Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

about bloody time

I get the keys to my condo on Thursday : )

now although this may be cause for celebration, this milestone also eschews an extended period of jamming even more into my already overloaded schedule. can you say "micro-management"?

you know what? fuck, this is exciting! (in a domestic sorta way...hah!)

work wise, I think I'm finally settled in this new environment. took awhile what with the aggressively dynamic. Its like the place is full of sharks/assholes/what have you....but in a weird way, they've all got your back and everyone's pretty protective of each other in and out of the project office. psychologically speaking, I liken it to how hazing builds siege mentality in its subjects.

the downside is that I'm constantly wondering where the days disappear to? hence...resorting to "micro management". hey, at least it feels like the time put in is going somewhere good.........(right)?

k lah....I'm out for now.


Monday, December 04, 2006 

as much sense as the rationalization of chaos

listening to the Cure.

the one about Friday.


yeah.....its a good one : )

in other news....was msn-ing with an old buddy from Western for a bit during lunch. some of you might remember Sean McNally. McNally was always one of those guys who you only saw on a sporadic basis but when you do, it ends up being a hoot of a time simply because he was the most unassuming, sincere guy with one hell of a fucked up sense of humour. there was simply no way you could ever find a reason to bitch about him. oh that and there aren't too many Iron Maiden and Judas Priest purists out there any more : )

so as the story goes, Sean's getting married....to Jenn. Jenn was someone he met quite expeditiously after 6 years with Michelle and only a few months later, he bought a house great neighbourhood (think 80's sitcom cut scene) and they moved in together. in a matter of weeks they're going to the Mayan Riviera for the wedding. from conception (pun intended) to the big day, we're talking a grand total of 2 years....2 and a half years tops. he has since purchased his parent's old home and they've moved in there....

now the reason he always gave when questioned as to why he decided to end things with Michelle most abruptly was quite simply "I just couldn't see myself marrying her" . and you know what? you can't help but believe him. on the one hand, I recall feeling quite a bit of sympathy with Michelle (coz well, it just came out of left field) but on the other hand, I admired his resolve. I mean, the way I saw it, he wasn't about to put himself and her in a state of limboed denial.

so, on final analysis....meeting some is at best, as random as forecasting equity values.


staying put....is a different story. its a black and white decision.


p.s. Michelle is now engaged to Nick (one of McNally's close buddies)

Thursday, November 16, 2006 

you know its bad when enquiries come from Indonesia

guys...I know. I have 2 draft posts sitting on my "Edit" dashboard but simply haven't had he time nor energy to complete them.

but....I assure you of the existence of blog-worthy material. to cryptically put it, it includes swastikas, cerebral palsy, wooden helicopters, the god of death, classical music, intolerance of Pakistanis, and tea. Oh...and work....oh tiring, bloody exhausting work.

that being said...I've really got nothing to complain about. and for those who know me well, I ALWAYS have something to complain about. I'll even complain about the lack of complainable material. not right now....not this instant no.

watch this space.


Sunday, October 29, 2006 


oh...just occurred to me....there WAS this one thing I made a mental note to blog about enroute back from JB during the Hari Raya break (that's Eid to some of you).

lets set the scene.

1. train's rattling away....yes even in 1st class
2. its FREEZING. I'm mean, as in I had no qualms being bent over in a fetal position.
3. "Polar Express" was on.

k, I must admit that its pretty nice to be watching a train movie whilst on a train what with the added real-life effect of box cars on tracks and all. BUT...I couldn't help but notice the irony. here I am on a train in a tropical country freezing my nuts off while the characters on screen were PERFECTLY fine on top of box cars with 90 mile an hour snowy winds blasting by.....ON THEIR WAY TO THE NORTH POLE.

feeling this
while being here


Saturday, October 28, 2006 

"...I hear there's rumours on the internets....." - w.

