose for the 3rd time), CNN (c'mon now), and Al-Jazeera (God bless this Muslim country of mine).....keep in mind, these are only the stations worth mentioning. Another option is to sit in front of this computer and wait for people to pop up on msn (really now, for hours on end?). And of course, I could always work on my thesis.....(we all know that there's better ways of wasting time....but really now, I do have to get on that).
Efficiency: Instead to writting multiple emails of similar content to various fellows (and in the process getting increasing fed-up with the repetitive nature of the process; not to mention forgeting to include stuff), I figure I write one big-ass one everyday. This way, the people that really want to know how my day went can find out for themselves......Just watch, no one will end up on this site *sigh*.
Pat: My compadre from the olde country....well, we actually met in Canada. God Damn it, he's Malaysian and that counts (even though he's also a French national)! Crap, now I'm confused. Anyway, I've enjoyed periodically reading his posts, and hopefully it will rub off on the lot of you.

So TADA! Welcome to Boonaroo's Blog!