was watching CNN this morning and yes folks, that is the latest Bushism....along with "one of the things I use on 'the google' is to pull up maps". that actually makes me pissed that we're unable to get John Stewart in Malaysia coz one could just imagine the field day he's having. but as an aside, the latest, and sixth volume of "Bushisms" is out. that is QUITE the feat considering I've only just finished chapter 3 of the first volume of "Boonisms".

never fear....we have comedy of our own in this fine country of mine. I present,

Exhibit A: Silky Smooth Advertising
I mean, most academic feminists would argue that the standard for beauty in contemporary society is skewed towards the caucasian persuasian for reasons neatly summed up as encompasing the notions of colonialism, imperialism, classism, along with a tinge of racism. I for one, tend to embrace that POV.
but you know what? I say good on the manufacturer because this sorta advertising actually works with my beloved countrymen. I mean, they could've easily called the product "caucasian in a bottle (cos without it, you're less of a women)" and people would still buy the stuff. so yah, good on them for capitalising on the bunch of mindless idiots. Is it any any wonder why one of the best selling cosmetics in the market right now are skin whitening products? seriously people, I'm the last person to say that beauty is completely relative coz honestly, there are some universal uglies out there but the point I'm trying to make is, have some bloody self respect...and after that, if you're able to, try to think a little critically. but yah, definately self respect first.

Exhibit B: Chicken-on-a-Bike
don't really have a social commentary with this one. just found it funny that this dude was transporting chickens on his moped. whatever works I guess.

don't really have much more to say.....cept for the fact that I got tickets to Clapton : )


Monday, October 23, 2006 




lotsa things have happened since the last post. in point form for now:

1. St Joseph's Institution class of 1996 reunion - super cool.
2. Started work at Accenture - solid
3. watched an Actor's Studio production called "girls just wanna have fun" - so confused....
4. ramadan "break-fast" bazaars - super cool, solid and so confusing

so much to say, so little wherewithall.

plus I think after this week's blunders....I should really learn to speak less.....a lot less.

proper post soon.


Friday, September 22, 2006 

ok lah

right....so here it is.

I've tendered my resignation at Deloitte and have taken up an offer with Accenture. I look at it as a pivotal career move.

Looking forward to the challenge, and the opportunities.

that being said. this whole switching firms thing is quite draining what with all the smoke and mirrors and brinksmanship involved. In fact, I liken it to ending a relationship. here's why:

(but before I do, here's a quote from the Tao of Steve... "you see, I suffer from male insanity syndrome. you're always looking for a trade up" - Dex)

1. current situation is well....no qualms about anything.....but something is niggling and you don't know exactly what.
2. the niggling gradually becomes more apparent but you try to brush it off as a self inflicted neurosis.
3. you start to loathe and resent but cling on to the positives.
4. you walk the line knowing it could go either way....heightening your senses for any sign of an impetus to push you in either direction.
5. the turning point....an opportunity arises and you make a snap decision to go for it. think "full steam ahead and damn to torpedoes!!" (flying solo not withstanding)
6. its now too late to back down coz you've already explored the option and damn it, it excites you.
7. you end up saying things like "I want this more than I want to leave what I have"....and mean it. of course your closest friends are all for it. you doubt yourself for a split second but then quickly snap your head back in place for being stupid.
8. the "break up" talk happens....and it all seems so sudden for the other party. you feel like a bad of shyte (coz technically, you're a cheating bastard)....but its rationalized so well that your position is almost air-tight. furthermore, the loophole is, its no longer cheating if point number 9 is executed with perfection.....the deal is done, two-timing ceases to exist. number 9 is very important to your sanity. some people are able to execute with precision and some just don't cut the mustard. (that's right people, I have the moral fortitude of an earwig)
9. you move on and don't look back coz y'know.....its just awkward. you don't wanna make a flowery production of the whole ordeal. both sides can walk away with their dignity intact.
10. you live happily ever after.....(you think)

one caveat to this analogy. in the professional realm, you're able to swiftly deconstruct the situation and remove emotional aspects by simply saying "its not personal" ; )

"the measure of wealth is not by how much you have but by how little you want" - Robin S. Sharma